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Physical magic

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Physical magic
Post # 1
Physical magic is one of the hardest forms of magic , and defies the very thing we know an love , humanity. In order for a spell to bend physical reality and matter we need so much power and nothing to stop us in the fruition of it , this is a paradox in its own right because we are human , we are constantly barred off from our potential because of our general life and emotions. For us to reach a state of material manipulation we need to reach a state without emotion a feeling of pure will that can bend anything around us , becoming emotionless is somewhat unimaginable , but Nirvana , the state of all-being in Hindu and budist cultures , or the state of one as its known in most european cultures can be reached and utilitzed for it. It takes years of practice and hardship to reach the strenght needed to evoke emotionlessness in one self at will.

Question: If we're emotionless and we're doing something because of love or hate , whats the point?
Answer: If you are emotionless that doesn't mean you'll have no need for anything or wish for it , or does it? We just don't know until we reach it.

So shrinking , morphing , kinesis of all kinds and general "fantasy" magic isn't fantasy at all , its pseudoscience meaning is 100% possible by the laws of nature , we just dont know how to do it.

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Re: Physical magic
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to General Info from Spell Suggestions.
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Re: Physical magic
Post # 3
Assuming the possibility to break the current laws of nature is even remotely possible, to reach this potential is not to be void of emotions necessarily.

As you stated, will is what drives the strength of our ability to bend the world around us, but this will can be driven forward by our emotions. Anger, Happiness, Love, Hate, sadness, despair, all of these can work to drive our will towards a specific goal much farther than we can do so otherwise.

To lack emotions we are taking away the passion behind the will we put into accomplishing a goal in magick or in life in general.

Instead, Nirvana is not the lack of emotions but the complete control over them. Nirvana is a state of enlightenment, a higher level. For a building to grow taller, you cannot remove the bricks that built the foundation, only add on to them. Thus, for us to reach such a state requires the control of our emotions, inner peace and balance, not the stripping of human emotions.

Balance alone requires substance. A scale which balances air is not in balance, for it puts nothing into balance. It is with substance (our passions and emotions) that we learn balance, harmony, peace and the ability to reach unknown potential. This doesn't necessarily mean bending the laws of nature, but hypothetically we are going along with that potential outcome for this situation and post.

All in all, those emotions aren't burdens if used correctly.
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Re: Physical magic
Post # 4
We alter the physical around us all the time. By the strictest definition Majyck is the altering of any given situation in conformity with the will. In otherwords, it is changing (any)thing to be the way you want it to be. Merely picking up a pencil and moving it ti the other side of a table is an act of majyck.
All you have to do is look around and see all the buildings and books and computers and clothes and anything that is man made to know that physical majyck is the EASIEST of all majycks.
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Re: Physical magic
Post # 5
Wow, you are all absolutely brilliant. The only point I'd like to make is that I think it's more appropriate to say physical magic "bends" rather than "breaks" physical laws. By achieving enlightenment, you become one with the Universe and can control the direction it takes, but you cannot make something happen that is absolutely impossible. You could make something happen that appears impossible or miraculous, but I think there would still be some kind of "explanation" that could be determined by an observer without declaring it a trick. In a sense, I think the most god-like we can ever be is in line with Deism, and anything seemingly beyond that is really just something we haven't figured out yet.
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Re: Physical magic
Post # 6
Eternity is forever and has boundaries that are boundless. We have always existed and were never created. The question is: What is the formula to achieve our goals?
I pray this to the Goddess--- Love and Kindness be ours, make happiness OUR foundation.
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