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The Satanic Creed - Pt 2

Forums ► Other Paths ► The Satanic Creed - Pt 2
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The Satanic Creed - Pt 2
Post # 1
We were and we are and forever will be. I have been asked question after question in regards to the difference between Spiritual Satanism, Laveyans and Luceferians. I can only speak for myself, my "personal" view. The main and most important difference is spirituality. Laveyans and Luciferians in my opinion, base their belief and practice around the flesh and the physical aspect of life with the viewpoint of here and now. Very little of their practice is based upon any spirituality. Spiritual Satanism is self explanatory, "Spirit". We too believe in the practice of Self Godhood, we also have strong connection to spirit which aids us in becoming something greater than ourselves. In my opinion there's no need to seek out anything concerning flesh for this has already been granted to us. Always keep in mind there is power through will and knowledge in spirit. There must always be a balance for it is the natural law of nature. Also, there is difference in the view of Satan. To them, Satan represents a sort of image of freedom or rebellion against the world. We both share the common view that he does stand for individuality. But we also consider him to be a Divine Sentient Being, as we say, he is our Father who is NOT in heaven. In my personal opinion, we have enough rebels in the world and freedom thinkers, the Christians, Muslims and Jews. Not to get off track, this is JUST MY OPINION. In short, our differences do not outweigh our similarities. Satanism is about individuality, knowledge and empowerment. Self preservation, self awareness, and enjoying life to its maximum fullness. and most of all, worshiping the great Divine, my Father, Satan. With all our differences, we are stronger than most and we will remain forever. for we are Satanist.
Hail Satan Blessed to Be
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Re: The Satanic Creed - Pt 2
Post # 2
Some things confuse me, you said in another topic, it is not for all masses, and I understand your point of view, but why there are already so many ramifications, like those you mentioned, and if you doubt others yet are so 'popular' than laveyans and spiritual satanism, and luceferians too? I am not trying to annoy you, but it seems by each day, peoples are trying to make they own religion (which I have no any problem, because I believe in my own knowledge). I am going to write an topic about spiritual entities, and the performances of them in every religion. These stuff confused me a lot, but it is good to see each opinion by each member of satanism.
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Re: The Satanic Creed - Pt 2
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Godseth~ spiritual satanism is an established left hand path religion, it is not something Lyjinn has created. Lyjinn has given us his personal interpretation of Spiritual Satanism and how he differentiates it from other satanic paths.
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Re: The Satanic Creed - Pt 2
Post # 4
yes, I understood his explanation. But it was just a think, I have been confused about some thoughts, because I learned about many religions, and beliefs. I hope not to expressed myself wrong.
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