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Post # 1
Hi my name is kristian I would like to know if any of you knows any school where I can learn higher magic please help me somebody I really need to learn magic because some people are hunting me please help me if anyone knows any school to learn magic thank you.
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Re: Hello
Post # 2

oh dear this is the wrong reason to be learning magick as you want to learn magick in revenge. I don't know any school but any school teaching magick to people out revenge would be wrong! As what we give out comes back to us, three times good or three times bad for what ever we have given out. I believe in karmic law your bullies will get there's but in the time of the divine. it always comes back. Right first I'm going to ask do you know how to shield? Shield is a good way to protect yourself & it's very basic defence. if not here a simple way to do it. Imagine a bigball of white light above your head, big it down, blow it up like chewing gum,stretch it out, get into it. Make it a 3D ball not a circle. Now put mirrors on to the aside, so what ever is begin directed at you is sent back. So negative energy will go back but also will positive if they've sent that out. second I'm going to ask haveyou told anyone? These bullies only have power over you if know one knows! You must make people aware of what is going on. Friends, teachers & especially your parents. Once people know, the bullies lose there powers. You must inform a teacher & your parents so they can do something. If you've been insulted at all you might wantto consider going to the police. Your parents will make the best plans on where to go next with this situation so leave it in there hands. The bravest thing you can do & the right step is to let your parents know, so they can help you! Thirdly anyone can do low forms of magick, even a thought is a low form of magick.. For example, your driving in a car park & your willing a space to come,the next minutea parking space appears before you.This is low form of magick peoplejust don't realise. High forms of magick can only been done by people right high up. You don't need to do high magick. If you want to learn about magick then study & find your path for you but if your getting into it to get back at bullies then magick is not right for you! Please be carful on the net as there are people who can take advantage of you & try & take money from you, saying they'll cast a spell for you. This is dangerous, they will just take money from you & take advantage. I hope your be ok & will tell someone about this as I really urge you to get some help with these bully situation. Once your done please keep me up to date, send me a PM & let me know what's happened. I hope your teachers will take action. Good luck! You always find people that care about you too. I hope this gets sorted soon!

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