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contact the dead spell

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► contact the dead spell
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contact the dead spell
Post # 1
Anyone know any simple easy to do with easy to get ingredients/time of year to contact the dead?? There are specific people in mind. And please don't tell me about karma etc . I'm not the one casting so that doesn't bother me. Just don't troll on my threads.
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Re: contact the dead spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Don't and don't as conditions to reply? So I won't.
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Re: contact the dead spell
Post # 3
Hello and greetings.
Contacting the dead is a tricky business. Because if you a spell, ritual or instrument to contact the other side, you never know whom might you encounter with. Yes I know, you want to try it out to see if it works and to contact a spirit, demon or angel and to have fun with a friend, its happened to me to but I had a reality check when I contacted someone or something evil... So if you and your friend are still gonna do it, be careful and do protection spells or have a protecting charm to keep you safe if you encounter an evil deity.
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Re: contact the dead spell
By: / Novice
Post # 4
There are many practices related to communing with the dead over many different cultures, the one or ones you choose to adhere to are largely up to you. As with all spells though there's no such thing as "simple" or "easy" not because they are difficult but simply because different people get on better with different spells and is one of the reasons I'd advise you to actually look into adapting practices to your own purpose unless you're wanting to follow a specific path or tradition.

As for common components of such a spell it's typically considered good practice to open a circle before any magical workings but especially when dealing with any form of spiritual entity as it gives you control over what you allow into the circle, thus giving you a higher degree of what entities you encounter and helps keep away the evil entities paganfanatic mentioned. I would also strongly recommend being familiar with at least one banishing method so that you have a backup plan in case things do go wrong. As for the best time of year most cultures agree that now is a pretty darn good one, late October and early November are considered to be the times of the year when the spiritual and physical worlds are "closest together" with a peak on Samhain. Ingredients vary wildly between cultures however if you're looking to contact a particular spirit then I would recommend using something familiar to them to help attract their attention, it could be one of their belongings, a favorite food, particularly if there's something special to the two of you then that can be particularly helpful to help focus your intent and draw them in.

As you may have gathered many prefer not to work with spiritual entities, with the exception of deities, as they do carry some degree of risk. Personally though I do not see this as reason for not doing it, simply reason to be prepared to do it, read around on the subject, get some ideas, learn what might go wrong and how to fix things if it does.
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Re: contact the dead spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
How do you plan to communicate with them once you contact them?
Because spirits do not have vocal cords as we do ,they communicate through other means ,and their voices are on much lower frequency of the human speaking and hearing.They can hear you and will communicate ,but you will not be able to hear them at all.And once they realize that you do not hear them will either leave or will get frustrated and might get mischievous.
People that are mediums ,channelers and necromancers use their skills and abilities to compensate for this ,and they either write down the responses ,hear them in their mind or see things.And that is how they communicate.
On side note dead are almost always around us ,everywhere ,we simply do not see or hear them ,so we assume we are on our own.
You can try to honor those people by creating altar for them and ask them to communicate with you in your dreams.That is you best bet to achieve something similar to what you are after.
No spell will give you a gift or skill that you already do not have in some way or form, available for further polishing and development.
Sometimes even spirits of the loved ones will not come when called upon ,if they feel it is not the time or it is not appropriate for the situation.
You have a lot to consider and resolve ,before attempting to do what you are intending to do.When we do not know what we are doing we attract the wrong kind of attention.
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