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Seal of Merbeulis

Forums ► Magic Items ► Seal of Merbeulis
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Seal of Merbeulis
Post # 1
A few weeks ago, my grandmother from "Up North" I'll say sent me a package with a parcel that contained two pendants. Enclosed was a neatly written letter stating that there were two pendants enclosed (seperatly wrapped so they did not mingle). The one was a tetragram pendant which I connected with immediatly. I have a small empty pocket watch that I carry with me and I managed to fit it inside with a metal (bead) feather and an incantation to my guardian as well. However, I feel the energy with the Tetragram is... "Traped"... I'll say. It feels constricted and I am contemplating if I should just keep the incantation in there and wear the tetragram? What do you guys think?

And as for the Seal of Merbeulis (the real reason for this post) I was told that the Seal was previously someone's that dropped it off at the Pandora shop I used to go see. Someone dropped it off there to be sold saying that it had been "locked" up?

It had been safely "closed". It came with a small letter from the previous owner that says exactly:
"My Beloved Guardian hath chosen another. However, I feel it is right to give this Pendant a chance to find its new Owner. The Guardian it has been dedicated to is one of the many Old Gods and has partaken in many rituals with me. It has seen much and even now I still feel the pulse of its power and energy. I close it now though, to seal and lock it away safely within itself. The Guardian sleeps within it. Take care of it and the Guardian Within, and may he serve you well."

It didn't help me understand what it was aside from that it was once someone else's. I did research while I had a weekend off of work and only found that the power of the Seal can be "Unlocked" and has to be unlocked in order for it to be effective. But I cannot figure out how and most links only repeat the same knowledge I already know: That is somehow has to be unlocked.

I know what the amulet is, and what it's supposed to do, but... I'm at a dead end. Can anyone help?

Thanks! Blessed Be!

Re: Seal of Merbeulis
Post # 2
Well as for this, its a sleeping guardian, it means the person has put "Inheritance" this could mean that the guardian is waiting to be awakened by the new owner. This is however a very rare case the owner had not been the one to choose for the power to be inherited but the spirit within it. Their are three things you can do.

1st- Try awakening it, this however is very hard, to awaken this the guardian must see you fit to wield its power.

2nd- To identify who the inheritor is, this is equally as difficult, to identify the inheritor is to search for the one fit for the guardian's power, this is hard if you have no experience with "links"

3rd- This is the easiest, this being an item of extreme power it will not break no matter what happens, therefore it can be traded around, it will eventually find its owner.

*Note: It found its way to you, it could either mean you are the inheritor or someone close or in contact with you.

If you want to unseal the guardian it will be harder, to wake up a guardian in a human is easy, but to wake up a guardian in a pendant, especially a strong one like that would require an extremely skilled person in the art of awakening as well a high level of spiritual energy.

This is best done in a place filled with "Mana", that is to give a surge to the guardian.

Hope this helps :) oh right, the question your asking is quiet close to my expertise, check out my history for added info :)

Re: Seal of Merbeulis
Post # 3
Early in the morning, I had checked your response before going to work. I take the bus to work, so I spent some time with my headphones in listing to the meditation music I play while I ride the bus (helps me build up energy for the day). While doing this, I started to hold it in my left hand (just was a subconscious thing. I'm a right-hand dominant and right-hand caster).

I could... /feel/ something a little, and it took a very long time but eventually I began to see a sort of... "Puzzle". There were three rings but not in any color or anything. I don't know how to explain but they existed with no real image. Just... felt.

I could turn the rings around like they were supposed to be like a combination of some sort. I didn't have enough energy at that moment in time to actually do much but that's as much as I had gotten in the morning. I hadn't eaten breakfast so I didn't have an abundance of energy plus I was still half asleep. My sleepy fatigue though made it a little easier I guess when I was meditating.

In the afternoon, when I was doing the same thing coming home, I started to turn the rings more and more and tried to figure it out a little. However, during that, the center circle became almost like a looking glass and I could move my insight from the circles to the inside of what feels like a small chamber where everything is dark.

However, I could see the stirring of something - movement and this was for a short bit until I felt I was "booted" out as I lost focus and concentration.

When I finally had some more time to work at it, I gained the same effect and tried to inspect it closely and make my vision and image of it closer but I just couldn't. I could see it moving every so often but not a lot. I finally gave up and continued to try and work the circles for a short bit before coming home to post this.

I want to continue later, this attempt.
I talked to my Grandma again and she just told me that she thinks that my knack for "Unlocking" these sorts of things will really help me shine through.

I've been having issues rebalancing myself and getting myself back into magick practice and wicca, and she just said it might help.

I think she might mean that it'll help becuase when I'm given a puzzle I try to focus on it and solve it because I just like puzzles.

But what if I'm not even meant to open this Seal?

Re: Seal of Merbeulis
Post # 4
The seal here really doesn't matter, the fact that it showed you that far means you are the "inheritor" that means the guardian has seen you fit to wield its power, if you can unlock it, then you have just found yourself a very powerful companion.

If however the guardian is not for you the awakening will not be completed, you will see it but it will not awaken. This just means you have to find who the guardian is "linked" with.

Re: Seal of Merbeulis
Post # 5
I very much understand what you are saying. I have a few ideas and theories now and feelings about the situation. I have sent you some mail. When you have the time, would you take a look?

Re: Seal of Merbeulis
Post # 6
I took a look at it, what you are doing is good, just keep it up and tell me when the "guardian" has awakened I want to know what it is. :)

Re: Seal of Merbeulis
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7

Re: Seal of Merbeulis
Post # 8
Update: Today I didn't manage to Spend any time with the amulet aside from it doesn't leave my physical body for very long and I'm always holding it usually. However, I did feel its constant presence. It felt stirred a little but hushed as though still asleep but sensing presence.

I'll update tomorrow again about how it goes. I'm also off the whole weekend so I plan on trying to spend a decent amount of that time simply meditating with it and looking into it more. it's not... easy. I feel like perhaps a few small rituals every so often will help wake it up more. It's so weak the stirring and semi-consciousness.

It's really going to be difficult I think and I'm probably also going to order a few ritualistic items to help "spark" some awakening such as oils and incenses and such. Hopefully some resin to rub into it to connect with it.

By the time it gets here the weekend will be upon me and I will be able to more FULLY work with it then. Right now, my bare hands aren't enough and I don't have the spiritual strength at the hours I am attempting this to get good strong results.

I've always been kinda a strong channeler. I can keep my concentration on an object and stay connected with it for a very VERY long at - as long as I have the energy to. Though, I don't spend really more than 2 hours on that sort of thing.

When I begin to do this (the only times I have) it was in the beginning of the day (when my energy is just waking up and beginning to recuperate after a long night's rest) and at the end of a stress-ful, hardworking but good day of work (when I've just used up all my energy working).

Today was especially exhausting of me and I've been spending too much time before bed making attempts to connect and such that I'm using up all my energy before bed and I don't have much for the next day. So tonight I'll rest on it and continue to try tomorrow and give more updates.

Re: Seal of Merbeulis
Post # 9
Does anyone have a younique seal of Merbeulis?

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