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Hair problem

Forums ► Herbalism ► Hair problem

Hair problem
Post # 1
Please suggest me some good herbs for my hair. It's in my family(both my father's and mother's), this problem with the hair. We all have really silky and thin hair(my dad is already bald and my brother, being 22 has started to lose his hair). My mom even though is a woman has started losing her hair. I know it's normal for a little hair to fall out during the day, but I started to lose my hair also, it started to fall out a lot and I am really scared. I am only 15(note: I had an eating disorder and that's when I lost a lot of hair and no shampoo or medication helps me).
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Re: Hair problem
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Right ,first of all make sure you visit your doctor !
So severe hair loss maybe related with hormonal disbalance ,which also will have other negative effects on your general health .Higter level of male hormone Testosterone in woman will cause this problem .You also have mentioned that you have eating disorder .Eating disorder can cause mineral ,vitamin and nutrient defficiency and hormonal disbalance ,especially when it comes to female hormones .All of these in combination will cause hair loss .
You need to check and address first all of these issues ,because the beauty outside starts inside .If you do not get enough nutrition , which your body needs to grow your hair no herbs will help you !All what affects hair affects also nails and skin ,because thay are made of very simiral cells .

Food you need to eat plenty of
Nuts of any sorts ,because they contain zinc .Zinc is essential for good hair ,nails and skin (it also fight breakouts ).

Eggs .Eggs are very high in protein (something which your body use to build and keep the hair healthy ).They also contain vinamin B-12 and Biotin (all supliments for hair ).Protein is esential for the muscles construction too .

Whole Grain Foods ,such lentils ,beans wholegrain bread (our part of the world it is known as black bread because it looks dark in color .)Those also contain proteins ,iron (iron allows the blood to feed all organs including hair follecule )and also vitamin B of different kind .

Carrots .Carrots contain vitamin A ,which helps hair scalp it is also good for your eyesight .

Eat white fish (especially salmon ) .

Any green vegtables and fruits .Especially cabbage ,spinach ,broccoli .Berries with red or blue color .Oranges and lemon .

Herbs helping hair .
Rosemary either used as essential oil mixed with carrier oil or either as tea that you use to wash your hair and roots .
Sage (salvia officinalis ) is used same way .
Stinging Nettle boiled as tea is good for nourishing the hair and for its color especially for dark haired women .
Chamomile is good for people with blond hair and also good for the hair .
Horsetail ,burdock root ,birch leaves ,calendula ,aloe vera juice (for the scalp and roots ),licorice extract .Some people aslo advice eating parsley and peppermint .Lemon juice to keep it shiny .

Oils that are beneficial for the hair growth and keeping it moisturized .

For the scalp
Jojoba ,coconut ,argan oils ,grapeseed oil .

For the hair shaft ,middle lenght and the edges i am using amla oil (indian gooseberry ).If you have very blond hair it will make it darker keep in mind !.You also can use extra virgin olive oil or sweet almond oil .Castor oil is used to promote new baby hair growth it is applied in the roots .Keep in mind castor oil is very oily it washes difficult you need to wash your hair few time !

Powders used as masks henna ,brahmi and shikakai powder are uselly mixed with lemon juice or rose water and applied as mask .

Oils should be kept on the hair from half an hour till few hours or you can sleep with it if you put shower cap (otherwise it will stain with oil all your pillow ).The more you keep it the better ,but not more than 12 hours .Honey is good for your hair it nourishes it and seal the moisture in .

Winter hair tips :Wash the hair two times in week or any other day if possible .Use masks and oils to seal the moisture or the cold wind dries it out .Wear a warm hat that will prevent this process and in same time will keep your scalp warm .
Comb the hair with wooden comb or brush gently ,starting from roots upward if long to prevent breakage .

Summer :avoid sitting in direct sun without a summer hat .Avoid salty water (like when swimming in sea or in pool ).Make sure you keep it clean because sweat can create problems with the roots and it can get extremly oily ,which then can cause dandruff and scalp problems .

I have hair which now is reaching to the base of my back .I never in my life had so long hair ,but before few years i did not have a clue how to care for it properly .Now i am taking care of it internaly and externaly and it is paying off .It will take time but if you do not have serious health problem it will recover .

Additional tips :
find few books for nutrition to help you understand what your body needs in order to keep your beauty in tact .
Eating disorders need to be addressed seriously for they can cost you your health and your life not only your hair .The lost of hair and the bad condition of your skin and nails are first signs that something is not very right within .Seek doctors help or consultant help if disorder is caused from emotional problems .
Check on youtube about natural herbal remedies for hair and reciper for hair masks and additional tips for hair care .

Be positive about yourself!Love yourself and believe that you can overcome any problem if you put yourself for that .
Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how gorgeous and wonderful you are .See yourself clearly as the person that you want to be rather than as the person that has so many problems .

All this process will take a time ,but if you persist you will succeed !You are only young and strong ;)

Best of luck love and blessings in your way .
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Re: Hair problem
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Forgot to mention while applying the oil in the scalp make sure you massage it in with circular movement .In this way you are massaging the hair scalp and helping the oil to penetrate your skin and at same time that increases the blood flow in your scalp ,which on its side feeds the hair .You can do that for five minutes .
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Re: Hair problem
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Avoid stress as much you can for sudden anxiety and shock or stress for long time may cause sudden hair loss .Try to meditate more or do tai chi ,qi gong to balance your emotions and raise your vital energy .
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Re: Hair problem
Post # 5
Thank you a lot, Artindark. I'll sure use your tips on the food and herbs and oils. :)
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Re: Hair problem
Post # 6

Great post Art, nothing was unsaid. ;)

I'n addition, Try:

A good silica supplement,

Washing your hair less, like once a week (i'm assuming you have Caucasian hair - sorry if i'm wrong. Hair is not meant to be washed frequently. It starts a horrible cycle of stripping the natural oils in your hair and scalp, your scalp over-compensating by being overly oily, only to strip the oils away at your next shampoo. There are great shampoo-free resources on the internet),

Consider adding a natural oil of your hair and scalp regularly, at least once a week or the night before you wash your hair. Unrefined coconut oil is my fave,

And please, for the love of God, avoid any hair product with sodium laurel sulfate and also silicone (anything that ends with -"cone").

On a medicinal note, there was recently developed a great medicine which drastically prevents hair loss. You should go to your doctor and they'll give you approval to buy this medicine. It's a big spend of money, however it's definately worth it. I believe you should also search MORE about essnetial vitamins for the process.

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Re: Hair problem
Post # 7
Thank you Tiffany :)
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Re: Hair problem
Post # 8

You're welcome. ;)

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Re: Hair problem
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
Horsetail is a plant which has a lot of silica inside .:)
You are aiming for the young shoots ,because they are more easy to chew and has most of it ,the older one are sort of too tough even to chew ,but they are good used as brushes to clean copper objects as pennies .
It likes humid climat ,which is not too hot or cold suck English one .

Another food which have silica are oats and rice ,asparagus (asparagus has similar apperiance to horsetail ),lettuce ,cabbage ,opion potatoes and sunflower seeds .Our countries(Most on the Balcan ) do grow huge fields with sunflowers and each family often bake huge ammount of sunflower seeds .It is very healthy snack indeed ,as long as it is not too salty !

I am glad that you guys like the thread .
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Re: Hair problem
Post # 10

one simple fruit you can eat is grape fuit

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