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Weight Loss Spell

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Weight Loss Spell

Weight Loss Spell
Post # 1
Hi,Im 13 5ft and 114lbs,I was wondering if there is a weight loss spell that works very well? Ill also be eating under 500 calories a day. :3
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Re: Weight Loss Spell
Post # 2
Really!? check out this video that im gonna send you i lost alot of weight this guy doesnt beata round the bush here yea go http://youtu.be/lozkwiyVefw this helped me out sooo much!
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Re: Weight Loss Spell
Post # 3
It won't work in the way you're hoping - the pounds drop off magically and your clothes size decrease instantaneously. Gosh, wouldn't that be great. There would be a lot of thin people running around, for sure.

The best you could hope for is that the chant acts as a strong creative visualization tool for you, helping you materialize your goals in your mind's eye and therefore helping you - along with other steps in the physcialy world, diet and exercise mainly.

So, on it's own with no other changes, i'd say the spell is slightly better than useless. But in addition to other lifestyle changes, the chant can be of great help to your visualization and self-affirming processes.

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Re: Weight Loss Spell
Post # 4
Weight gain or trouble losing weight when you're doing everything you can also be due to medical reason. Thyroid, PCOD, high prolactin levels (when you're not not pregnant) are common causes. I suggest you visit a doctor and run a couple of tests. If there is a problem, it can be corrected with medication and the guidance of nutritionist. And if you do as prescribed there is little chance that you wont lose weight.

Also the less than 500 calories a day diet is perhaps one of the reasons why your weight wont budge. The human body needs 1000 to 1200 calories minimum. When you don't eat, the body clings to the fat. At first you may drop a couple of pounds. But that will be water loss not fat loss.

Here's a little extra help. It's not a spell. And it will not work if you dont do what's prescribed. Anyway, here goes...

Flip through magazines and newspapers. Pick the image of someone's body that you wish you had and cut it out. Now, cut an image of your own face and paste it on the face of the image that you cut out from the magazine. Put this image (your face on your desired body) up on the mirror of your dresser or just keep it in you line of vision. Look at it everyday, as many times as you like. And each time you look at it, believe that you are getting closer to your goal. And oh, please pick a body that's realistic.

Good luck
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Re: Weight Loss Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 5
You need a healthy diet and a cardio exercise program. Starving yourself isn't the answer it will just make you miserable and sick. Your doctor should be able to provide you with dietary/ exercise advice. It's easier to stick to a diet/ exercise regime if you have support so get encouragement from family/ friends. Stay positive, deciding to get yourself fit is the first battle. Good luck X
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Re: Weight Loss Spell
By: / Novice
Post # 6
there's a few things you can and should do coupled with a spell. i posted a spell


it doesn't make you wake up 10 pounds lighter, it helps you avoid unhealthy foods. be sure you're not starving yourself, your body will store fat. also, i hope you're not obsessed with body image, and just want to get to a healthy weight.

first, you should go to your doctor for a physical and ask the doctor for their help, be it a diet plan, or check to see if it's a thyroid problem or whatever. after that, start eating healthy foods, but you'll need to jump start your metabolism, you should eat 5 small meals a day, have cereal or something similar for breakfast. a granola bar or fruit or something small like that at your first recess. lunch should be your larger meal since you're at the middle of your day, but a sandwich, fruit, yogurt and juice would be fine. a snack at last recess [again, carrot sticks or something] finally dinner should be something light, say a small chicken breast, or fish, with whole grain rice, and vegetables. try not to snack before bed. personally, i avoid eating 3 hours before bed.

second on your list, most importantly, is exercise. you should try to get at least 60 minutes of exercise, if you still have recess [i think you do anyway] try and get your friends to play soccer, or jump rope, or something where you're moving for the whole break. involving your friends will help you exercise, but have fun doing it. try joining a sport, or see if your local gym/pool has a family hour where you can go in and work out for a couple dollars with your family. failing all that, you could try exercising while watching tv at your house; jog on the spot, crunches, push-ups, jumping jacks, and so on. be sure to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.
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Re: Weight Loss Spell
Post # 7

NekoShema explained it perfectly.

It is true that the spell cannot change the DNA which affects the physical appearance. Now then, I would like to explain how this works spiritually in order to be educative. :)
It can motivate you to work hard and achieve your own weight loss by your own self. However, again, this is not a quick fix or something like that. Spells are not miracles at all, same about weight loss spells. If you cast one, it can motivate you to work hard and thus achieve weight loss during a specific period of time by working out and achieving it by yourself, without any miracle or even something close to it.

Weight loss spells, mantras, chants and the like are all good self motivators for you to achieve your goal. They in themselves will notnot magically make you thinner overnight ( as i already told you) , but they may enable you to eat one less spoon of that pound cake that your mom made. They in themselves will not instantly transform you the next day (as many people in this community think and believe) to two dress sizes lower, but they may remind you to take an extra glass of water before the meal starts. They will not make you into the prince charming after a day, but they may add to your confidence. Weight loss spells, and others like that aren't shams in itself but perhaps a reminder that allows you to be the better person you can always become. These spells are self motivating guides, constant reminders that we tell ourselves to achieve what we want to happen. People might get disappointed and think that its not what they thought it was, weight loss spells may not be considered really as a weight loss method but it does have a great influence on how we think. And oftentimes, the effectiveness of any diet program will start and stem out from our motivation, our state of mind. Hope I made my point.

Beyond that - I recommend exercising after being highly motivated, and of course that you should get some specified accurate medical tips.

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Re: Weight Loss Spell
Post # 8

You can not use a spell to mka eoyu loose/put on weight its impossible the only wway your going to do it either decides and what you eat and if you exercise alot.

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Re: Weight Loss Spell
Post # 9
I am 5ft 2 I was 170lbs last January and I did this spell by June I was 140lbs now a whole year later I'm somewhere between 130-135.
This spell is more a way to reprogram your brain and get you going in the right direction.
But like everyone else has said the weight doesn't just magically drop away after a chant, it takes time and you have to do some kind of work to get to your goal. Me I did alot of horseback riding, braking out horses, hiking, camping I just stayed active really.

Any way the spell:
Tools: Paper and a pen
Take the paper draw a figure of how you would like to look, or just write your goal weight on the paper, I'd make up a few of these and put them somewhere you would see them everyday. ON THE FRIDGE, on your dresser, anywhere ya want.

Like I said it's not really a "spell" but it helped me hugely with my weight loss.
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Re: Weight Loss Spell
Post # 10
My my, I've done everything wrong, haven't I?
I've been starving myself lately, but it's no big deal now, I'm used to it.
I see I've been doing things wrong.
I have a question.
If you want to shift into an animal - let's say a panther - how would a chant motivate you?
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