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Name: Beagna
Birthday: Jun 5 1990
Location: Oklahoma
Gender: Female
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Before you send me a message asking if I'm Single, I'm not. I'm married to a wonderful man with a son on the way(August), and have no interest in anyone romantically on this site. Please do NOT message me about ANYTHING involving my personal love life or anything on a romantic level, but feel free to message me about anything else. I don't mind making new friends, regardless of gender, especially ones with an interest in non-christian topics, and am happy to talk about anything. Thank you for your time. B. Born: June 5th Began learning: Born into it. Start of year and a Day: April 1st 2011 Years Experience: 2 years Star Sign: Gemini Specialty(Practice): Divination(Foresight) and Dream-working (Sometimes the two are one in the same for me.) Religion: Ancient or Old-world Witchcraft(Not Wicca) Interests: Tarot and Rune reading; Dreams and Sleep in all their strange forms; Astral projecting. Spirit Animal(s): Shadow Wolf and Shadow Panther Stone: Tigers Eye Herb: Belladonna Matron(Deity): Nyx Willing to Teach: Anything that I know, while still protecting myself; I won't teach anything that can be used against me in a harmful manner. ______________________________ Chakra Test: Root: Under-Active(-25%) Sacral: Open(31%) Navel: Open(31%) Heart: Open(25%) Throat: Open(56%) Third-Eye: Over-Active(88%) Crown: Open(44%)