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Love Spell Considerations
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I offered some advice to a member who recently messaged me, and since I'm a little new to the community, I thought it'd be a nice way to get a feel for the community members' thoughts and intentions, and perhaps glean some advice/suggestions/critique on my handling of the subject.

Q: Hi and sorry for annoying you but would you have any experience in love spells please

A: It's a perfectly fine question and hardly annoys me. :)

I do have some input.

My experience is that it's best to work this magic indirectly. To brow-beat nature and cosmos with spells that command/demand/subdue the emotions of others often leads to horrible consequences, for this reason it's best to cultivate love-ability within yourself. This starts with learning to have love for the self. If you don't believe you're worthy of love then why should someone else? Using magic to bring you what is unearned is surely to result in some form of rebound, and in the matter of love these rebounds are heart-breaking, painful and disillusioning. Besides, to bound another to your affections is often how slaves are made. Love spells lacking true sacrifice and offering is just one way a person can rob the fire of another persons heart and consume it for their own hungry appetites. That being said, what you may want to consider is a way to foster an aura of love; a magic that creates magnetism within you. Your lover will find their way to you-- just be patient and let the magic do its work.

Why not consider developing something in you that communicates love? The ancient Druids, as well as modern Druids developed a mastery of Bardic skills, allowing them to weave love's message and invitation in the form of song or poetry. The effort required to contemplate a piece, to begin, end and refine a love song or poem in to something that could be considered a treasure of the heart is worthy to be considered sacrifice; sacrifice of your time, your energy and your devotion, and an offering of what this knowledge has taught you. To take time learning what makes a poem or song beautiful also exposes you to the sacred mystery of romance, enriching your knowledge of compassion, beauty and ecstasy. With enough knowledge on the many forms of love and how to express that love, you're certain to increase your chances of enfolding others within its presence. Love is also complex, and as such, so is its magic. Love requires an understanding of the mind and spirit; especially the mind of the one you love (what that person dreams of, what a person cares about, what they desire, what makes them feel loved and willing to love). If you can not inspire their mind to be in love, you're already missing one of the beautiful ways love expresses itself. Some people have causes, hopes and beliefs, goals, ideologies, intellect, and when these facets can be fulfilled it sometimes invokes the love these attributes possess. Poetry, song and art is of the mind, most definitely.

Love is also sudden and explosive, and has no need of the minds input. It can sometimes only be felt in the moment; an expression at a glance. Some people have little to say, and think even less, but when that right song comes alive, they're never more beautiful than they are when they dance. You might not fall in love with their minds, but watch them dance, and suddenly enchantment commands you, and you see them beautiful in a way you've never seen them beautiful before. Perhaps dance brings something alive in them, and awakens something in you when you dance with them, or simply just watch them in their moment of glory.

Consider the Siren's Song that lulls listener's to their rocky crags (just don't sink and drown them-- remember, consequences of like returned) or the Faery, and their midnight dances; music creates an emotion, and if your intended emotion is love, you have to search for the sound of passion, the passion that feeds desire and illustrates authentic love (a love that goes beyond the hunger to feed 'Eros' which is the hunger of the loins). If sex is your sole desire, you will often cheat yourself of all those glorious moments to truly love.

Some lovers need only to be held, to know a hand will hold theirs, to know someone will be present simply because to be close to them is all that they need in order to feel a happiness that gives birth to love. Know how to be a person who can simply BE, and be at peace, be content and present, and often magic will deliver its match.

Nothing comes from nowhere. And nothing comes easily taken without you finding a way to give back for the gift received.

You must give thoughtful meditation and serious consideration to the kind of love you best know how to share. Do you dance, do your write, do you sing, do you make music, do you create works of art, do you dream or have ambitions and passions that set you on fire with a lust for life, do you show love without expecting it in return? Know yourself well enough to know how you love, and when/if you have this answer, then set your magical workings toward the end of drawing a like-minded love to your side.

But perhaps you love the unknown, and thus your lover may be nothing like you, and this isn't bad either, but then you will need to cultivate a magic within you that is the magic of a willingness to learn something new; to be with a person who has something to share on matters you know little about.

I was a writer of narrative stories, and I found myself attracting a writer as well--- but they loved poetry, and I could not understand it. I needed specific articulation. They loved my creative spirit, and I loved theirs, but the efforts of our passion yielded two different results, and so I had to ask myself, will I be able to share more with them than body alone? Will I truly create love with them, or will this be something for the eyes and the body alone? They taught me much more about my life than I could ever hope to achieve on my own, and I evolved because of the newness they brought into my world. I adore working with poetry now, but I needed to cultivate a strong enough love to match theirs, and to sustain that love, I had to allow myself to be inspired and willing to go into unfamiliar areas.

Love is built upon giving and taking, and if you have nothing to offer, then your magic is meant for the eyes, and the eyes will command the body.

In which case, you will attract what your body has to offer. This isn't necessarily love, but it does fall in the realm of affection, of a sort.

Love magic, as I said, is best done indirectly. Learn the magic of song, of dance, of poetry, of kindness and tenderness--- and learn how to convey the love born of romance through these mediums.

I hope that is helpful, and if there is something more specific you need, let me know if I can further assist.


That was the sum of my first site consultation. I will go into specifics of workings later, but my feeling was 'there are no shortcuts, not unless one is ready to pay heavily for it.'
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