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Okay first off, please don't message me just saying Hi, add something else or don't send.

I do not mind getting mail but would like more then just Hi or Hello in the subject line.

Please state your purpose for messaging. Thanks


I am the Priestess for Teen Witches

Please send application information to me , thank you.

My name is Jodi

I am 42 as of this July 17th, 2015 (Cancer)



Now as for me: I practice Candle, Herb, and Crystal Magick

and I am female hence my screen name.

If you need help on these I will try to inform (with what I know,

but as I feel like no one is ever an expert and such.

I am always learning myself), I will search and find what I can

not answer or try to point you to someone/somewhere that might.

I by no means will tell you I know it all nor will I ever, but would

like to learn as much as I can.



I like helping people, I am a people person.



My abilities range from Premonition to astral projection,

but no I can not do them at will so don't ask.

I was born with premonition and can not control it (would like to, but can't)

and I am unaware of when I astral project (my children have seen it, since

I do it when I am sleeping).

I do not use them for others and I do not do the "if you show me yours,

I'll show you mine" thing so don't ask.



I believe spells should be cast by those who wrote them

(they are more powerful that way, because you are putting your own energy

into creating them).

So don't ask me to make/create one for you, or to preform one for you.



I am a mother of 3, wife of 23+ yrs, and business owner. I am a also a Homeschooling mom.

So please do not hit on me, thank you. (I am stating this because I have to,

because posting that I have been married for 20+ years is apparently not

enough of a statement for some people.)



I am an Artist of Watercolor and Oil (the paintings behind me that you can not see in my profile

picture are watercolors I painted), I also dabble in Digital Photography.

I am a Craftier of Crochet, Jewelry, Fabric, Wood, and on Computer as well as a Writer.



I have been full witch for over 15 years now and what I mean by that is that

I look back and seen oh so many signs but did not realize until I was able to

devote more time for it, to start studying into it, that I found that my past was

full of signs showing me my path and I just did not take them (due to being

young and not understanding along with my mother being christian and pushing

me to go to church). I do not blame her, she only delayed my path.



I do not want to advertise to much, so I will do a brief here.

I make bath and body products, charms, sage sticks, and basic BOS templates

(pdf format) so they can be printed off and put into your BOS.

I sell my paintings, photos, and writings as well.

I am a certified Interior Decorator that likes to help the "Do-it-Yourself" people and help Realtor's show Investor's what a place can look like when it is fixed up, renovated, or repaired basically, before and after pictures with cost breakdown).

I will not push or spout my stuff anywhere else on here

(except maybe the advertisment section in the forum once.)


Did I break it down enough :) ?

Is there anything else anyone wants to know about me :) ?