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Name: Renegadejd
Location: Sitting comfortably in madness
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Hi, my name is renegade. I'm an empath and oddly enough i'm a psychopath too. No were not always crazy but we can be. I am normally kind and open but make me mad and I'm hellion. I'm bi and extremely open minded, I have no set religion and am open to everyone and everything. If you have questions just ask. I normally stick to curses/hexes, enchantment, herbs, necromancery, and summoning/banishing. Those are the few I prefer but I can use almost any kind of magic without to much complication. There is no white or black just different prices for different spells. I'm very big into folklore and mystical items I'm always interested in learning new stories or weapons. So message me if you wanna talk! I'm interested in everything and I'm always open to talk to anyone about anything, yes anything. I've been practicing and using magic/magick for about 5 years. I am on here from time to time browsing around spells I may want to try and looking for someone to talk to. Have a wonderful day!