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About Imps
Post # 1
Hey guys.
I have looked at a lot of different sources but they provide different answers, so I'm getting confused as to what is true or false.

These are the questions I have;

1. What do imps feed off of, if anything? I've read 3 different answers. Nothing, physical food, and energy. I would assume energy but if they are for example a familiar, don't they help you with energy instead of taking some?

2. I also read that to summon an imp you need an invoking pentagram. How big should that be?

3. How big is an imp?

4. I've heard imps look different depending on what part of hell they are from. Is this true? What is an example of what they look like? The only pictures I see are drawings so those could be fictional.

5. I've heard they are pranksters, but how dangerous do the pranks get?

6. I was talking to another member on here and they said you have to make a deal with an imp in order for it to be something like a companion. Is that true? What kind of deal?

7. They can have different personalities can't they? For example one could be shy while another may not be. I'd imagine they wouldn't all be the same, but some people look towards imps as terrible things and don't believe they can be unique, so are they?

8. If one were to summon an imp, how long would it typically be there? I think I read they can be hurt by silver.. Is that true? What would hurt them?

9. Is it possible to befriend an imp? I would imagine it is as long as you have mutual respect and agreement but I'm not sure.

10. When you summon an imp do you really need an offering such as gems/ coins?

11. What happens if an imp grows bored or lonely?

12. How long would an imp typically live?

13. What information should someone know before summoning? Obviously meditation and probably protective Magick, but what else?

14. What are the pros to summoning an imp?

15. The cons?

16. What are the risks to summoning anything, not necessarily imps but just summoning in general?

17. My biggest question of all; can an imp physically be there or just spiritually?

18. Do you have any experience with imps?

19. Is there anything else that should be known about them?

Again, I have done research. I've read every forum about imps using the search bar, and I've looked at other sites and talked to various people. These are just the questions that I either couldn't get an answer for or it had to much conflicting information.
Additionally, I realize this may sound as if I am going to summon an imp. I am not, at least not at the time. I just like to hear about them.

Thanks Guys, I appreciate any and all help. :)
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Re: About Imps
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
People have been talking a lot about Imps lately and I have no idea where this came from. They're not mentioned much, if at all, in any of the traditional lore that I have encountered and you can't readily find any folk lore on them outside of fairy tales or fantasy novels and the like.

Eliminating many of these questions, like any such entity you might summon, Imps, if they exist at all, are not physical beings. Thus they would not require any physical interaction, really, and are otherwise governed by the rules of interacting with spirits.

As I know nothing else about them, I can't really answer the other specifics.

I'm not sure who's been providing answers that have otherwise left the impression that they are physical beings though. I'd reconsidered your sources.
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Re: About Imps
Post # 3
Yeah some of the sources are just talking to people on here, so it's not all credible. I was mostly confused because someone had said they had seen an imp before, but where unsure if it was physically there. Another person had said that they aren't there, and a third had said they deal with imps a lot.

Thank you for answering Awake, that really cleared things up. :)
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Re: About Imps
By: / Novice
Post # 4
As awake says they are not physical but spiritually or maybe even an energy being. They mostly feed off of energy so I hear. As do fea of any kind. Coin.s and silver gems and sweets are good things to offer or use for summonig but they don't need them. It is just what draws them. I have never heard of an imp familiar but it could happen i suppose. They always want something so deals are a must. Most want a little place set up they can visit and see their shiny items. Again they have no physical need for them. Cons are they might not go away and if u anger or bore them they can cause problems like losseing things or things breaking. Pros are idf you actually get on ones good side they will protect the place you live though mostly because they have possestions you ha e given them there. Again all things I've heard
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