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What are 'empaths?'

Forums ► Misc Topics ► What are 'empaths?'
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What are 'empaths?'
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Personally, I don't believe in 'empaths.' Rather, I believe that everyone is an 'empath' by the definition given.

Behavioral studies conducted on mice by the University of Chicago recently show that even they perform selfless acts when their fellow mice are in peril. As we do not conventionally think of mice as being 'reasoning' creatures, it follows that this altruism is hardwired into their DNA ... and presumably, ours as well.

To examine the opposite end of the spectrum, people diagnosed with sociopathy - a mental disorder marked by the inability to experience 'empathy' - lends further credence to this claim. Possessing empathy is such a universal trait that lacking it constitutes a mental disorder!

If someone can completely lack empathy, then most people occupy varying points on an 'empathetic spectrum.' People lauded as 'empaths' are just higher on this scale towards 'total altruism,' meaning they are better at sharing the sensations and emotions of others than most.

However, the capacity is within each and every one of us. And though empathy has biological roots, there is a component of practice and personal growth that contributes to its flourishing. In other words, it can also be learned ... and perhaps even taught.

Do any empaths have some insight? Perhaps I'm thinking about it all wrong.
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Re: What are 'empaths?'
By: / Novice
Post # 2
good point however, there's a difference between an Empath and Empathy.

your definition is empathy, and every human [excluding most psychopaths] and even some animals [rats for instance] have the ability to feel, and have demonstrated at one point in their lives, empathy for another.

an empath can pick up on someones feelings in a crowded room. they'll walk in and feel an overwhelming sense of joy, or sorrow, or anger, or whatever. not from the kid sitting in the corner, an empath can feel the deep emotions of someone who seems perfectly fine, and no one would be the wiser. the Empath can sense great despair from this person [or joy or whatever] even if they aren't acting it or showing any signs of this fact.

you do make an excellent point though, people must keep a level head, look to all the logical explanations of a situation before falling back to psychic powers, spirits, magic, or whatever else to explain the occurrence.
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Re: What are 'empaths?'
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I see. So people claiming to be 'empaths' are actually just claiming to be uncannily sensitive through paranormal means.

Still, I don't completely understand the mechanism behind this ability. How does it work?
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Re: What are 'empaths?'
Post # 4
Not only can they walk into a room, and feel the emotions of others, they can sense through written words as well, some able to tell how you are feeling by a simple key stroke- on the other side of the world. If you tell them it is snowing- they can actually start to be cold- They are sensitive yes, and the emotions can be felt on a deeper level. Empathy indicated you can feel for a persons situation, however an empath- can take on the others emotions and literally "feel" the emotions of another. Not only this- but with it comes a sense of "knowing". They feel a sadness, and know why the person is sad. Both are signs of being intune with ones Self, however it is the level/degree that separates. As an empath, you can absorb the energy around you, intuitive is knowing it is there.
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Re: What are 'empaths?'
Post # 5
Empathy is by definition: Empathy = is one's ability to recognize, perceive, and feel directly the emotions of another. The word itself, is derived from the Greek words "empatheia" meaning "passion" and "pathein" meaning to experience or suffer.

Being an empath- is not only being able to have empathy for another, but to a higher degree than most. Empaths often have to protect themselves more than others- they are the ones whom if they are with someone- literally can be brought down in less than an hour of being around them. In the beginning- empaths have a difficult time discerning what emotions are theirs, versus what they have felt from another. An Empath reads body language, tone of voice, body movements, the words people choose when they speak, the words they avoid, the logic they use; and the hidden things that only an Empath can sense inside another person.

In todays day and age, it is a term that has been thrown around, which has almost devalued its true meaning. It is considered a blessing and a curse to those whom possess it- but the following articles should help, as it is where I referenced some of what I posted. I also feel that empaths are different than those who can be empathetic- I know those who are empathetic- but someone upset does not cause them to become upset, where as an empath, would become upset as they would take on the others Emotions

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Re: What are 'empaths?'
Post # 6
Most people posses the bases of empath which is selflessness but someone who can use empathy is a person who can read a persons aura or even mind in some cases to see what's wrong. Someone who is good at empathy can actually use that instant bond that develops that allows them to read a person to influence them. For instance and an angry child can swayed into being happy. It takes years of practice but is possible. Most empathy users can feel the emotions if every single person in a room. It's a gift(by genetics) that is given to someone at birth or someone find it in themselves by luck. Empathy is extremely different from empath. Empathy can read someone's body language color and voice sway to determine what's up with someone. Empathy which are people who are also empath but a different kind can be two rooms over and know what they feel. It's two whole different animals.
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