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Can't cast spells

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► Can't cast spells
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Can't cast spells
Post # 1
Around three years ago, my rain-casting spell worked wonders and most of the time I chanted it. But recently, I haven't been able to do it for over two years now. Very rarely does it work.

I wonder, what does this have to do with? Is it possible my energy-level decreased somehow?

Re: Can't cast spells
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Maybe you need to refresh yourself with the basics. Couldn't hurt

Re: Can't cast spells
Post # 3
Keep practicing and I'm sure it will work fine!
Blessed be

Re: Can't cast spells
Post # 4

It's a tough thing because we don't exactly know the specific situation you are in currently.

To me it sounds like you haven't fully understood the whole concepts of spell casting and you might be taking your issues too seriously, because -- mind you--, everyone can cast spells no matter what, and you aren't really going to suffer from a disability of not being able to have access to your energies and to spirituality including spell casting. Spell casting is all about directing and manipulating you energy, so as long as you obtain your energy regularly and know (if you knew in the past) how to use it upon a specific intent / desire spiritually expressed, there is no reason that you'll lose the ability to do so and won't be able to cast spells. The potentially working spells subject is already another thing and this shouldn't be of too much problems as long as you know how to cast your spells and as long as your spells are fairly reasonable and spiritually logical (it has to do typically with the laws oh physics).

On a side and a bit more irrelevant note... A spell can be at times merely a simple ritual wish so you might be taking all of this too seriously, as I've already notified you in here . Many people cast spells without knowing it. A Catholic may light a candle in church, and then say a prayer, asking for help. He has cast a spell. Nice, isn't it? ;)
Ever blown out the candles on a cake and made a wish? You have cast a spell. Ever pulled a wishbone? That's another spell.
Those are "simple" spells. Really serious spells are harnessing your own inner energy with that of the Earth's energy. By no means as easy as it sounds. But again, if you do something while being spiritually capable of doing so all the time during having your life - there's no reason to lose this on the road.

Re: Can't cast spells
Post # 5
It happens to me at some time of the the year.... usually before Halloween. Its like all my inner powers fade and no spells seem to work at all. Then, as mentionned above, refreshing is really helpful. Go back to your basics. Meditate and build your inner confidence, Practice centering and grounding. Play with the energy and every time you raise energy, visualize that it is cleansing used energy and new energy are settling in your body. This is easy. Just imagine it when you are breathing in and out. Then start out again with the simplest spells that you had the greatest connection with. Mine was rain spell too. It always works, although at first, it takes 1-3 days, but afterwards, it happens almost in 1 or 2 hour. But it definitely has something to do with your energy level. I hope what I say make sense and can actually help you.

Re: Can't cast spells
By: / Novice
Post # 6
@Ansuz: I don't think it's a matter of "energy level". Maybe somewhere along the way you stopped casting a spell and turned into wishful thinking. This happens more often than people think.

@Tifanny: I disagree, praying and wishing, and spellcasting, are substantially different. Spellcasting "deal" is about using and directing your will, and in a second definition, using natural forces through psychic manipulation to achieve a result. Praying is essentally, asking a Divine being or an exalted spirit to interceed on your behalf to achieve something. Most of the "prayers" used in spellcasting, are actually invocations: calls to the Divine or the Exalted to grant us power to achieve our will. Now, wishing, it's just wishing, there's no will involved.

Re: Can't cast spells
Post # 7
it's possible, you could go back to basics or do different new spells, I found this prayer from a jewish book, it's possibly from the kabala or a different magick prayer book, I forgot what the book is called do to the fact I lost the book, if I find it I will tell you the prayer inside it. There's different prayers from the jewish and christian jewish books, like one book with powerful prayers that's kind of like a ritualistic magickal way they do it is something that's called shemeria eseri amidah, it's called something like that, they also have the kabala that works with the cosmic energy and God, then there's the prayer book I mentioned, well anyways maybe you could find it, the prayer or prayers call upon God to bring rain and or thunder. I tried it like about a year ago when I didn't lose the book and it worked 98% of the time so I assume it's a powerful prayer. I will try to find the book this week, it would be very good if I found it to share it with you.

Re: Can't cast spells
By: / Novice
Post # 8
Self confidence is very important as is emotion if you do a curse while happy it kind of defeats the point You must not lose faith though keep going and I'm sure they will work again

Re: Can't cast spells
Post # 9
To be honest, I never thought rain spells even worked... I always thought they were junk. But don't quote me here... I'm not positive.

Re: Can't cast spells
Post # 10

Carmen actually hits the nail here, exactly my thoughts.

Perhaps this is the little reason that made your spells not to work, since fluffy spells aren't supposed to work.
I am now sure that the reason of doesn't getting effects after casting your spells is because you do not cast the proper spell. If you will keep casting fantasy / fluffy spells, I assure you that they won't work and you'll start thinking that real magick practices do not exist. Also it is easy to see that you are a newbie who hasn't learned the basics.

You need to learn what spells work and what spells do not work.

Just remember that there are two types of spells:

Real magic spells - These are real magic spells that actually work for the magic practitioner if he/she casts it properly. Such spells will work for you if you know what you are doing, if you are experienced and familiar with the basics, and work better if you will choose to follow some optional traditions like : colors, planetary days and hours, moon phases, ritual tools and supplies, etc. Such spells always worked for me if they were casted properly, since they are magic spells that have potentially l to work,. Do not forget that this is about potential, and such spells really have it. By saying real magic spells i mean that these are magic spells that can be cast by magic practitioners. Such spells do not include physical changes and DNA changes, or any actual kind of transformation. This is the other sort of spells i am going to talk about.

Fluffy / fantasy spells - Such spells are not real magic spells. The magic practitioner will not be able to get results from them even if he dedicates as much energy as he can, and even if he / she follows all of the traditions and optional things. It means that they have no potential to work. No matter what the magic practitioner tries to do, and how. Such spells include : transformation, DNA changes, and other kind of things which can be found only in science fiction movies. You are able to avoid such spells by : personal experience, logic sense and maturity.

This thing is very important. The proper spell has a lot to do with managing to cast the spell, it gives the spell most of its potential to work, as i said.

After you know now why your spells did not work , practice real things and then you'll see the effects.

Tips for starting out :


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