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do vampire spells work?

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► do vampire spells work?
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do vampire spells work?
Post # 1
please i need some help
i tried out a vampire spells and i feel my canines got sharper since. ive become pale and i burn more in the sun. i feel my body aching and i got a rough throat the day after casting the spell
i casted the spell round 11 and went to meet my boyfriend round midnight.
we were making out and i felt the urge to bite him. i bit his neck so hard, he pulled back and couldnt bear the pain.
he talked to me on the next day and told me that his body was aching all over, he got dizziness and the place i bit him ached a whole lot and wad unbearable. besides that, i looked in the mirror and noticed a limbal ring, really dark around my eyes: (ive got pale brown eyes) and since young itself i have some kinda premonitions or i can mindread people, but i felt my powers intensify lately. i didnt cast any spell to have those mindreading powers, it came naturally. i wonder if all of these are coincidence
can someone help me and tell me if i really turned into a vamp?

Re: do vampire spells work?
Post # 2
i meant limbal ring round my pupil*

Re: do vampire spells wor
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Frankly put, no. Vampire spells do not work. You cannot turn into a vampire, nor are vampires real on the physical plane. You are most likely either imagining things, or your mind is so convinced you are getting "symptoms" much like when someone reads something about an illness and their mind causes them to have or think they have the symptoms of the illness.

Re: do vampire spells work?
Post # 4
ok thanks for helping

Re: do vampire spells work?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
vampire spells, or any spells that alter your DNA to be another do not work. you could be A. lying, or B. this is all in your head; power of suggestion. if you think something is real, if you tell yourself something over and over, you'll start to believe it.

your boyfriend's not feeling well after biting him, that's simple; you bit him. if you bit him so hard it probably drew blood, you could of pinched a nerve, also, saliva has germs, you could of passed something to him. while i don't believe Sanguine's are real vampires, look into the culture, they typical use serialized tools to draw blood from the person.

in regards to you not having heightened senses, look into vampire myths, not all vampires have a 'vampiric power' and if they do, it's learned over time. my advice to you is put down the Twilight books and pick up some books on real magic to help you learn the difference from reality and fantasy.

Re: do vampire spells work?
Post # 6
you might be right guys, but can you explain me why do i have those promenitions like things?
im not experience at all
i want answers.
could you please help?
im not faking at all
but since you seem to know a whole lot more than i do can you help me understand?
i used to talk bout it to my mother as a kid, but since she was a lot into religion she used to tell me its a gift from god. im not sure of it. maybe its hallucination.
but it happens so often
and a lot of people witnessed that
a friend advised me to look for answers over here

Re: do vampire spells work?
Post # 7
I have visions. Premonitions are real. Do not fear your gift. You have a special gift. Being to envision a different sight is a rare one indeed. Do not doubt yourself from these truths for these thing are what you're made of, alright.

Re: do vampire spells work?
Post # 8
ok :0 my premonitions started as :
i get the deja-vu effect
and after wards
things happen and inside my head its like (didnt that already happen)
then i can actually see people,
doing something and it happens after a while. and also, i have the tendecy to guess what a person thinks, im never wrong. i dont know where i got this all from
i personally dont pray and believe in god
can you tell me a bit more about your powers?

Re: do vampire spells work?
Post # 9
You have convinced yourself that you are turning into vampire. That's it. Now you might have gifts, but they did not come from any spell. Check back into reality, and read up on the gifts you've discovered. You are mixing things up. Get to the truth of it. Stay away from the vampire stuff, as it has nothing to do with it. learn the truth. You are human, and cannot be changed. Be well...

Re: do vampire spells work?
Post # 10
You and others like you (those seeking this same type of thing) will never be anything other than human.

"Magic isn't a means of forcing nature to do your will. Magic is natural. It is a harmonious movement of energies to create needed change. If you wish to practice magic, all thoughts if it being paranormal or supernatural must be forgotten. " - Scott Cunningham - Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner.

Think about that quote for a moment, then begin to realize that no matter how hard we wish for something or want something we can't go against the natural laws to do it. We might trick ourselves into believing that we have done something that breaks these laws, but that doesn't make them fact. Magic is part of nature, as are we. We, and magic, are governed by nature not the other way around.

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