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mermaid spell MIGHT work

Forums ► Site Spells Discussion ► mermaid spell MIGHT work
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mermaid spell MIGHT work
Post # 1
100% original just might work
supplies needed to cast spell:
alone time

first make sure your alone.
now say "i belive in mermaids" 3x.
then use the shell and string to make a necklace.
then touch water.
if you don't grow a tail in 10 seconds,try again the next morning.
if anyone asks about the necklace,say your being creative.
there are no side effects.
make sure you tied the string tightly.if the necklace falls,quickly put it back on.
WARNING: you can be effected by full moon!don't touch water,don't go near water and do NOT look into full moon!!!!

Re: mermaid spell MIGHT work
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

This will not work. At all. No mermaid spell ever will.

Re: mermaid spell MIGHT work
Post # 3
I'm not even going to try this because I just don't think you can physically change in 10 seconds. Even if it was possible to physically change at all, you couldn't.

Re: mermaid spell MIGHT work
Post # 4
Again, here we go. Mermaids are not real. This will not work. Why do people keep posting things like this that don't work? : /

Re: mermaid spell MIGHT work
Post # 5
Speaking of mermaids, how and why are mermaids so important in mythology? Do they tie in somehow to the goddess? Are mermaids supposed to be fertile representations of the goddess?

I believe in gnomes, faeries and all these other nature spirits. I don't know anything about mermaids, nor how they even tie into any Sabbats. Just fundamental pagan down to earth, like the gnome, questions.

Now, I will say one time I invoked a nature spirit, but I was invoking one whose nature was of a generally malicious one. All I did was cause strife and trouble that night, and got away with it. I didn't mean anything bad, but be careful of what you dabble with. Call it spiritual influence.

Re: mermaid spell MIGHT work
By: / Novice
Post # 6
spell won't work. magic cannot change science.

MrGreen, i believe they're water sprites/spirits. different mythologies throughout countries, like some hand green skin, some wear magic seal pelts, but they all pretty much call sailors to their deaths, not unlike Syrians. i've heard myths about mermen trapping human woman in his undersea palace intentionally, but with mermaids, typically it's unintentional. they'll be swimming along and see someone they fall madly in love with and they call to them to come closer. they then drag them underwater, hugging and kissing them, unaware humans can't breath underwater, drowning them.

now granted, i'm no mermaid expert, i lived by the sea growing up, so i've heard plenty of tales about them. they're pretty, but they're dangerous, but 9 times out of 10 they just don't know humans can't breath under water, or they're greedy. the only time i've heard of a person deserving being killed is this tale about mermaids who were playing on shore while their magic seal pelts dried. when the pelts are off, they're all human, they slip them on and they get the tail. anyway, a man stole one and kept the mermaid prisoner, married her, and had some kids. one day the son found the pelt and showed it to the mother who grabbed it from in and ran for the sea, never to return. now, she should of done something to him imo, just makes sense.

Re: mermaid spell MIGHT work
Post # 7
What your referring to neko is selkies. Or seal women. They could be considered a type of mermaid, but are more closely related to fey. The syrens were Greek. A trio of woman who would sing their deadly song and lure sailors to their doom. Origanally portrayed as woman with the talons and wings of a bird of prey. They later changed to have the upper body of a beautifully maiden and the lower body of a fish. They gave rise to legends of both mermaids and harpies. Sorry Greek mythology is a passion of mine. I'm a big nerd. Lol

Re: mermaid spell MIGHT work
Post # 8
As for mermaids not bieng real? We have explored our galaxy more than our oceans. We discover new species every day. It is possible, and not even that terribly unlikely.

Re: mermaid spell MIGHT work
Post # 9
Wow, thank you all. It is nice to hear all this information. It is a bit of a concern for me, because I am actually a fisherman. I fish, out on the water, seasonally. I've heard of stories of a woman that lives in the area that I fish, who will take the lives of the boat, that she so chooses, when she wants to take some lives, and will create a vortex of swirling water, during a storm. The fishermen will never be seen again, nor will their boat. I heard this happens to fishermen who are lost, while it's storming.

Where I am from, people are actually well acquainted with the land-based nature spirits. Their description is a whole other different story.

I know of the 'gnomes,' from where I am from, but I have the slightest clue about mermaid spirits. Very real very scary real extraordinary.

Re: mermaid spell MIGHT work
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
I truly wish I knew why people feel the need to get some peoples hopes up like this. It can not be done now or ever. You can't change your DNA and that is exactly what something like this would call for.

Please Stop Posting this junk!

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