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black church

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black church
Post # 1
A few years ago sorcerer Sergei Neboga came across a sketch of the black temple in Altai. Since then, Neboga has started cherishing an idea of building such a temple on the territory of Ukraine. For a long time he was looking for a place that would suit perfectly for this purpose. He examined dozens of localities and territories. But everything seemed not worth of attention. Finally, year 2013 has brought the long-awaited launch for the project. He purchased the land in the very heart of Ukraine, at the intersection of Cherkassy and Kirovograd regions, in the geographical centre of the country. It is situated in the black forest, which stretches along the northern edge of Irdynskie marshes. Here you can find dungeons, swamps, thickets, scary legends, dugouts, windbreaks as well as a former monastery, which is located in the middle of the forest, lost on the edge of the swamp. Since its founding in the 17th century it has been periodically burned, destroyed, adding up to its history. Everything of the above mentioned will be perfectly combined and will make a great neighbourhood to our unique temple which is the only demons’ temple on the territory of Ukraine.
The first foundation stone of the Black parish was laid on Sunday, February 10, 2013, in a satanic holiday honouring Brownie. The construction of the temple was started on February 13, 2013, just on the eve of a festive night of worship to devil Poreaston. As you can see, the figure 13 is favourable to devil’s business and lives up to its title of "baker's dozen".
Several months had passed before one of the first and most important stages of construction waited in the wings. Christian Easter! It was during this holiday that Neboga poured concrete for the temple's foundation with his own hands. While doing that there were held the ceremonies which endowed the future of the building and the area with magical properties and a special energy.
As for the temple, it will not be large. It will be 25 square meters and 9 meters high. All the temples of the world have always been built in honour of the deity and we are no exception. The temple will be dedicated to the church demon Abar. The icon with the depiction of the demon has been created by our sorcerer, and it soon will be settled into its abode. A complete adostas (sacred demon’s image) is also being created. In the project we use only old oak icons on canvas of the 18th and 19th centuries. Eventually we plan to locate other ritual and ceremonial household buildings near the temple as well as settle animals and birds of witching power and glory. In the end, in the centre of Ukraine there will be a unique esoteric centre, which will open its doors to the public and to those in need.
Concluding the short story about the beginning of the construction of black parish, I would like to note that the temple is built exclusively for the personal investments of sorcerer Neboga. For this reason we call on all professionals in the field of magic and sorcery, all who are aware of the real need for such a centre. Do not hold aloof, do not live with the thought of "none of my business." The project is in need of assistance and association of like-minded people. Each of us in the future, perhaps for one reason or another, will knock on the door of the centre. That is why we must now ask ourselves how we can help and what should be done to implement this project.
Anyone wishing to provide financial assistance as well as to take part in the construction of the black parish, please call sorcerer Sergei Neboga by phone +380681064577 or send an e-mail to the address: sneboga72@mail.ru
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Re: black church
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Advertisements from General Info.
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Re: black church
Post # 3
Sorry for the mistake. Thank you for your understanding)
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