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Marijuana is witchcraft??????

Forums ► Herbalism ► Marijuana is witchcraft??????

Marijuana is witchcraft??????
Post # 1
Okay I was wondering, what is marijuana in witchcraft.. Like what does it do?? Does it have anything to do with witchcraft??
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Re: Marijuana is witchcraft??????
Post # 2
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Re: Marijuana is witchcraft??????
Post # 3

Since Marijuana can cause hallucinations, calm the body, and alter your perception of reality, it may be used in some practices or during select rituals/workings. However, Marijuana is not a core aspect of Witchcraft.

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Re: Marijuana is witchcraft??????
By: / Novice
Post # 4
i have been given spells that call for a pinch of marijuana, but those can be easily substituted out. it's seen as having magickal properties, like any plant, but it's not a key component. some people might choose to use marijuana in their craft, but most pagans i speak with don't. it just comes down to personal preference.
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Re: Marijuana is witchcraft??????
Post # 5
Many people consider rmagick that can affect your health as "dark" or "draining" magick, and since marijuana can damage you're health, I guess it's kind of a die hard Wiccan/pagan thing if you're really into it...
Not to offend anyone.
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Re: Marijuana is witchcraft??????
Post # 6
well in ancient sorcery and tribal rituals people used many different drugs to go into the spiritual realm, it was thought to make you go to a higher state of consciousnesses and bring you into the spiritual realm, such opium was used in one of the ancient sorcery spells to make you turn into a werewolf, however werewolf magick is fantasy magick, also in some tribes they use tobacco for peace offerings such as the native american tribes, also extremely powerful forms of marijuana and other powerful hallucinatory drugs were used in different tribes in other parts of the world to go on a spirit journey. In ancient sorcery other drugs were used such as a lot amounts of poppy seeds were used which do cause a happy state in the mind and large amount of poppy seeds can also turn into a different drug which I do not know the name of it. Poppy seeds in sorcery also meant that it was a curse seed, it was the symbol of cursing someone else, and the large amount of poppy seeds were put into a pot usually and cooked in water that gave off a altered state of mind. Also narcotics were also used in sorcery spells, i forgot the name of the narcotic but it was so powerful that it could make someone not feel anything if they were hit by someone else, of course these drugs were dangerous to use, especially the narcotics because if you take a narcotic that makes you not feel anything then if it were to numb your stomach you could not breathe do to the fact you can't feel your stomach, of course the drugs were used in a careful way and was only used under certain circumstances like blessing or cursing a enemy, like a once in a lifetime deal. Also deadly night shade was also used in ancient sorcery, it was a poison and was used with animal fat to be absorbed into the skin like in the werewolf spell told earlier, the poison would also alter the mind and it was used to enter the skin so that it would not kill the person that used it. Of course deadly night shade was also a symbol of cursing as well. Of course I do not recommend the more powerful drugs and I do not recommend using poisons and I do not recommend using it illegally, and in modern day sorcery we do not use poisons nor drugs, some do stick to the old ways but I do not use drugs for magick, however I have tried marijuana before and it's legal in the state I am in and to tell you the truth the drug in my opinion is a miracle drug because it can get rid of pain and some say people with mental problem it helps them not notice voices in their heads and it even slows their brain down enough to stop high states such as in bipolar and it even slows down the brain enough to stop voices in the head such as people with a thought disorder. And it does make someone very happy and mellowed out and fills them with laughter. Of course I do not recommend smoking it all day or anything like that, or using it every single day unless it's necessary such as if you have pain from cancer or pain any where else on the body. I believe using it once a day if necessary for mental problems or pain is perfectly OK. I find marijuana is good sometimes in recreational use and it's a non habit forming drug. Tobacco however is a more dangerous drug as in the habit forming kind, it's more addictive the crack even though it does less harm to you. I believe marijuana is much better than tobacco because it's less habit forming and less addictive, someone could smoke marijuana once and they would not have to smoke it every day unless they needed too, and they wouldn't have to smoke it every part of the day. Tobacco on the other hand does the opposite it makes you want s cigarette for all parts of the day, where as marijuana you would only have to smoke it once a night or once a day. But drugs I do not suggest are powerful or habit forming narcotics, habit forming ones, I do not recommend any other drug other than marijuana. of course smoking cigarettes are OK too do to the fact they do less damage but I highly do not recommend it do to the fact it can be habit forming. So yeah if you need marijuana for ancient sorcery magick you could do that, however the days of drug using for magick is almost dead except in tribal spirit journey trips. I believe in ancient sorcery marijuana was used to either enter the spiritual realm or to make a positive spell. Sorry for babbling, blessed be!
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Re: Marijuana is witchcraft??????
By: / Novice
Post # 7

