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Trade my soul for a wish?

Forums ► General Info ► Trade my soul for a wish?
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Trade my soul for a wish?
Post # 1
IS it possible to sell your soul to the devil? Is it? Because I hear so many conflicting opinions on it - some say it is some say it isn't - but in this case, this isn't something which you CAN just choose to believe or not believe.. Something is either possible and has been done, or is not possible and has never been done, right? And there's people who say they've done it and it's worked, or they've made deals or whatever with demons and gotten something from it, so I'm just so so so confused.
Even the 'believers' are divided in opinion, some say that a big dramatic ritual has to be performed involving a certain type of parchment and like a litre of your own blood and the contract has to be written and signed in your blood and that can be done wherever you are, then there's people who say all you have to do is go to a crossroad at midnight (there is a famous one near me, the one john lennon apparently sold his soul at), then I met one satanist on here who said it's just as simple as finding an online 'sell your soul' site and filling in the info on there and it's done. I did the last one and if it's true well he's took my soul and not kept up his end of the deal coz my life is just as crap as before.
So can someone just tell me a clear cut answer, IS it possible to sell your soul? And if so, WHICH of the above options is the correct way to do so, or are all of those wrong and do you have to do it another way?
My wish does not involve billions of pounds. It doesn't involve world fame, power over the masses, death upon my enemies, or anything like that. I don't want to say exactly what it is, but honestly, I NEED it to come true. I'm not being dramatic and I'm not mistaking a want for a need - for the benefit of myself and MANY other people around me, this needs to happen. And I just can not and will not give up until I achieve it.
I don't care if I never get anything I want in life ever again so long as this wish will just come true and stay true and not have any awful twists or anything. I am more than prepared to burn in hell forever more AFTER I die, in return for just my one wish, no more pain or sadness while on earth, a long, happy healthy life (i.e not dying earlier as a result of my pact) and no harassment from anything freaky while I'm alive. They can have me when I'm dead, if they will just give me my wish.
I was brought up Catholic, my whole family are Catholic and if they knew about my dabbling into the occult they would be heartbroken, but I HAVE to achieve this. As I'm sure you would guess from such an upbringing, I have had it drummed into me all my life about how awful hell is and what the (christian) devil is like (I don't know if maybe the devil isn't like that and the bible is lying, some people say that but urgh there's just too many different opinions, I wish everything was more clear cut!)
I'm sorry if I don't make a lot of sense. But if selling your soul is possible and you know how to do it, please give me the information and I will be extremely greatful. Don't worry, I have thought about this completely and as the responsible adult I am, I have decided that this is the path I choose to take, should it be possible.
If it's not possible, is there another magickal way of making your biggest wish come true? I've been studying different types of demons/spirits and what they can do, but do they completely fulfill what you ask of them with no twists? And do they not want anything in return?
Please don't think I suddenly developed a petty life problem and I'm under the illusion that I can just pick up a wand and sprinkle some fairy dust and everything will go my way. I know it's not as simple as that. And I'm not just 'looking for an easy way' trust me I have been working on my personal problem for 8 months now in non-magickal ways, I've been studying on this site and others for all of that time, and now I'm just at the point where I don't give a crap. I will do... Anything. I've suffered enough, more than I could possibly even relay onto this site, and I'm prepared to suffer a billion times more when I die.. My soul is surely the most expensive thing I own, there must be a way of getting one wish in return for it, right? Surely..

Re: Trade my soul for a wish?
Post # 2
Personally, I believe that this is possible. I haven't sold my own soul, nor do I have any plans to do it, but I know of those who have -- given one or two degrees of social separation.

Bear in mind that any creature interested in purchasing your soul is going to have limits to its power. Otherwise, what would it want with a soul anyway? If your price is greater than they are capable of meeting, your contract is just going to sit unclaimed.

Also, are you trying to find a specific buyer or just throwing the doors open to anyone who can meet your price? It's wiser to know who you're dealing with. Personally, I recommend finding a medium that you trust who's willing to speak with this kind of a spirit for you, and discussing terms and feasibility that way.

That said, I'm not sure that selling your soul is actually necessary to accomplish what you want. If you wouldn't mind giving me a few more details in a private message, I may be able to point you toward a less drastic course of action. If not, I may at least have information to help you do this wisely.

