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Body Part Swap

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Body Part Swap
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Body Part Swap
Post # 1
OK so I'm working on a new spell but I only have the beginnings of an incantation and little idea of a ritual to go with it. As you can read in the title it's a spell to switch a small segment of the body with someone else.
"A part of me I freely give,
A part of you in exchange I take,
My [BLANK] is yours,
Your [BLANK] is mine
Let our pact be bound by fate
Whats now ours we now must take"

Requires (so far)
Red String
2 candles of equale size, not to big, wax must drip over the sides
a knife

Ritual I have so far:
Tie the red string to both candles and is near tout(if both parties are present each one ties one)
Light the candles (if both parties are present each one lights one)
Meditate for 10 minuets (prepare yourself and allows the string to bind the candles into 1)
Cast the spell (Three times if solo, once each if with the person your swapping with)
dip the knife in the hot wax of each candle once
cut the string.

Well what do you think so far

Re: Body Part Swap
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Sounds like another fantasy to me=(
Magick is not capable to manipulate any body structure.

Re: Body Part Swap
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
If you have little idea of this ritual and no sense, then you truly need to go back to basic. Your believe in such absurd giving me idea that you are still in the stage of innocent childhood. Grabs the books, search online and check for basics to start. And you will realize how ridiculous your post is :-( blessed be, dear

Re: Body Part Swap
Post # 4
Ok here are my personal beliefs on this subject. I believe magician has limitations on it because we ourselves limit it. Do I believe it is possable to alter the genetic structure? Yes and no. Within us we have active and inactive genes. The active ones give us the traits we possess. The inactive ones have the potential to be activated. This is scientifically possable. Do I think I could turn into a dragon? No. Unless it was in my genetic history. Do I believe that eye Colorado can be changed? Yes, but not as fast as a lot of people want it to. It would be a process as active and inactive genes were turned on and off. And it would probably sting a bit. Do I believe we can you spells to lose weight, get clear skin and such? Yes. Do I believe that we could use magic to change gender? Yes. As we are all female until a certain point in our prenatal development. Also it would take a long time and be extreamly painfully. :D sorry about the long post. Was gonna put my two cents in but only had a penny. And about vampires, werebeasts, and mermaids. You could potentially twist and mold your body into an approximation of a wolf. But it wouldn't be like the twilight films. Ever see an older werewolf. Movie? With the snapping and popping and rearranging of bones and organs? Oh yes lets not forget the screaming. Imagine that over the course of years (I figure aproxamatly seven as that is the full time a persons body takes to replace all the cells with new ones.) Vampires? Why not? But you would still be alive and most likely weaker than you started. And finally mermaids? We spent nine months underwater,and went through our entire evolution including a fish with gills. Again why not. Ok the men in the white coats say I've bothered you nice people enough. Back to my round rubber room.

Re: Body Part Swap
Post # 5
You need to be an actual Immortal with a power far bigger than any magic could ever come to even if all magic users all across the Globe united into one still tehy couldn't manage it...
You would need the Power of Nature and Power of Time for that...

Re: Body Part Swap
Post # 6
Don't forget primal chaos. Something to tear you down and remake you. Without killing you. Course you could end up as a giant living nose.

Re: Body Part Swap
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
No, to the scientific explanation you gave. You cannot "turn on" inactive genes or otherwise manipulate them by willing them to do so. Your DNA is made in a functional way. Tweaking it at all, which you cannot do, would most likely end disastrously.

Re: Body Part Swap
By: / Novice
Post # 8
Apart from the logistical problems of the spell, largely being that the general community shun the idea of physical transformation for a whole variety of both magical and scientific reasons, I have to say the words of the spell strike me as imbalanced. If you give something freely then you're hardly entitled to take something else in exchange, that's like giving someone a birthday present then asking them to pay you for it.

I agree with the many above me, go back to the basics and read around what is or isn't possible and how it's achieved. Even if physical transformation were possible it's far easier to start with all the work laid out before you tweaking ideas where needed rather than to simply pick a concept out of the air and role with it.

Re: Body Part Swap
Post # 9
Science and magic are one and the same? Well then ive been looking at it all wrong. Seriously though. Those are my personal beliefs, nothing more. Until I prove to myself that they work or not. I document all spell castings. With video if a physical result is desired. That way I know and have proof of success or failure. On another note, being on this site is really starting to bring back all the stuff I used to know. So thank you all. Even if we may not agree on all things. Lol

Re: Body Part Swap
By: / Novice
Post # 10
Yes Kelistarian you have a point.Your belief on this certain topic is more on to be a Science fiction.An also your fantasies are clearly impossible to be a fact.Like

"You could potentially twistand mold your body into an approximation of a wolf. But it wouldn't be like the twilight films. Eversee an older werewolf. Movie? With the snapping and popping and
rearranging of bones and organs? Oh yes "

Yes limitations are done because we limit it.But why??because it's obviously an imagination of a person's playful mind.

So do you believe in body part swap?Here are the effects that might happen in that spell

1.Blood cougulation .If the blood of the sender is not compatible to the blood of the reciever.Which maybe fatal.
2.Incorrect allignment of the muscle which could lead to a misplace of a delicate blood vessel which is also fatal
3.Transfer of a disease may also arise

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