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Name: Tails_prower
Birthday: Jun 15 1994
Location: Shadow Moses island,ak,us
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I'm a Wiccan. I used the site since may but recently joined after I looked at how frequently I visited som. football is my sport. I played middle linebacker in high school.graduated class of 2012 from AHS in Douglasville Nick names tails,aj,fox,fox94,tails_prower,aftermath,and LDRx AFTERMATH Fav bands: slayer Metallica iron maiden Fav tv show: inuyasha Fav game :madden 13 Element:fire Root: under-active (12%) Sacral: over-active (81%) Navel: over-active (75%) Heart: under-active (0%) Throat: over-active (94%) Third Eye: open (56%) Crown: open (25%) Fav color: sanguine red Need to know anything else just ask XBL GT : TA1LS PROWER Will you be remembered how would you be remembered why wouldn't you fight for the greatest achievement ever - ray lewis My poem I hit fast as lightning Loud as thunder I'm so strong it's frightening Take one pill and get pulled under Trust me friend I won't lie Take another soon you'll see You can't leave don't even try I've opened a world of pain and misery Why try and struggle You'll never be free There's no light at the end of the tunnel Just give up and cease to be Trust me friend I won't lie Ill be with you until your last breath Ah I love to see you cry You're alone no one can help embrace death