Re: Trade my soul for a wish?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Unfortunately it's not as clear cut as being possible or impossible. Firstly it depends on whether or not the person you're asking actually believes in a soul at all, most cultures recognise a spiritual consciousness but not all completely dissociate it from the physical body and many others view it as a vital part of your existence that you could no more sell than you could your beating heart. After you've answered those questions you then need to decide on what you believe the soul to be and why these spirits would have any slight interest in owning one in the first place. There are certainly people that claim to have sold there soul but they could just as easily be lying or believe that they've done so without actually doing anything at all thus it does ultimately boil down to the beliefs of the person you're asking which is why you get so many responses.

As with all magic however I do not believe there is a hard and fast method for such a thing although it certainly should not involve a litre of your own blood, to remove such a large amount in one go without supervision would be dangerous to say the least. If such a thing is possible (personally I do not regard it to be) then the method that would work would be the one that felt right to you, if these spirits are so desperate for your soul then I highly doubt they care about the presentation.

Re: Trade my soul for a wish?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
It is possible to make an oath to a spiritual being and dedicate yourself to them. You're not "selling" your soul to them, but you are creating a bond that is taken very seriously. Priests and priestesses from ancient times through modern times do this.

For instance, priestesses of Artemis swore the same chastity as Artemis and pledged their life to serve her. Freja Aswynn (a popular Norse author) has "married" Odin and swears herself to him. It is a lot like swearing yourself to a king (in the old days) or being bound by vows (such as in marriage). The blood used in some rituals to do such a thing is the same as "signing in blood", its the most personal way you can seal an oath or make a bond (think "blood brothers").

Your side is held up by honor (choice) but of course, breaking such a promise with an extremely strong link involved also poses the risk of severe reprecussions from a vengeful or upset higher being. Since they are stronger than you, they have the advantage. And since you promised and willingly created a strong bond, whatever they do to you out of anger is extremely influencial and pretty much deserved. No one can force you, and it is a big commitment. So becareful. It shouldn't be taken lightly. In a few years, if you change your mind, you better hope they're understanding and merciful.

You don't need to sell anything and I highly suggest you don't even pledge to anyone. Why? Most evoked beings accept offerings to accomplish your requests. That is what a ceremonial magician does..pretty much all they do. They evoke various beings, and quid pro quo (a favor for a favor). Most of the time its simple, like burning a special incense, offering a certain liquor, or performing some other harmless task. It isn't so much the action itself as it is the willingness to do the gesture that counts. Other times a spirit will instruct you on how to accomplish your goal yourself with their assistance. Basically, you're trying to pay a billion dollars for something others get for $10.

Selling your soul to the devil is very cliche. It came from Christian lies during witchhunts. Some Satanists are reverse Christians and they took all the lies and applied them to their own practice as a way to be anti-Christian and rebel against the religion. So yes, people will say its possible, or they did it, and I don't doubt they didn't try. But it's inaccurate.

Re: Trade my soul for a wish?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I don't understand your wish. A life without pain does not lead to learning. People always believe they want something different, even acquiring everything you ever wanted will leave you to suffer and need more.

Pain is just how you know you are still alive. If you truly wish for this, it is earned, through blood, sweat, willpower, and turmoil.

I don't know anything about this soul nonsense. But suffering, and life. That I know about. Without them, you're not really alive at all. They may as well have you now if you're not willing to struggle and work for what you want.

Re: Trade my soul for a wish?
Post # 6
Again, cannot believe I am saying this, but Xyra is right. Without bad, how can anyone have a concept of good? While some people do have a crappy life that could definitely be a lot better, Everyone has to experience pain at some point or you end up jaded.

Re: Trade my soul for a wish?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Xyra is right.
Looking past the possibilities and impossibilities, you have to understand that a life without pain and sorrow makes it impossible to enjoy or understand what happiness and being without pain really is, which will eventually negate the entire process of feeling. If you no longer feel, what is the point of living?
I think, were you to ask these people that you are contemplating making the decision for them, whether or not that would be okay with never feeling pain of sorrow again, that they could only feel happiness and never know pain, some may actually tell you that, no, they wouldn't want that.
Pain and sorrows are lessons to learn from, which make us stronger human beings, as well as sympathetic, understanding creatures. You cancel out darkness/night time, and eventually light simply becomes too much to bare.

Re: Trade my soul for a wish?
Post # 8
trading your soul for a wish is a bad idea for starters. it won't get you nowhere but just regret in the end. you may get your wish but then again you might regret it afterwards.

Re: Trade my soul for a wish?
Post # 9
firstly i do beleive that you cn. symbolically.
but to get serious why dont you just practice goetic or the qabala and then you can just command spirits to do your bidding.

Re: Trade my soul for a wish?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
I don't particularly believe in The Soul. But I would not think it could be sold, or traded, like a bag of sugar!

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