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Name: Fhrea
Birthday: Aug 2 1995
Location: Florida
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When I was younger, I lived in a little village called "Athens" and I began my studies with the natural world around me (as I lived in a town surrounded by trees and a massive yard with apple blossoms, rabbit homes, and plenty of birds in a 5 acre yard). This was my sanctuary to study a book my mother had bought for me when I was 10 called: "The Encyclopedia of Spells". It was a massive book and I read it a lot, focusing on plants and water, and natural life around me. I moved from that Sanctuary because of my mothers work to a little town called Marshfield and then spent all my time in a shop nearby my house called "Pandora" where I re-made my study Sanctuary and learned from the pagan shop-owners more about my potential. I also met my first wiccian friend there at school and began to share more with them and became good friends with them. The world was beginning to open up more and more to me. Finally, as I entered High-School, I moved once more and I ended up in Chippewa Falls where I met a good friend with a Pagan family whom I spent a lot of time with and spent time discussing all things magick and thanks to them, I learned even more and had a steady flow of study and mindfulness of the Pagan path. However, I recently moved to Florida and lost that connection with Wicca and stopped my studies. I was lost during the move and I felt like I had left my spiritual side behind. I was alone aside from my friend in Marshfield who moved with me to Florida and now we work here and live here and study here. However, it wasn't until recently that I recovered from the move. I bought myself another book (as I lot my Encyclopedia in the move from Athens to Marshfield) and while reading it, that... magick flow came back! I felt wonderful again and now It's as though I need more. It's like my life is flowing back into me. My friend in Chippewa had showed me this site and I've come here a few times in search of spells in the past and advice in forums, but now I'm ready to be part of this community and try and gain more from my life and improve it and become one with Wicca again.