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Are You a Witch?

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Are You a Witch?
Post # 1

"Am I a witch? How can I become one?"

I see that a lot of people ask this question, so I'm going to answer it with my opinion(s). I believe everyone has the ability to work with magick and cast spells and such. A lot of people who are new to the craft or misinformed think you have to do something (like in the movies) to become a witch. There is no transformation on the outside, but on the inside there may be.

You don't. However, practicing the basics and working on yourself would be like 'becoming a witch'. You are preparing yourself to use magick, opening yourself up to it after being told for several years it wasn't real in some cases. You are re-routing your beliefs, starting a new limb to the tree. I would definitely count that as 'becoming a witch'. Other than that, however, there is no magickal way to become a witch, since we basically all are witches. It's just whether or not we choose to alter our beliefs and start walking our path, researching, opening up to the things we knew nothing about before. We all started somewhere, somehow.

So to those of you wanting to become a witch, Start by researching, reading, looking inside yourself for answers. Work on the basics. Start a new path. Find your interests, incorporate them into your path. Have fun.

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Re: Are You a Witch?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
very nice post. personally, there's more to being a Witch than casting spells, always learning, striving to live a healthy life in balance, never overindulging in one thing, recognizing the changes of the seasons and everything around us. yes, spell casting, but i don't feel that's a major component, it's just a single aspect. it takes a lot more to be a witch than people might think. however, if someone wants to cast spells and call themselves a witch, that's fine too, i think there's different meaning to different people.
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Re: Are You a Witch?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Sadly people see becoming a witch will be easy, fun, and everyone will come by easy as long as you learn how to do it once. Movies like Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe. As you can see in the movies the person being trained in the arts or is just learning that he or she has the power will cast a strange and powerful spell.

Like Harry can talk to snakes and pulls the pranks on his cousin. He didn't need a teacher to learn how to do those things or even read a book, it just happened. That is what makes people think magick is easy. If you are a witch, than you can do something like that without even trying to learn it.

Well what we don't see in the Harry Potter movies (only in some and limited clips) is Harry doing his homework, going to class and learning the basics, doing research, and practicing everything he has learned. That is the real work in every course in studying something you wish to learn. And when they find out it is work they either give up, call magick fake, sing a false tale (I'm a werewolf! No I'm a Vampire!), or even all of the above. Those are far from a witch in my books.
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Re: Are You a Witch?
Post # 4
Thank you.I have been wondering what it took to become one and one of my friends said i had to unlock my inner aura and i had no idea what that was. something about opening a third eye? anyways thanks i will tell him what i heard.
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Re: Are You a Witch?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
I am a witch, not a Wiccan! Witches rarely, if ever, cast spells.
That is Wicca!
Some witches believe in God, or even Gods! But again, that's Wicca, not witchcraft. Most witches do not believe in God,or Heaven, or Hell.
So what, then, is magic? It is certainly not a lot of " tools" and waving a wand about! Magic is as natural as breathing, and it does not work miracles!
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Re: Are You a Witch?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Wonderful post Hexi, well said.
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Re: Are You a Witch?
Post # 7

I agree with you Hexen.

We are all born with the natural instincts of alertness and premonition in one way or more, just as we are all born with the ability to suckle for food and comfort. There is also the common denominator around children using visualization through playful imagination.

You can be born with many predispositions that may lead a person to feel like they're a natural witch. For example, I have been enamoured with witches ever since I was a child. Before I could write I would draw them, before I started school I'd spend sunny days sitting in the garden plucking leaves for my potions and putting them in shampoo bottles (I told my mum, trust me, your pantene pro-v will be improved by all the twigs, special bits of mud, glitter and occasional dead insects.)

I was inspired, and while my family did none of these things despite being exposed to the same influences I was, I've never been able to let go of witchcraft and do consider it an innate part of me.

People think that you need to be born with a specific power in order to be a magic practitioner, or as they say it "natural born witch", LOL.

Anyone who has spent much time with children will see that some, for example, are more inclined to draw rather than play music, some are more inclined to dance than play sports, and some are more inclined to read a book than to talk. All kinds of things factor into that though. What we call a "natural witch" could be someone who grew up (for whatever reason) with inclinations compatible with witchcraft, but to say someone is born knowing what rituals to do seems to me more fiction than reality.

There are reasons though for people asking if they are witches or not. I know you know that when my family tell me I'm "a natural at cooking" you mean it in a different way to being a natural witch. However, I think the idea of a natural witch was created to add to the mystique around witchcraft. Traditionally witches aren't different while this is not true at all! . People always get the impression that they're occult: their knowledge is hidden, and so (people thought) maybe the ways that someone becomes a witch is a hidden kind of magic too. Witchcraft was feared, and the randomness around witchcraft was feared too.

This is why no one talks of natural Christians, Hindus, Buddhists or Muslims: these are "normal people" but witches are almost always given a supernatural twist. While choosing to be a witch or not is completely the same thing, following this path.

The ideas about witchcraft in society are complex, and these ideas are always being reconsidered and re-described as we talk.
So, as said above all of us are born naturally to be able to cast magic, and as said we can keep learning and practising.
It is true that there are people who recieve more gift in magic stuff, but if you practise you can be excellent!

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Re: Are You a Witch?
Post # 8
This is a great post! And RedFlex this is EXACTLY how it was for me! You've made an excellent comment! I've naturally being drawn at a very young age to these things, as well... Once I actively chose to say 'Wait, I AM a witch!' felt absolutely right, I knew it was true for me after all this time (I'm in my mid 30's now) I'm not Wiccan but I am a white witch ~ an herbalist and energy healer, among other ways, I do just a little white magic spell casting sometimes but I forage for herbs because I like it, always consciously being aware of the magical properties of what I'm working with to create (recently found Hawthorn growing wild close to my home and was thrilled to have that resource!)... I also created my own wand out of willow years ago because it helps me not even realizing why I made it or that the magical properties of willow were even well known, just knew it was what I wanted to do and needed. It's only recently that I started to say 'I'm a Witch' publicly(though not to my family, but I don't care, lol), but when I do introduce myself to others as such, I know that it was inherent in me throughout my life this whole time. I can feel the tingle in my heart when I say it so I believe this is how I was meant to be known and "Who I am".

Blessed Be!
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