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astral projecting?

Forums ► Astral Projection ► astral projecting?
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astral projecting?
Post # 1
does any one know how to astral project if so plz tell me i want to know how, i dont care if it takes years to do i would just like to know how - pretty plz
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Re: astral projecting?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Astral Projection from Other Spells Discussion.
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Re: astral projecting?
Post # 3
if no one else responds, send me an e mail and I will copy past stuff for you. I have a few different methods, I just cant remember where they are at present. if I find it soon, I will post it hear for you.
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Re: astral projecting?
Post # 4
There are multiple forums in this section that gives you step by step how to Astral project, you just need to take the initiative and seek them, use your eyes, read, research.

Self-sufficiency is crucial if you are a serious practitioner.

Balanced blessings

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Re: astral projecting?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
I for one encourage asking questions even if they've been asked a hundred times before, self sufficiency is vital but so is asking for help. I do recommend that you do some trawling through the forums to see what you can find but I also think it's best to give you some information here to help get you on the right track as well as helping others that might view this thread. I thought I'd give you some passages to read as I always struggle to explain meditation and astral projection and the words of others may prove far more useful than my own.

The following is taken from A Witch Alone by Marian Green and contains some exercises that are useful in developing your skills with visualization and meditation, both of which are essential for astral projection. Treat the passage with a pinch of salt however as whilst the book contains some good information other parts of it can be a little sensationalist as well.

" Exercises
Today we have psychological expressions to describe various states achieved during meditation and creative inner journeys. In the old days such states were part of the boring and repetitive work most people had to endure. Because mental distraction is a rare occurrence, those who use meditation as a vital tool for their inner studies have to learn this simple art, and surprisingly difficult it may prove to be. The techniques which need to be worked upon during the fourth moon have to be mastered to make any magic work, and to allow the practitioner personal visions of the gods and goddesses on a controlled basis. Start by reading a description of one of the deities and then, with your eyes closed and in a relaxed position, begin to retell that description to yourself, building up the image until it is clear. Try this for at least four days, for about fifteen minutes at a time. Another valuable exercise is to look at a real flower or plant in front of you, then close your eyes and try to 'see' it in your mind's eye. You know it is real, it has life, but seeing it with your eyes closed may be very hard at first. Keep at it for as many sessions as it takes to get a clear impression of the plant. You can then mentally make it flower for a few sessions, putting forth buds, then blooms, then fruit or seeds. You will need to be able to create and then manipulate images as acts of magic, so the sooner you get the knack, the better. Look at some familiar tales and see if you can discover the magical story within them. You may be surprised. How clearly do your favorite writers lead you into the world of their fictional works? Try to unravel the occult theme of any children's story you can get hold of, too. Try out the inner journey as described in this chapter at least three times. Write down in your Book what you saw, felt, imagined and what changed between the first and third attempts. Write out your questions and the answers you received on each occasion. Find time to walk in uncluttered places and build up an inner journey based on a real walk along a country lane, or by a river or the sea. Try also a couple of times and see what happens, comparing what you feel and sense with the deliberately magical journey into the Greenwood. Why are the Beings of the Otherworld real? How can you prove this, if only to yourself? Try to enter an inner place where you can meet the Elementals of Earth and then of Water. Write down what happened, then later, when you have had a lot more practise, try Fire and Air Elementals. Is anything new happening in your dream life? If you keep failing to enter the proper, relaxed frame of mind which makes these exercises produce results, realise you may be trying too hard, so play at it, make it much more of an experiment, gone about in an attitude of 'Well, it doesn't really matter, but let's give it a go!' Try also at different times of day; early mornings are usually best but midday, if circumstances permit, or early evening might work for you.”

Once you've achieved proficiency in this the next step is to actually leave your body and is probably the point that most people struggle with the most. In my opinion this is because they haven't prepared properly in mastering the other skills but that's merely because I seemed to fall into this step fairly naturally and it's probably just me projecting my experiences onto others. There are many methods of astral projection ranging from dreaming to trance. Trance methods are probably the most widely used and what most people think of as astral projection so that's what I'll go into detail on for you. The issue of a trance method is that you are at first very aware of the act of dissociating from your body and you need to not be so. Provided you've practiced meditation and visualization methods enough you should be able to overcome it but even then it takes time and practice.

Firstly you need to enter a trance through meditation allowing your body to fall asleep but keeping your mind awake if you succeed in this then you will feel yourself slip out of your body and find yourself in the astral. It sounds simple but how exactly do you go about it?

First off prepare for it correctly, make sure you've eaten and had a drink of water, that you're clean and go to the bathroom, it can be very difficult to enter a proper trance if you're continually drawn back to the physical plane to address your bodies basic needs. If you're a little tired though that's not the end of the world, in fact it often helps, just make sure you're not too tired or you'll wind up falling asleep and you definitely don't want that. Get comfortable, you don't want to return to your body to find it in agony from sitting in an uncomfortable position, you can lie down if you like but be weary of falling asleep as often sitting can help prevent this. If you've got all this right then all you really need to do is relax, you should have been in trance many times before by now but just breathe deeply and try not to over think things. Having said that it's vital to keep your mind aware of yourself and prevent it from drifting asleep. If you find your mind wandering off on a tangent (such as what you had to eat that day) then stop it and bring your focus back to yourself or you'll find that you fall asleep. If however your body starts feeling heavy as if you're about to fall asleep, that's a good thing, don't try and stop it. What I do is I sit and stare at the darkness behind my closed eyes, eventually this darkness starts to take shapes. Allowing those shapes to develop whilst forcibly telling yourself (more than thinking it but feeling it is well) that you're going to leave your body and astral project. Eventually these shapes manifest for you to interact with them, you should do so whilst sensing them directly, at this point though it should not be with your physical body as you should find you're now in a world of visualization. At this point my method is a little unusual but it's what comes natural to me, many people will climb a rope out of their body and drift to the astral plane where as I allow myself to be literally pushed out by a wave that I visualize, the method is entirely up to whatever feels natural to you. If you want to read more on this then I personally quite like a book called DO_OBE by Donald J Degracia.
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Re: astral projecting?
Post # 6
okay thnks that really did help
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