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paranormal lover...

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paranormal lover...
Post # 1
2 Years ago I tried scrying for the first time on paper. I started scrying and contacted someone. I wrote it off as my imagination and just thought it was a joke. Then I noticed I was getting anwsers in my head that weren't my own and out of curiousity I replyed in my head back. I found out that me and the entity had developed some sort of telepathic link. I spent a whole year talking to it and I had grown attached to it which I called 'Alu' don't ask why, just some odd little nickname. Well it, which I later found out was a 'he', had even started entering my dreams and we developed a sexual relationship. At first it was just heavy petting for pleasure, but then I started feeling more for him, telling him I loved him every night. He kept to the story that he cared about me but wasn't in love with me, which somehow I was ok with. He would never bring me to orgasm no matter what he did, even if I was screaming in pleasure. At first I was ticked but after a while I just loved being near him and feeling his presence. Please, don't think ill of our relations because it's only carressing and petting. I tried asking him to 'take me' but he claimed he didn't want to take my virginity that I was to young, which I'm actually greatful for. Then one day it clicked that I've known him longer than 2 yrs. When I was little I would see him in my third eye and have dreams about him and all of it didn't click til I really studied his face and voice in my mind! He claims he's a demon yet he's never hurt me, and when he's around I feel happy & safe. Now however, we hardly do anything sexual only rarely since I'm happy with just feeling him rubbing my arm or side in a cuddleing comforting way. He's with me everywhere I go and I love it. The stories a lot longer but sadly theres a typing limit. Please I just want to know about others with simular stories, this is real and I care about him. I just want to know if others have had simular experiences.
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Re: paranormal lover...
Post # 2
I've had to live at my friends house for a week after hurricane sandy and there was a female spirit that got a bit intimate with me. After I left, she followed me home and I started getting weird dreams and all. I have felt a link between us but nothing really strong. It's more of a good friendship.
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Re: paranormal lover...
By: / Novice
Post # 3
don't think there's a typing limit on the site.

well i've heard of people dating spirits, never dated one myself, but me and Rori have a really close bond, was much closer in high school, but still very close. never dated though, never really came up until recently, but i think it's more he liked it when we would watch tv together, or sit and talk, we still do, but there's normally someone else there.

a few of my friends have spirits with them, my one friend has George who is actually dangerous, so she only lets certain people come over. George is a perv, there's been times where my friend has had sleep overs and woken up with their pants taken off. when you're in her house, you can feel someone rubbing your shoulders, or brushing past you in the hallway. i've only encounter George a couple times when we'd go to my friends place after school and Rori would get into a fight with George, so i rarely go to my friends place, we meet up elsewhere because unlike Rori, George is stuck in her house. my other friend has Bob, but we think Bob's crossed over because none of us has sensed or heard from Bob in a couple years.

my other friend works in a store that's haunted by some woman. we've never been able to talk with her, but in the early morning you can just feel this presence, like somethings glaring at you, things will randomly move, books will be knocked off shelves, and a couple times doors will slam shut and lock. the creepiest part is at night after everyone's gone, you can see her pacing in the store.

lol, sorry that last one wasn't a 'relationship' those are just the four spirits i deal with the most. don't think i've ever dealt with a demon, i'm glad you're happy, but you both need to understand, he's a demon, you're human, at some point you'll need to meet someone who is human. if you want to just be with him, go for it, but it's really not what you should do. it's your life, i'm not passing judgement or telling you what to do, just remember that is all.
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Re: paranormal lover...
Post # 4
Wow, thank you for the feed back! And, thank you for the advice. Really I was expecting for people to bash me for even uttering the word 'demon'. I'm glad theres others that understand or at least aren't closed minded about it, thank you. Bieleve me, I'm happy just with him, I'm naturally a loner and don't really fit in with my peer groups. But I understand what you mean... One day, whether it hurts or not I probably will say goodbye to him. If not completely then at least to our 'relationship', sadly we've already started. Some days when were close, it's like were intertwined. But those are rare now. It's for the best, like I said if I don't say goodbye to him permantly, then at least to our relationship together. Again thank you for sharing your stories and for the honest yet positive opinion. :)
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Re: paranormal lover...
Post # 5
Well, at least it's positive! I'm glad you've started forming a strong bond, it took me and 'Alu' at least a good year or so, til we got a strong enough link to even communicate properly with each other! Thank's for the feedback,I'm glad I'm not the only one with paranormal relations with an entity. :)
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Re: paranormal lover...
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I am a spirit-keeper, and I though I do not have a lover relationship with any of my entities or spirits, I do have strong friendship bonds with each of them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a relationship with spirits or non-humans. (Well, as long as it does not affect your health and wellbeing!)
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Re: paranormal lover...
Post # 7
There is a wall between two rooms with a door in the middle. On one side we have the spirit world and on this side we have our world. Your lover steps through this door into this world and enters into your dreams. Spirits feed off of our energy and must be able to continiously tap into that energy to remain here for long peroids of time unless they are attached to a person or place. On the flip side it is possible for us to step through the door during Astral travel and enter into that world. Perhaps you might one day decide to take this path. You would feel more physically being on that side then this side I think. Just a thought.
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Re: paranormal lover...
Post # 8
Really? I never ever feel drained when he's around so if he is somehow taking my energy to tap into this realm then he isn't taking much, since sometimes I even feel more energized when he's around. Also thank you for the positive explaination and advice! I've been trying astral projection for months with no results... I've tried every method from the easy to complex. The furthest I get is the lightheading tingling vibration all over my body but I just can't seem to seperate my spirit from my body! I've mentally astral projected where you stay in your body but your subconcious goes into a differant place or part of your mind, but really I don't count that as an out of body experience... If you have any suggestions I would be eternally greatful! :)
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Re: paranormal lover...
Post # 9
Thank you so much for being understanding and giving positive feedback! I'm extremely greatful there are others that cross path into the spirit/supernatural realm! ~Blessed be to you and your spirits.
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Re: paranormal lover...
Post # 10
First you must realize that there are many different types of energy. Some we can feel and some we can't. You don't feel drained because the two you and him feed off of each other in a sense. The energies are apart yet one. As for Astral travel the tingle and lightheadedness are positive steps. But if you push too hard you will go nowhere. Understand that in Astral travel your body and subconscious must overcome the hump of fear. Take your time and keep working at it. You'll get it soon enough.
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