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Weird ghosts

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Weird ghosts
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Weird ghosts
Post # 1
So lately, I have been seeing more spirits. I cannot decide what they want, all I know is that I know them from a past life by talking to other people. One night, it was around 3:00 in the morning. I had woken up from a terrible nightmare. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something crawl across the floor. I tensed up, but having just awoken from a nightmare, I let myself relax thinking that maybe I was still seeing things from my dream. So, I layed back down, and fell asleep. I had only slept for about 40 minutes when I was woken back up by the same nightmare. I sat up in bed, trying to comfort myself by petting my dog. Then, she started barking at a space very near to my closet. I reluctantly looked over, only to find a human shape turned towards me. I kind of freaked out. It raised a hand to its mouth, and I heard: Shhhh! I almost passed out, i was so shocked. I looked down at my dog, who was whimpering. When I looked back, it was gone, so I lay back down and went to sleep, still having the same dream as before. The next night, before I even had the chance to fall asleep, my dog started whining, and was again looking at the same spot as the night before. When I looked up, there were 2 people talking to each other. They each wore black hooded cloaks and were whispering. Here's how the conversation went. i will name them 1 and 2.
1:This is her?
2:yesssssss. (I say yessss, because it was said with a snakelike accent)
1:She is different
2:I am sure.
2:she is yoursssss
Then, they were gone, just like that. One of them has been returning each night. I have gotten used to it, so that by now I am totally calm with it. But, it still is a little creepy. I am absolutely sure by now that it is more than a ghost. It seems too smart, and not emotional enough. Advice? Should I be scared?
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Re: Weird ghosts
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
By "ghost" I am going to guess you mean someone who passed away and is merely wandering the astral. By that definition, you would be correct, what you're dealing with is not that.

What it sounds like you're dealing with are beings that haven't been carnate (in a physical life). By the hissing voice, I would decern it is a lower world being. They aren't all malicious, but due to your nightmares, I wouldn't say they are there to be friends, they're there to harrass you, perhaps gaining energy from your fear. I believe the being was hushing the dog, not you. Animals have an easy time seeing spirits...and sensing ones that are malicious by acting alarmed. When an animal watches a spirit quietly, chances are its neutral, benevolent, or just passing through. But animals, especially dogs and cats sense "good people" and the not so good, and act aggressively toward ones they don't like. Take your dog's senses into consideration and don't take these spirits' presence in your room lightly. Set up wards in your room, specifically ones considered to "banish evil" or that are "against harm".

I would also suggest a simple brine of salt water placed next to your bed, and whispered over that it will protect you. One well known verse is "protect me and mine, your power I drain into the brine". "Your" being whatever spiritual being tries to invade your space and harm you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically. Pour out the water every morning down the toilet and make a new brine each night.
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Re: Weird ghosts
Post # 3
I've tried so many things! The nightmare keeps coming back, and I can't get rid of him! He's stalking me! I know it sounds weird, but when I go over to somebodies house, He folllows me. I'm losing my mind, and my patience!
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Re: Weird ghosts
Post # 4
I have had experiences with "spirits" or "ghosts" or "energies" *(everybody calls them something different) since I was a child. In college, I had a situation that sounds similar to yours. I had two men that were in my dorm room and they attached themselves to me. It really did scare me at first, but eventually, as you said I got accustomed to their presence. I later found out that they were from several past lives of mine and they took on the job of protector for me. They have been with me for the last four years and I appreciate them greatly. It could be that these presences you are experiencing are just trying to get back in touch with you, or trying to figure out their connection to you. Fear is a natural reaction when dealing with such beings because it is so abnormal for most people. The concern would be the accompaniment of the nightmare. My advice would be to try to communicate with them, either directly or in a dream state or in the astral. If you're not comfortable with that and just want to cleanse yourself of them, try lavender. Once I had a bad problem with a not so friendly ghostie and I cleansed all my doorways, windows, cabinets, everything with Lavender oil and salt water. It worked immediately and I had no other problems. The vibration of the lavender oil seems to bother them. Good luck!! Hope I was helpful!
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Re: Weird ghosts
Post # 5

I'm not sure but it sounds like some sort of enity wether it means any harm or not I'm not sure, if you aren't feeling physically drained at all then I doubt it is feeding of your energy, I'd say try making some holy water which is pretty simple to do, I'd recommend burning some sage around your room to cleanse it as well I might be able to send you a sage bundle in the post if you don't have any depends on where you are to be honest :( but I would highly recommend going to see a medium or go to a spiritual group, if your going to try to communicate with it because its safer you can always get a group of people together to banish it which I had to do for my friend who was getting followed by a dark enity, also you could always try putting some salt in a locket and wearing the locket or using a protection spell on a necklace or piece of jewelry that you never or would never take off, there;s a lot of things you could do so many things and there will be one that will work you could always ask the crone for protection sorry its all a bit jumbled :/ also what does it look like? is it black, white? or just normal looking? :/
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Re: Weird ghosts
Post # 6
The hissing spirit is probably an entity that never gained a physic form. The white is probably a wraith or maybe a spirit just passing through. Your aura is probably comforting to spirits so they flock to you. That's why your seeing these you maybe attracting a few that are bad spirits. Communicate with them use a circle. On the other hand they could be protecting you or guiding you. Talk to them but be very careful. When you talk to them use sage and a protection charm so that anything looking for an opportunity to harm you can't. As for the dream describe it for us for all we know you could be cursed and the curse is attracting these spirits. Goodluck and be extremely cautious.
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Re: Weird ghosts
Post # 7
Okay, here's the dream:
I was in a dark room. I had a candle with me. For some reason I had a cloak on too. I heard a voice too my right, and footsteps to my left. I got scared so i started walking forward. There was a light somewhere off in the distance, made by a couple of red candles. I pressed myself up against the wall, when my candle went out. It hadn't blown out though. Someone had snuffed it. I just knew. The light went away. The footsteps were getting closer, and i looked over to see multiple people crawling on all fours toward me. They grabbed me and threw me into a room, where I was forced to say something. I can't remember what it was, but for some reason it sickened me. Almost sure it was in Italian. My eyes rolled back into my head, and i fell to the floor convulsing in pain. Then I woke up.

hope that helped....it hurt typing it
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