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Is tv govening lives

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Is tv govening lives
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Is tv govening lives
Post # 1
What we watch on tv is so sereal even i get my thoughts on such a situation mixed up.how can we live with such a moving thought as to how we have evolved so quickley we need to have an open mind to the idea of the evolution of the mind.
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Re: Is tv govening lives
By: / Novice
Post # 2
slightly confusing post, but if i understand you correctly you feel that tv effects us more than it should? indeed it does, although now a days internet does more than tv, but you are correct, a good chunk of the population get their information from media and not research. and by media, i mean movies, games, websites and tv excluding new reports. people today prefer not to read, or read as little as possible. [hence the word count in youtube]

it's a long argument really, now it's games, before it was tv, before that radio. it's not the mediums fault, people today like C.S.I. so they gave us Criminal Minds, Dexter and so on. people like Zombies so we get The Walking Dead, Shawn of the Dead, and so forth. it's the media to give the mass what we want, the older generation to govern the younger. don't blame tv when your kid gets nightmares, as a parent you should of made sure they didn't watch Cujo.

another side point marketing, people are paid billions to know what will work for a group of people to buy their product. next time you watch tv, don't mute the commercials, watch them. the commercials aimed at men will have half naked woman drooling over a guy who's using their product, the commercials for woman will show how the house will smell nicer or be cleaned sooner with their product. [sexist but effective] even toys for boys vs girls. girl's commercials are brighter, have a soft spoken woman talking about all the magical adventures you and your new friend will have. boys toys are dark with a deep voiced guy talking about how you can destroy stuff, beat up the bad guy and save the day.

or perhaps you mean how with all our technology there are still close minded people? again this comes down to upbringing and exposure as they grew up. [American History X is a good example to see] i know of plenty of devout Christians who don't have a tv, or if they do, they don't have cable. while this is a good thing since they spend a lot of time outside, using their imagination, and not being exposed to negative media, it also shelters them from other opinions. if i was a parent i would monitor what my kid saw because it might effect them in a negative light, teach them bad things, i'm not going to take away tv because of the risk of them being exposed to other religions or ways of thinking. in most cases closed mindedness is a result of upbringing, not someone waking up one day and saying 'i hate minorities'. it's a deep set thought pattern that is hard to break out of simply by saying 'it's 2012 that's wrong'. i'm sure you could come up with examples in your own life for a taught response. i noticed a while back when i get a snack, say coolies, i grab 3. i was asked by my friends kid why i do that, because i would give him a snack with 3 cookies or 3 carrot sticks. i thought about it, as a kid my mom would put 3 cookies in my lunch, at day camp when they brought out the snacks, i would get 3 cookies, or 3 celery sticks, 3 carrot sticks, and so on. just picked it up that a snack should have 3 something.

hopefully i understood your comment and didn't just go off on a pointless tangent lol. i studied sociology in high school, fist time i've been able to talk about it since then really lol.
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Re: Is tv govening lives
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from General Info.
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Re: Is tv govening lives
Post # 4
How is this relevant to magic
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