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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Hauntings.
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Post # 1
I saw a post about being haunted, but I can't find it again, so as a general note to any that felt the urge to read this, I felt the need to WRITE this.
If you are haunted, or believe you are;
Be sure of whether whatever's haunting you is negative. Some spirits aren't actually out to harm/scare you, just asking for attention.
Regardless of negative or positive; Try and get better senses for spirits. It would help to know when spirits in general are around.
Also; If you know there's something around that isn't meant to be there, cast a protection spell upon anything that could be effected, ESPECIALLY YOU.
Try to communicate with it; Remember, they're there for a reason; You may be able to help them.
If they are malicious (e.g 'bad' spirits, demons) the best thing you could do is cast a protection spell upon yourself and banish them from your home.
Sometimes, it really does depend upon the spirit.
Spirits that mean no harm;
Figure out what they want, help them, trust me, if they're hanging around your house and don't want to harm you, leaning how to communicate with them is a good option.

That's just a bit of a random cluttered note. I'm not great at putting big blocks of information that read perfectly.
If you tell me I'm wrong, Don't be surprised if I roll my eyes at you.
There are lots of spirits in my house; I've even come across a demon.
Sorry about the incredibly cluttered randomness of this.
Thanks for reading!

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Re: Hauntings.
By: / Novice
Post # 2
not a bad post. i would also add however if you hear a bump in the night or suddenly feel cold, don't jump to the 'my house is haunted' conclusion. seek out all logical conclusions first before 'it's a ghost'. houses expand and contract throughout the day as the temperature rises and cools [some more than others] hense the sounds. an open window or a crack somewhere can account of the sudden chill. voices at night can be a number of things, depending on your home, sound can travel via pipes, air ducts, or thin walls [you can overhear something in another room] can be house hold reasons why. a mental reason is sometimes as you drift off to sleep your conscious mind could drift off before you physically do and you begin to dream, or regain yourself with things from the day. some people will believe they're hearing spirits.

the activity of spirits is different for each, but most are active in the evenings and early morning hours. [3-7 roughly] as well as the times of the year, normally Samhain, because the veil between our worlds is thinning so spirits have more energy to do things. as mentioned by BlackAir, don't jump to the 'evil spirit' conclusion if it turns out you have a spirit for a roommate, try speaking with it, most just want attention. keep in mind though, spirits and demons [like humans] can and do lie, so take everything with a grain of salt. if you don't feel comfortable with it, kindly ask it to leave. if it refuses a cleansing and protection spell is best.

[side note for BlackAir, just because you live with spirits doesn't mean you're 100% right. i live with two spirits currently, and have dealt with spirits since i was a child, and i still feel i have much to learn about them.]
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Re: Hauntings.
Post # 3
Thanks for your additions Nekoshema, they're a helpful addition to the scattered information I put in the first place. (:

And also, although I respect what you have to say, The fact that I live with spirits is only one of the reasons I said that last part. It's one of the more important reasons (in my option) but not the only one. I know at the very least that the information I gave is right. And I agree, regardless of how long you've been communicating with spirits of how often you come across them, there's still lots of stuff you wouldn't know (and I'm no different).

Again, thanks for your additions, They're a great help.
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