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Kitchen magic for luck

Forums ► General Info ► Kitchen magic for luck
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Kitchen magic for luck
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
I spent all day experimenting with new cooking recepies so i can bring on the table new more healthy and delicious meals for my recovering from operation partner .So i sort of get inspired about this thread while cooking in the kitchen .
Kitchen magic is seriouslly underrated .In fact kitchen is indeed one of the most magical places of the house where the mother or woman of the family cooks delicious food with much love and intend , mixes and matches different ingredients while making teas and brews .As my parner's second italian dad says- "The most delicious food is cooked with as much love and passion as you can give to the meal ."What else we can give to the meal rather than our heart and love ?We can also bring and stir into this delicious food not only the ingredients and our love but our will too .So something as simple as cooking and rather counted as mundane and ordinary can be transformed in something which is impowering ,because as old people say we are what we are eating .What we are that is our magic too .Food is one of the links that reminds us that we are part of ecosystem that sustains us and we sutain it .Energy travels into this system as life force in same way as spiritual energy travels from one being to another .The food not only can bring nutrients to us but it also can bring desires ,because it only passes through us and then departs continuing the cycle of life .
How i can empower myself or attract particular type of energy that will work for me so i can reach my goals ?
First step is to realize that everything flows but when it flows in particular shape it gains its host vibrational rate and understanding .Think of it as the water assumin its container shape .Either that is animal ,human or plant .When you eat a animal and honor its spirit for its sacrifice with gratitude this spirit will aid you ,same is valid for the spirits of all plants that have been human allies since the down of the time .Open your senses about this proces ,open your heart with gratitude and learn to appreciete the sacrifice which has been made to feed you ,give respect back .
Lets start with something as mundane as an egg .Yes,everyone has eggs in his or her fridge and they are what they are for most people , just something not living that you eat .But eggs are not exactly not living they have life force into them .Life force that bring fertility ,abbundance ,wealth and nutrients .Eggs are not by coincidence related with Ostara .By choosing to consume an egg you choose to attune yourself to the energy that is attached to it and by eating it it is incorporated in you physically and spiritually ,but not many are aware of the secondary process .
The more you are linked to this egg the more its force will surve you better .Eggs can be actually be charged magically and they are used even for divination in cases of casted hexes or negativity ,because the bad energy affects them .However as much as you can charge an egg negative you can charge it also positive and ask silently the life force in it to help you attune to luck and wealth and fertility .
How to do this ?
Hold the egg and imagine it full with energy , riches and positivness ,imagine its potential to bring you luck and abbundance along the proces of its integration in your body .If you wish you can get creative and draw some money symbol on its shell .Then cook it and ground its shell in powder which you can put in mojo bag or even you can use it as plant fertilizer so you give back something to the nature and cycle of life .Do not waste it !If you waste the shell then that means you are not fully attuned to the cycle ,because into it everything is flowing and is never waste ,also your subcosncious will recognize it as waste and shortage that would be brough back to you .So lets keep the circle flowing .
If you have grown even herbs and have won thier spirits as allies by attuning to them (singing the them and growing them) you can incorporate the medicine of this herbs and their magic in your cooking .Simply thank the spirit for aiding you and make sure you prune the herb in such way that it will survive and grow back !Leave some offering even water charged with gratitude should do .Then you can actually cook the herbs with the eggs making delicious and healthy omlet packed with proteins and vitamins .Good herbs for money and luck are basil and mint .Of course every selfrespected omlet includes also salt .Salt has been very precious substance in the past ,now it is sort of really something common and cheap .However in old times it was equal to silver and money ,because it was rare .The word salary is derived from the latin word "salarium " which basicly means salt .Salt has been given to the roman soldgers as part of their salary .So by adding salt to our food you add in way to your salary and abbundance .Salt can be also charged with our intend and then added to the mixture of money drawing herbs and eggs .Charge every single ingredient in your omlet either it is herb ,spice or egg .Many people add milk and as we know milk is also related with wealth if you dream that you spill milk it is a loss if you carry it and the jug is full it is gain .You can add a bit milk that is charged too .Milk of course stand also for fertility .Remember if you are drawing things beat the eggs and ingredients always in clockwise direction (toward you ).Always visualize your intend while cooking and while eating do not get sloppy or lazy ,if you want magicak meal you should add pinch of magic not just lazy about and hurry about .When the food is ready bless your food and bless your water or drink .Express gratitude for what you have even if that is something simple ,because they are many less fortunate than you are ,including kids starving .By expressing gratitude and thanking the nature and Divine for our food we charge it with good vibration and we attract the favor of gods ,nature and spirits .Their energy combined with ours will really make huge difference to what is send out there as intend and wish .Being positive attracts positive ,respect and gratitude attracts same for you .Blessing the food is not just act done from the main stream religions. Indeginous people always had a habit to express gratitude and really celebrate when they had what to eat ,they also honored the gods and spirits for providing all this that granted their survival .Do not automatically reject the food and water blessing for being part of religion that you can not stand even a bit .This rite is much more older than any religion or believe .It has been around since we started hunting and eating .
Magic is way of life so incorporate it in all that you do either being cooking ,eating or drinking .

To be continued next time i will write about pasta pesto and its delicious magic
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Re: Kitchen magic for luck
Post # 2

Nice post Artindark. I've always wanted to resume my kitchen magic so maybe this will be the push I needed. Can't wait for the Pasta one.

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Re: Kitchen magic for luck
Post # 3

Nice. :) I love kitchen magick. I also think people use it without even knowing it. Since mothers often cook great food with love, it turns out to be delicious and everyone at the table seems happy. The use of herbs and spices in food along with love, and much intent, is a great way to use magick to bring people together and create a positive environment.

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Re: Kitchen magic for luck
Post # 4
Thank you. A wonderful thread.
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