Ok not that I condone it myself but lets make sure we are not spreading conjecture here. Marijuana does not harm or have harmful effects, do your homework before stating things please. They have shown that the studies that were preformed during the Reagan Period were fixed and falsified. They are now stating that the results are proving to help the neurological pathways to connect in those whose are damaged and to add more in those who are normal. However it reacts differently to each individual and I would stress caution to anyone who is going to try it to start in very small doses until you know what it is going to do or how you are going to react with it. As with any herb be cautious, you never know if you are allergic until you have had that bad experience of reacting to whatever it is that you are allergic to. It can also cause shortness of breath or hyperventilation and do not do around those you do not trust as it can cause you to be left in a vulnerable position and unable to fight back.

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Re: Marijuana is witchcraft??????
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
It is a plant ally ,however it is addictive .Can cause paranoia and other not so pleasant psychological effects.Smoking in general is not healthy for you physically ,it damages your lungs and on long run it might effect DNA 's coding for proteins and cause mutations within the genome.Free radicals bombard the cell's DNA and kill it in best case in worst it mutates.Do not smoke it !
Not every plant ally is for everyone and certainly they are not spiritual solution on long run and can trigger series of problems for you.
I know many people who started smoking pot , could not stop constantly increasing the intake ,till they got themselves so paranoid that they could not leave the house from fear and lack of motivation.
I wish people would give the side effects of it along with the medical uses and benefits of it and in that matter to all herbs discussed in this forum in general.
Herb contains thousand of compounds and studying how those compounds combine and work together and what changes they cause in human physiology is not that easy as it seems. Especially when it comes to the reactions they cause within the human brain.This is still area in which scientists work even in this present moment.
Having typed that everyone is advised to do his own research on the topic ,before attempting to use any mind altering substances!
All benefits and disadvantages should be evaluated and only then decision should be made for or against their use .
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Re: Marijuana is witchcraft??????
Post # 9

Whether you choose to do it, agree with the medicinal values, or the ethics, it can be used to aid in vision quests, meditation, and in herbal charms and medicinal remedies.

However, inhaling combusted plant matter is not good for you in anyway really. So try finding other ways to ingest it (if you legally can do so of course.)

Also keep in mind the spirits of plants. Marijuana has an inner consciousness like most plants, so that's always a reason to explore its spiritual aspects.

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Re: Marijuana is witchcraft??????
Post # 10
CHCsorceress is right, before you try marijuana you should try small doses or do the less strong stuff and check if you are allergic to it, also marijuana can damage your brain or lungs, however this drug does help with thought disorders, bipolar, and cancer patients going through pain or people with serious pain, drugs have been known to be spiritual and open you up to the spiritual realm however I DO NOT suggest drugs such as meth, cocaine, nor do I suggest any drugs that do have hallucinatory effects with it weed has been known to give hallucinatory effects sometimes or when you smoke it to often, marijuana has been good in moderation, I do not suggest taking it every day, if you would like to use it in magickal practices or rituals you can do that or if you use it medicinally for pain, thought disorders or bipolar. Be sure to smoke it legally and have it prescribed to you by a doctor if you have pain or thought disorders. Or if it's legal in your state such as colorado springs and other legal places to smoke it, I DO NOT suggest you smoke it while driving or walking only where it's legal to smoke it such as at home outside or in the garage if there's fire dangers I suggest smoking it in a garage where there are no flammable thing are. Blessed be!
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