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Dreams and dream walking

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Dreams and dream walking
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Dreams and dream walking
Post # 1
A word of caution; dream walking is not something to be played with nor is it easily done. Such work requires strong focus and the ability to both understand and control your own subconscious mind for brief periods of time. I strongly suggest researching the topic, using a dream journal daily and becoming attuned to the energy of those around you before attempting dream walking. I also believe that it is wrong and unwise to use it as a means of messing with or controlling others. Sometimes dreams are seen as "prophetic" or as a means of communicating with beings that we would not normally be able to contact. However, for the most part they are simply our subconscious working out issues or giving us glimpses into things we do not normally notice in waking life. Regardless, our dreams often leave us bewildered upon waking. Others might be able to figure out what your dreams are saying, but you are your own best interpreter. Only you truly understand the meaning behind the individual aspects of your dreams. If they leave you with nothing but questions, try starting a dream journal. Keep it by your resting place and write down anything you remember upon waking. I find it to be helpful to also make note of anything significant that has been on your mind over the past few days. Often there is a connection. Dreaming of a birth or a baby (human or animal) often suggests change or new beginnings, or represents new ideas. Death often symbolizes the end of something or coming to a standstill. Theses are just a couple examples. Obviously these can have different meanings to each individual. The important thing is to learn and understand what they mean to you. Understanding your own dreams is key to gaining control over your own subconscious. It would be quite impressive to meet someone that has full control over there mind. After all the subconscious is a compilation of our memories, experiences, thoughts and raw emotions. However you need some semblance of control of your subconscious in order to dream walk. If you have a hard time meditating or controlling your flow of thoughts, then start there. Keeping a cool head in stressful situations is important when attempting to enter other peoples dreams. You will not necessarily have control over what happens or what you will see and it can be shocking to say the least. When entering anothers dreams they may become defensive and put up a wall or act out. Wouldn't you be upset if someone was peering into your deepest thoughts? Should this occur, remain calm and leave peacefully. Otherwise you might find yourself in one of their worst nightmares and have trouble waking. Our energies shift slightly when we drift into sleep. It may become more relaxed and peaceful, or more frantic and guarded. This is the most important thing to take note of. To purposely dream walk you must be able to sense that shift and follow it into your own dream state. Learn to control your own dreams, follow another persons energy into dream time of you've started dream walking! :) I and many others I have met believe that we are all connected on both a subconscious and physical level. Like a giant spider web, our minds and bodies are linked through time and space. Even science suggests this, by the fact that our atoms are constanty in motion, rubbing against and through the atoms in the air around us. That being said, I believe that we can connect on an energetic level with any other being, given the focus and drive to do so.
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Re: Dreams and dream walk
Post # 2
Over the past year or more, my practices have focused mainly on entering other peoples dreams on a somewhat conscious level. I'll be honest, it's been a tough ride and somewhat frightening. Most individuals acknowledged that I was doing this beforehand and I do feel that has helped a bit. To me it was a way of connecting with them on a deeper level, and enabling me to understand them better on a psychological basis. Psychology is after all my passion in life! Many times I have been asked to leave or have seen things I would rather not have. Most of the time however, I was able to watch the individuals dream or interact with them. At first I would not suggest interaction. Every little thing you do can effect both you and the other dreamer significantly. Well enough of my babbling, lol. If you have any questions or comments I please feel free to leave a response or mail me. Remember these are only my beliefs and experiences. If you would like further information I suggest researching "dreamertime, dream walking and the aboriginges". L.L.B ~Angie
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