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Witch craft ?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Witch craft ?
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Witch craft ?
Post # 1
I live in a apartment complex and we have had so many problems with
The lady manager from here ,any who theres this lady that lives in front of me that
Claims that shes a black magic witch and that she has been in satanic cults she says shes a legit witch .she and the manager talk to eachother so much eversince i started with insomnia and i suspect that the manager requested witch craft againste me . The last day that i slept well i had a dream of a bunch of snakes coming towards me and when i woke up i felt something weird on my leg .
eversince i have had sleep problems i would fall asleep and when i did i would wake up with a fast beating heart idk its been weird .
I have not slept properly for 3 months now and its affecting me so much im depressed because of it and my head and body feels heavy . My vision is failing as well.
I only nap throughout the night and im taking anti depressants . Its been horrible . I have thought of suicide etc. today when i actually slept i dreamt of snakes . One hr ago i saw the manager lady come out from the witch craft lady's apartment . I hope i am wrong but i have a bad feeling about that /:
I don't know what to do anymore my life is terrible right now to the point where i cant walk without wanting to faint . I don't know if its from the lack of sleep or the medication but i need serious help, i go to doctors and all they do is give me sleeping pills /:
can anyone out there do a reading on me or something to help me please .
Is someone a psych that can tell me if someone is doing witch craft on me ?
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Re: Witch craft ?
Post # 2
This is defenatly a sign that maybe this is a curse or a hex but you need to protect youre self and putting salt on youre windows and bind her from using magic agaimst a inocent if she was a real witch she would know that magic has no real colors and if she is satanic you should throw holy water on youre door and hers and bind her and pm me for the spells
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Re: Witch craft ?
Post # 3

sorry to mention this but holy water is tap water btw x.x.. i always wondered.. how do we lift curses or hex or whatsoever? i remember moment when my old best friend helped 1 of my friends..he was cursed.. but 1 that put curse on him lifted it.. if u really r cursed i cant help.. just wondering how ppl lift curses and these stuff..or if some1 put spell on u..some kind.. how to get it off?

oh and yeah magick doesnt have color but some ppl consider themselves black cus they wanna harm others it seems..

(im newb with magick so cant help just wanna know if theres way to do this xD)

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Re: Witch craft ?
Post # 4
Dreaming about snakes means that there is someone in your waking life who is against you and is trying to hurt you. Whether its the manager, or your weird witchy neighbor who knows? Sleep with a citrine crystal or an amethyst crystal underneath your pillow. That should take care of the dreams problem. If you're going to use salt or Holy Water, putting it over your door won't do anything. You have to put it around your bed. or the doorway to your bedroom. Another thing you can do is get a wreath, or any type of wall decor that is in the shape of a perfect circle and hang it on your front door. Circles repel bad energy, or "curses" or whatever you wanna call it. Having it be a wreath just makes it look like ordinary decorations. Hope it helps.

Oh and get yourself an evil eye pendant and hang it in your apartment somewhere. Thats just extra protection. And when you go to sleep, pray before you fall asleep. Message me if you wanna update me on this issue. Would love to hear if any of this helped.
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Re: Witch craft ?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
first off, seek professional help, just to be sure it's nothing medically wrong.

curses grow stronger the more energy we feed into them. i'm not saying you were or weren't cursed, but if you keep worrying about it, chances are you are subconsciously making things worse for yourself out of fear/worry.

this does sound like a curse though, cleanse and protect everything, start by having a cleansing bath, then cleanse your whole house. after cleansing your house, make and hang a protection charm in each room, and carry/wear one everywhere you go. finally, try casting a reversal spell to protect you in case someone did curse you. after all this, just put it behind you, while you might feel some bits of negativity still lingering, worrying will make it stronger, so don't think about it. you should also get into a habit of shielding daily, and you might have to purify your house fairly regularly for the first little while to be certain everythings gone. the protection spell [depending on what one you cast really] for me lasts about 6-8 weeks, so you might also want to recast or rebless them every full moon.

granted, if all that fails, and the tests comes back negative, you might have to consider moving. however, i doubt it will come to that, but it's a possibility. just speak with your doctor, hopefully he can diagnose something, then go home and cleanse/protect everything and everyone in the home. good luck.
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