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Elijah Autumn is a spiritual teacher and minister. He has a background in many faiths and practices ... as he is a seeker of complete truth. He now works to teach that truth as the spirit gives the inspiration.
He has a personal background in the study of witchcraft, Wicca, and other practices containing magickal overtones. He is firm believer in both magick and miracles. Elijah Autumn has had a life in and around the Christian faith, and has even worked within the church as a licensed minister. Kingdom magick is a revelation of spirit. Gathering the many pieces of the scattered puzzle called truth, and putting them together to find completeness and spiritual freedom.
Elijah Autumn is a student of the truth as we all are, and writes in obedience to the spirit in order to help every student reach their destiny and spiritual fulfillment. He believes that there are principals in many practices that are alike in nature and meaning. He believes that though each religion or practice may word their doctrine or creed differently, the overall truth is ... they many times mean the same thing.
Elijah Autumn believes there is a new move of the spirit coming. A change, that will unite and bring peace to the many divided faiths and practices through out our world. Just as his last name describes, Autumn is a change of season. One of the most beautiful of times. It is also a season of balance ( Day and night are equal length). So shall also be this new thing of God.
Elijah Autumn is a lover of crystals, stones and working with the elements.His life is magick and miracles.He is a reader of people and an empath as well.

White Mystic is merely a screen name.

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