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Possesion Vs Mental Ilnes

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Possesion Vs Mental Ilnes
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Possesion Vs Mental Ilnes
Post # 1
What are your opinions on this? Can you tell the diffrence?
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Re: Possesion Vs Mental Ilnes
Post # 2
It really depends on the person and what they believe. A lot of symptoms of depression fall under the symptoms of possession. I say symptoms because in my opinion possession is an illness of the body and spirit. Just like if the common cold were to invade your body, a possession to me is similar if not the same. As far as mental illness goes I believe that mental illness can be the result of a possession. In retrospect there's a fine line between the two and in many ways they overlap. That however is my personal opinion. :)
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Re: Possesion Vs Mental Ilnes
Post # 3
Its really hard to choose which one is the actual 'fact' because possesion and mental ilness are both the same but got quite a feww diffrences, like you said possesion is caused by spirit which can leave an effect on your physical body which can lead to be people thinking that you're mental.
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Re: Possesion Vs Mental Ilnes
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Some types of mental illnesses can be inherited or are age related so there could be some irregularities that could indicate it isn't a normal mental illness. Possesion is far from common but I have heard of such a incident in the area where I live where people said it came out of nowhere, they felt a dark or bad feeling when around this person, etc... I'm not saying that it was possesion as it could have easily been a mental problem/disorder but the fact they had a bad feeling around them (I wouldn't feel good around someone with a mental problem.) makes me assume you can sense the presence at times when someone is possesed if they are indeed possessed. If you believe the entity can be repelled or effected by either magick or some form of religious faith then utilizing such measures would show you if it is possesion.
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Re: Possesion Vs Mental Ilnes
Post # 5
Well, I might say a thing or two because it's my line of work.

To those that are not educated, anything can look like possession.

And yes, you can tell the difference. If you are a doctor and you do your work thoroughly then you have to be able to see the difference, even if you are not inclined to the paranormal.

I have to tell you that real possessions are extremely rare. More than 0.1% of all reported cases. There are other ways entities influence humans, like oppression and obsession but these are also not that common.

In order for a person to be possessed, the person already must have a severe psychological defect and the person must come in contact with an entity that might possess him or her. The possession requires extreme effort from the entity as well so the person must be spiritually weakened to begin with.

On the other hand, sometimes, people are not even possessed by some foreign entities but by their own mental constructs that act as separate entities but really aren't. Exorcising these is extremely harmful. that's why you should know a lot of psychiatry and a lot of the occult to be able to even diagnose such a state.

A word to all of you... When you think something is possession, it isn't... believe me.
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Re: Possesion Vs Mental Ilnes
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Being "Possessed" by one's own mental constructions is essentially mental illness, as through therapy and the like has an impact on these subconscious creations.

Otherwise I do very much agree with much of what was suggested above. Typically one cannot be possessed or otherwise inhabited if one has a strong sense of self. A possessing spirit must then find a weakness and exploit it, 'causing panic, confusion, and similar emotions. Often those who are possessed slip in and out of such a state, in which they also desire to sleep as their conscious mind is encouraged to "shut down."

Between these moments of panic and confusion are often gaps of time that the individual simply does not remember. During these times, they almost appear to have seizures on occasions. In others, their whole demeanor changes, presenting an entirely different body language, vocal pattern, etc. Within this you can also sense a change in energy that, frankly, is quite unnerving when combined with the rest.

To my experience mental illness can exhibit many of these same symptoms, but the person still seems like a version of themselves that is simply acting out. Much like every kid in the chatter crying about being possessed.
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