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Demonic Spirit

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Demonic Spirit

Demonic Spirit
Post # 1
I have had several encounters with what I believe to be a demonic entity over the years and figured I would ask you all what you may know about it. First an explanation.

It started when I was 7. At this point I was in no way, shape, or form connected with the occult. I was near the woods at the edge of where I lived. As I was walking a noticed a pale gray skinned man, without clothing, with what seemed to be blade like fingers. He was staring at me with glowing red eyes. I, being seven at the time, fled to my friend as quickly as I could. I described him as the “Stone Man” at that moment in time because he looked like stone. Eventually I told myself I must have been imagining things and moved on with my life.
At about 10 I started having strange dreams of what I had seen. I saw my old house I had lived at when I was 7. I saw "the stone man" killing a young girl where I had seen him. I had this dream several times but, again, eventually convinced myself it was nothing.
At thirteen I became more interested in demons because of the past experiences I had. I began to study where I had lived in the past, and found mention that a girl had gone missing in the area many years prior. I also began to get the feeling that what had happened in the past was not my imagination. Eventually this led to me studying magick and the founding of a group among my friends dedicated to finding answers. At 15, another group member and I were walking to my house to pick up a book for school that I had forgotten. It was around 5 a.m. (my bus came at 6) and my friend lived 2 doors down. As I was walking up the driveway, I looked up and there was the entity staring at my friend and me. I was terrified and unable to move. The entity had, what looked to be a hand, on the truck in my driveway and pushed down. The truck shifted down in the front where the things hand was and the truck’s alarm started going off. (My friend and I, mind you that I’m not a tiny guy, can jump on the truck and the alarm won’t go off.) After the alarm went off the entity and I locked eye contact. I then heard the door opening to my house and the thing ran off at an incredible pace. The door opening was my mom trying to figure out why the truck alarm was going off. She had the keys with the alarm button and turned it off. My friend and I turned around and hurriedly got away from my driveway.
At about 17 I had another experience. I had a dream of me waking up to a knock at the window. I looked at the clock which read 12:23 am. I opened the curtains and there it was again staring at me with those red eyes. I woke up and looked at my alarm clock. It read 12:24. I was deeply concerned with how lucid the dream was and how the times were so close.
At about the age of 19 I had a sudden urge to go outside while it was late. I went to the back of my yard (there is also a tree line at the edge of this property, but this was a different house than my first occurrence at the age of 7; it was the same house, however, as the 15 and 17 year old occurrences.) I saw the entity walk out of the woods. Again I could not move and felt terrified, even though at this time I have had many experiences with the paranormal including occurrences with demonic entities and been fine, this thing seems to give an aura of terror. Anyway the entity came right in front of me and I heard a voice though it did not speak. I heard "we are connected,” I then lost focus on everything around me. When I became aware again I was alone. Only a few minutes had passed since I went outside (I checked my cellphone.) I then hurriedly went inside and took a shower to calm my nerves.
I am twenty now and I have the feeling I will soon see this entity again. Whenever I talk about it, it feels close. Sometimes I think I see it out of the side of my eyes.
I have had many other encounters with this entity but these are the ones I remember most vividly. I seem to dream about it at least once every few months.
I am not the only one who has seen this entity. My friend remembers it vividly from when he saw it in the driveway. The thing that is weird is that it seems to manifest physically most of the time. It also gives of the feeling of terror. I have studied in search of answers but cannot find anything about it. I know most demons really are not “evil.” Everything I have discussed in this post has left me with many questions.

1) What is it?
2) Why is it following me?
3) What does it mean "we are connected?"
4) I am afraid of no other spirit, why does this one bother me so much?

Any comments and opinions are welcome. This is one time that I truly do not feel sure of what I am dealing with. If you have questions about any of this feel free to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability. I have left out some due to me wanting to limit the size of this post.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this
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Re: Demonic Spirit
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Okay! Wow, your story sounds awfully familiar to that of my friend's and mine. Alright. An explanation, advice, and answers are in order.

I decided not to do a lot of research beforehand; you seen to have done much already.

So, we all know that ghosts typically appear as apperations- a white misty form. And demons tend to seen flesh-and-bone. So which was it? Since it gives off that dreadful energy it may indeed be a demon. Most all demons are recognizable by their feet. Did you ever notice them? If so, what did the feet look like? This information can help to classify the
ity. The spirit you are dealing with certainly isn't a well-known one the way Der Grosse Man is. (Really, he's one if the most complained.)

A demon may have attached itself to you for a number of reasons. It could be a parasite, or it may be searching for a Host. This is where it can get dangerous. However, it may be trying to confuse you or trick you into doing business with it.

Advice: Find an amulet and arm yourself with all of the demon-fighting weapons- should it attempt to attack you.

Stay in groups of three. If one of you is harmed, someone can stay with the victim while another gets help.

Avoid being alone.

Avoid bathrooms. This and enclosed area is the single place that someone is the most vulnerable in their own house.

Avoid all places that you have encountered the demon, unless you feel safe and wish to approach it.

Comments: When I read Tue description of the demon, I immediately thought of "Steve" from HetaOni. Seen here: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/241/1/2/hetaoni___the_body_count__steve_concept__by_thebigemp3-d5cu7tq.jpg

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Re: Demonic Spirit
Post # 3
I have done a lot of research on this and found nothing really concrete.

