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Timing your spells
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Many people, when performing spells, don't seem to realize how the day, time, and place can all effect the power of their spells. In this brief lesson I will be listing and explaining why the time of day can be just as important as the ingredients or the faith you put into your spells.

Overall the spell itself should be straight forward and have some sort of basic intent. It doesn't have to be fancy or especially elaborate, not as long as the faith, power, and basic ritual are there to perform. However, this doesn't mean there are other steps you can take to enhance the performance of your spell. The day of the week can be just as important and can magnify the spells power. Here is a basic chart for the days of the week and who they are ruled by:
Sunday- Sun:

Rules over everything, i.e. healing, work and its associating parts, and holy power.
Monday- Moon:

Rules spells that are about home life, nature, food, psychic prowess, miedical purposses, the ocean, and dreaming.
Tuesday- Mars:

Rules over conflicts, political things, bravery, athletic activities, and rituals involiving masculinity and men.
Wednesday- Mercury:

Rules over schooling, intellectual things, predicting the future, improving, communiacting, and celibacy.
Thursday- Jupiter:

Rules over riches and poverty, the law, luck, and honor.
Friday- Venus:

Rules over love, earthly pleasures, the arts, incence and perfumes, partnership, and rituals involving women.
Saturday- Saturn

Rules over the elderly, funerals, buildings, reincarnation, healing disease, riding of pests, and death.

Of course you don't need to worry too much about timing but if you truly wish to increase the power of your spell, by all means plan ahead! The reason this can be useful is because of how all things in life are connected through the universe and its lifeforce. It gives power to all and gives life to the Earth.

I hope this was useful in helping you perform more powerful spells. :)

Blessed be!
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