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What is a Sign ?

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What is a Sign ?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
As every human being on the planet each one of us is proud owner of one brain ,which is separated further in two hemispheres .
Ideally both should be developed equally, but that is rarely the case .In most cases our left hemisphere ,which is responsible for the logical thinking and survival is far more developed than our right one which is more responsible for creativity and fantasy .That has to do with the way we have been told since kids and by the educational system itself .We always have been carefully navigated to work more with left one rather than the right .

What happens when you start practicing some sort of art or the Craft itself ?

Basicly your right mind starts to develop and become more stronger and it aquires strong opinion and its own voice .

That eventually lead to some sort of internal conflict between our logical mind ,which loves the facts and the creative mind ,which on its side assumes it is all possible and flowing .

So one day you may wake up with internal conflict and confusion ,about which world is more valid for you the physical or the spiritual .Which experience is more valid the physical or the spiritual ,also will be question that need to find its answer .

What are Signs which will lead you in this confusion ?
How do we know if our interaction with spiritual beings and entities are real and not just fragments of our vivid imagination ?

Those are very valid questions for each practicioner and spiritual worker .

A sigs is some sort of confirmation ,which has been given to you from the spiritual world and its residents .
Of course you need to first ask and then keep open mind to see those signs or omens .
Never hesitate to ask for such signs ,when your logical mind starts to bug you with selfdoubt .We all need to validate our personal experiences so we can really have faith in them ,and not allow the doubt to hold us back .Being spiritual or magical worker ,does not automatically mean that you have to throw your logical and common sense out of the window to be successful .
We need this common sense in order to survive in our mundane life on daily basis .
Lets not forget that The Magician is depicted as man standing between earth and sky with one hand risen upwards toward the sky and one hand pointing downwards toward the ground .This positions suggests balance between opposites ,which is achieved through knowledge and understanding .It is not only logical or only imaginal position ,but rather crossing point between .
Signs allows us to reach this crossing point and validate our practices ,without loosing the hold on both extremes .

When in doubt ,remember to ask for validation and signs whatever you are working with (any type of entity or deity ).This validation can manifest in the form of sign or dream too .Dreams sometimes also are messages from our soul ,which guide us and tell us truths .

Always pay attention to whatever is happening around you and inside you .If you do not you may blind yourself to see the signs or you can dismiss them as random .

In what form this signs will reach me ?
Signs are uselly perceived by us through one of our senses .
You can find something which is peculiar ,object which you do not meet daily in your out and abouts .
You can have a strange dream that repeats .
You can smell something strange for which you have no logical explanation .
You can see particular image on road sign , bilboard or TV.
You can hear particular song on the radio or someone elses can start singing it to you or around you .
You can feel something odd ,but keep in mind dealing with feelings can be tricky subject when it comes taking them as signs .

List of most occuring signs:
Finding pennies constantly in strange places around your house .This may be signs from your deceased loved ones .Make sure that your partner is not making sort of silly joke with you and leaving them around .

Seeing butterflies in your room or in cemiteries very often .This may indicates either the presence of butterfly totem or it is a signs from your deceased ones .

Finding white feathers in strange places .This may be signs from your angel guardian .

Finding angel trinkets ,lockers or other religious medals in strange places .

Animals crossing your road and appearing out of nowhere , coming around you often enough .This animal may be your main totem animal ,so pay attention to its behaviour .

Strange strong smell of flowers (roses the most ) appearing out of nowhere .This may be sign from angels ,however i have had few folks mentioning to me that such smell can be very strongly present when there is djinn in the house too .

Hearing a song on the radio which directly has to so with whatever you asked for to be validated to you .This song may be for angels or animals or spirits so on .

Seeing street sign or billboard with message ,which has directly to do with whatever sign you wanted to be given .

The phone is ringing ,but no one is there .Make sure the kids are not doing prank on you or there is a technical problem .

Blinking lights or electrical items turning on and off ,without any logical or technical reason .
We all have watched at some point those shows for paranormal investigation in which the radio or some of their special gadgets will blink or behave strange turning on and off .The radios particularly can really pass messeges .

Strange lights in weird shapes and forms (orbs ,angel alike ,blobs and any other shapes ) appearing in your pictures .
Make sure it is not defect film(if using the old photocameras ) or light reflection .

I hope that gives some insight to all signseekers :)

Lets start disscussion on the topic !

How do you validate your own spiritual work and experience ?
What kind of signs (omens) you have been given from spiritual entities or deities ?

Why it is important that we share all this at this time ?
Faith is like sparkling candle which will tremble and increase or decrease with each one of our joys and sorrows .
We all live in hard times and keeping your faith in such times is sometimes challenging ,but if we all know that outhere there are individuals facing same dilemma as us ,but receiving divine help will not that make us stronger too by heart and spirit ?
Sharing stories of hope and love ,can help someone elses to keep this spark of faith within themselves strong !
Why do we need to be standing alone when we can stand together ?
Give hope and give love and that is what you will get in return .:)
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Re: What is a Sign ?
Post # 2
Quite an interesting topic :). I agree that at times it can be particularly hard to tell if something is a sign or not. Personally, I have noticed certain patterns in the messages I receive from my guides. Typically, it is in the form of an animal acting out of it's natural behavior or coming extremely close to me.
I'll be interested to see some of the responsises to this :D
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Re: What is a Sign ?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
shshqr i am glad you like it and thank you for responding and sharing your own method .I totally agree that discovering and paying attention on repetative patterns is important .With the time and experience you start to notice more and more things more easy and evaluate them as either important or not .

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Re: What is a Sign ?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

I thought this was a really great post, Arte.

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Re: What is a Sign ?
Post # 5
Excelent post. Came at just the right time as i was begining to doubt an experience i had. So thank you
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