Steve is familiar in body shape and face but the eyes are a piercing red and it seems to always stand really straight.

Your advice is very good and I’ve given much the same to people I have helped. The problems with the advice in this case though is that this has been happening for years. a person can’t always be around others or be in a place that seems safe from something. as for protection, I have a strong protection spell I cast whenever I sleep, or feel it nearby. The only problem with this is that when it decides to physically manifest I am never ready. It seems to know when to appear. Demons are usually quite smart so this would be evidence to that end.

I have some experience with dealing with demons. I have helped in a few exorcisms and dealt with another demon that has physically manifested. this seems to be worse than them all by far.

The possibility that it could be trying to trick me has passed my mind several times. It seems like something a demon would do. The only problem I have with this is that it has followed for so many years and that it is not a constant in my life. (Sometimes I go months without ever noticing it at all.)

Still your post does give me some things to think about and I thank you for your time. If you have any other thoughts or questions please let me know

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Re: Demonic Spirit
Post # 4
as for the feet... no I have not seen them. I seem to always focus on its eyes. They seem to force my attention

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Re: Demonic Spirit
Post # 5
Don't talk to the Demon it lies. Once I heard something on the roof and it was as though an animal was scurrying across. When I went out to explore I heard a baby cry and then a hideous growl. I smudged the house from top to bottom. I haven't heard it since. I have heard if you put a parabolic mirror on the outside of the house it keeps them away. We have alot of paranormal activity on our little cul-de-sac. Everyone who has lived in the neighborhood has had some sort of a a profound tragedy.
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Re: Demonic Spirit
Post # 6
Darkmoon, I am quite happy to answer your questions. I feel collaboration may be the only way to find the answers I seek now.
1. What feelings do you have when this entity is around?
Terror. I don’t scare easy either. I also get somewhat paranoid. I will often start to sweat. My nose will run. Hairs stand up on the back of my neck.
2. What, if anything, have you tried to banish him ?
I have tried some simply banishments when he was not around. Spells I made For the occasion and such. it seems to come and go so quickly that its hard to really be prepared for a true banishing when the time comes. That and I can never seem to be able to move when I see its eyes. Muscles just won’t work lol
3. Has he ever touched you?
This seems like it should be simple to answer but its not. When he said we are connected it felt like I was being touched but cannot swear to this. On another occasion about the same time It came close but moved away quickly when my group started to approach (I knew it was near and went in alone. My group was told to wait 5 minutes then come meet me.) I also lost focus this time and may have been touched. All I really remember was being extremely cold and sitting on the ground when my group found me..
4. What was happening in your life when you first started to see him? Does anything specifically make him appear ?
Nothing that I can figure out. He seems to come at the most unexpected times though. I was leading a pretty normal life when I first encountered him
5. He sounds a little like a chthonic entity. Have you tried making offerings to him ?
I have never made an offer to him.
6. Have you tried communication though evocation?
Yes I have. I never got anything back though except that one time it said “we are connected” and that was not evocation.

Hope that helps. If you have any more questions just ask.
Be Well
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Re: Demonic Spirit
Post # 7
Paula59 I would have to say Ive never really talked to it. It is important to know that not all demons lie or are evil. That is just a stereotype created by the catholic church to put down the gods of other nations that did not except the one God. Demons don’t have a set personality. Each are different.

This is just what I believe and have found in my studies. no offence intended
Be well
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Re: Demonic Spirit
Post # 8
Im following this post with interest and while I dont know what this is I am interested in learning more about it so I hope you find out. Next time you see it even though you may feel paralyzed try to ask it its name. Thats all thats necessary to find out what it is. Maybe make or charm an amulet so it will keep other beings from having power over you if its whats making you paralyzed. Have you tried getting it to come to you in dreams to talk? It says your connected so maybe you should speak to it on a more personal level instead of a regular ritual, hence your sleep. You can try the astral if you can get there. But if your connected you might be able to probe it for its purpose when you see it if it doesnt talk. Of course those are just theories and it could just be something tricking you. When it ran away what did it run like by the way? Anything unique about the way it moved?
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Re: Demonic Spirit
Post # 9
And if you really dont want to see it anymore you could wear a protective amulet 24/7. Charge it every day. Fill it with things important to you, prayers, and things for protection and warding. Every day do a spell of warding on your home and once a month cleanse it. But it seems like it wants to communicate so maybe it wants to have an important talk about something but not harm you and since it doesnt want to scare you your fears driving it off. Whats weird is how it came out so openly even being seen by your friend when it wants you. Also its strange how it goes so long without contact with you. Why would you be afraid of only this spirit? What does it want? How are you connected? And it appeared so physically. So many things are weird about this spirit.
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Re: Demonic Spirit
Post # 10
Genesis34, the entity ran as one would expect a human to run just at an incredible pace I would guess at about 15 meters/second. I have tried to talk to it on a more personal level but never succeeded. I have also been trying to get its name as that would be a great boon in my search. I don’t believe that I don’t want to see it any more. I am taken by a curiosity and would never forgive myself if I didn’t see this through. (this is probably a very bad idea, but I’m fairly dedicated to figuring this out at this point.) My fair is overridden by curiosity when I’m not in direct contact. I agree on all matters you find strange increasing my curiosity in this conundrum. This is why I posted this on SOM. I really want to try to figure this out.

If you have any other thoughts or questions please let them be known.
Be Well
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