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Persecution of Otherkin

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Persecution of Otherkin
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Persecution of Otherkin
Post # 1
I have found a lot of people complaining that they have been verbally "bashed" by people on this sight. Now, for those who believe in magick, you certainly don't have a great deal of belief in the power of it. As a therian myself, this is a very personal and emotive topic.
From what I've discovered, this verbal assault on the Otherkin came from a coven on this site. This is not in the spirit of Wicca or Paganism, I think Gerald Gardner would be ashamed of you. We are supposedly are moderate and flexible religion that doesn't question someone's individual path. Unless they are in violation of our core principle. "And ye harm none, do what thou wilt." If Gerald Gardner can stop the Nazis, and we can heal people, or protect them. Why then do we have to limit a person, by saying they have to be human. For people who believe in dragons and fair folk, I know I'm paraphrasing my earlier self but hear me out, you are very cynical and foolish. Indeed you are, to suggest that creatures you seek to interact with, don't interact with you!
It isn't just them that have taken a verbal bashing in the past. I've known vampires, and shape-shifters to get a lesson in science. We who speak for the forests, and listen to the wise old owl, what effect has science had on us. It is shameful that you have been made to doubt the power of yourself, and your mother, on the basis of science. The laws of magick and science, can and have existed independently of one another. When discussing magick, what good can science bring? So kindly leave it out of those debates.

Re: Persecution of Otherkin
Post # 2

Let me give you some advice, Gerald Garnder, has no real place in Wicca or witchcraft, as it has been done way before him. For two, it's the laws of nature and universe that prevent us from doing things like shape-shifting, and being vampire, fairies...ect.

We leave a opening for them to post that they can shape-shift, and stuff like that. This site was created to help and learn true magic(k) and people who don't want to listen, well it's their lives. They want to be foolish, and looked upon like a fool, then by all means.

But most of us are on here for learning..not playing fairytale.

Re: Persecution of Otherkin
Post # 3
Otherkin and therians, from my understanding, do believe in shapeshifting. They just do not identify with being human. Like transgender people with their sex.

Gerald Gardner founded Wicca. Witchcraft, meh. Not a witch or a wiccan, so I guess the thing doesn't apply to me.

Yes, Suriel, we do not have or support many therians and otherkin here.

Re: Persecution of Otherkin
Post # 4
Science and magick are not two different parts of the universe. It is the same thing. The thing is that people often confuse the terms mystical with magick, which then becomes an opposite to science. When in fact, they are one of the same.

There is nothing wrong in identifying psychologically or spiritually to a degree with an animal or an archetype. We all do it to a certain degree. However, to identify with it physically is another story. To perpetuate the belief that one can shift his form physically into an animal is a delusion because then, one has thoroughly missed the reason why we are here. To be human. Whatever you may identify yourself with, for any personal reason, it is ok if it helps you survive, but as human. Apart from everything, it is the HUMAN experience that we are here for.

The problem is only in the fact that such beliefs are perpetuated and passed on others, who are younger and less experienced, and more influenced by the popular media.
These beliefs should be passed on and shared in their right form, which is healthy; spiritual identification, sometimes even psychological. Belief in the physical shapeshifting is unhealthy.

Re: Persecution of Otherkin
By: / Novice
Post # 5
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Re: Persecution of Otherkin
Post # 6
I largely agree, especially about science and magic. I think the reason why otherkin are the target of prejudice is the same as why transgender people are, they are in a situation that conflicts with most people's understanding of what is normal and healthy for an individual. Because of this, many people assume there is something wrong with them, not unlike the mentally ill. Through personal study, I have developed a great deal of empathy for transgender people and have come to realize I was originally mistaken. I know otherkin could be a similar situation, but I simply don't understand why a person wouldn't identify as human, even if they have a deep connection to nature or a particular animal. I've experienced both, I'm sure at one point my astral form was even that of a snake-like human, but I've never felt anything to the degree of what you insist. I have been wrong before, though, so please enlighten me with how you feel.

Re: Persecution of Otherk
Post # 7
If you think otherkin means shape shifter then do some research! They believe their soul is not inherently human, not body. It is no more fantasy than saying you have an animal spirit following you around or that you speak with gods and goddesses.

Re: Persecution of Otherkin
By: / Novice
Post # 8
I myself am an other kin. I firmly believe that my soul is animal not human and have had many problems connecting and understanding Haman emotions and social structers. Only recently ha e I been able to fake connections but those that get close to me know something is different with me. But I am human. I have a human body and was born with it. I can shape shift my astral form but not my physical. I do feel as if I have a tail or ears of a cannine but they are not there. Its simalar how one feels when their leg or arm is amputated. You feel it there but it isn't really there. Most other kin know you can not physically shape shift your body. So we don't grow offended to the bashing. I fact were lucky if we feel offended by anything. You can shift your mind and astral form. But that is all

Re: Persecution of Otherkin
Post # 9
If you miss understood me fine, let me clarify. I know what an Otherkin is. But I also know that some shape-shifters and vampires identify with the subculture. I am not stating that shape-shifters and Otherkin are one and the same, I am also not here to debate where science and magick stand with one another. I am trying to stand against the abuse that people on this site give to those of certain beliefs. I do not believe I change into a wolf, I also think however that to be narrow minded is quite wrong. Who is to say that shape-shifting is impossible. In the old stories, Merlin flies in the form of a eagle. The Irish hero Chuhailin grows to thrice his normal size. Skin-walkers of Scandinavia turn into part human, part animal killers. Lycaon was transformed into a wolf, along with his followers. Camazotz, Mayan god of blood and death granted his followers the power of transformation, and made them vampires. These Pagan beliefs must stand for something in a religion such as ours.

Re: Persecution of Otherkin
By: / Novice
Post # 10

Suriel as I do understand your point because I am the Priestess to the Teen Witches coven and have to here/see a lot of this, I do understand your point about bashing but I believe you are using a bad example to make your point.

Paganism is the seed that sprouted the other religions and as most religions have history it would go to show that they would have stories. But most stories or myths are derived from some small bit of the truth and then exaggerated over the years to suit the purpose of retelling them.

For someone to believe in such feats as changing their physical form would be fine but as most on this sight I do not believe this is possible either and since this is what most consider a holy site as it is their only way of communicating with others that share their beliefs, I do not believe that those who want to believe they can do these outrages things should be allowed to post these ridiculous claims as we take this site very seriously and to do so is an insult to the rest of us.

No I do not believe bashing is the best course but if they have been told on repeated occasions that this is not tolerated and they continue to do so instead of finding a different site that would play to their disillusions then they should be reprimanded for it.

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