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Olive Tree medicine

Forums ► Herbalism ► Olive Tree medicine
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Olive Tree medicine
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
When i arrived for first time in Italy and saw this huge olive trees i felt such a sense of awe .The trees stood tall and branching in all directions standing proudly in the scorching heat ,keeping their calm composure and peace with grace and tranquility .Some of them would have been easil living on this plane more than 200 years or maybe 300 .Their truncks had all the csars from the time and trouble passing by those peaceful giants of composure and internal peace .
The vibration of the olive tree is peaceful and that is what caused so much awe in my little heart and soul .Its medicine almost remind me of how important is to be in peace and inspired me to pray for this peace ,and to ask for the internal strenght to let things to pass by me to learn from this and move on gaining new understanding in life .
In the mids of the busy life that we have in which we never stop rushing around and fighting its message is clear and it is :
Stand still ,be in peace and take care of your physical temple so it can contain your soul for longer ,for peace equals life .
How many times we slow down to sit under particular tree to listen its lessons and energy ,and to connect to its medicine ?
Not many but some did .
Pioneers such doctor Bach put themselves away from this rush out there in nature and acually understood the plants ' teachings .
Inspired by it he creatred olive flower remedy ,which is created from the olive flowers .The tree has small yelowish flowers that have particular smell ,which i enjoy .You can pick the flowers (try to do that with sharp tool without touching them !) and let them drop in a clear glass bowl full with clean spring water .Let the bowl sit in direct sunlight for period of three hours then remove gently the flower heads by straining them .Next you need to mix the water that you have already strained with brandy in ration 1:1 .Brandy simply plays the role of perservative ,however if you do not drink alcohol you just can drink the water but you can not store this more than 24 hours in the fridge .That is how you prepare the so called mother tincture ,which must be stored in amber glass bottle which has a dropper .Whenever you feel exausted physically ,emotionally and mentaly and you need rest and peace to fight anxciety and stress ,without crashing directly in bed you can drop 4 drops in your mouth ,4 times daily .
Also you always can meditate under olive tree or right next to it or you are the proud owner of it or you have such tree near by .And also why not simply hugging the tree ,breathing in its peace and attuning to its vibration straightaway .
If you feel that the mother tincture is too strong for you delude four drops of it in one glass of water and drink it .
It is not quincidence that even in Christianity this tree is symbol of peace and victory against all difficulties that physical life can bring in our way .
It is also a tree related with goddess of wisdom Athena .People would write her name on olive tree leaf and press it against their forehead to cure headaches .Branches woven as crown were put as decoration to bride's head as charm for ferility and good luck .Branches of the tree are put to ward against evil and lightenig over doorways and on windowsills .
If you worship Athena ,Concordia ,Fides ,Poisedon or Zeus you can decorate your altar with its branches and anoint all tools that you use on altars dedicated to them with olive oil .I is also used for anointing candles ,incense burners and any other tools or you can make loose incense from its leaves .The wood of course is used for wands too .Wand made out of olive tree can be used for magical workings that has to do , victory, strength, purification, fruitfulness and peace .
The oil from the fuits is also very healing .Some people have two spoons of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil per day to keep themselves healthy and young physically ,emotionally and spiritually .It is very beneficial for our skin and hair ,because it is moistorizing .The oil is used as base oil for many magical and massage oil blends .
The leaves of the tree are medicine on its own right .Seems like the entire tree fight the free radicals that actually age us and everything around us with the time .Also the tree contains chemichals that fight back bacteria and viruses .
I will discuss the olive leaf infusion properties and medicinal uses in second part of this thread .
Please ,whenever you collect wood ,leaves or flowers from the tree thank its spirit and leave offerings .Never take more than the tree can handle to survive (if it is only small tree ).
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Re: Olive Tree medicine
Post # 2
I use this oil often. Good base or carrier oil for making rubs and keeping skin moisturized. I also feed it to my dog along with a little sprinkle of garlic powder. She remains very healthy. The garlic does not taste good, so those buggy pests stay off the dogs. Very healthy. Thank you for the Mother Tincture, and the other helpful benefit info of this wonderful tree. If I remember, you need the male and female trees to have them flower. Blessed Be...
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Re: Olive Tree medicine
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Wonderful post! They sound so majestic!

I have never seen an olive tree, but I love the oil. It is the only oil we use in our kitchen and I buy it by the half gallon imported from Italy. I use it for cooking, I use a separate organic extra virgin olive oil for salads along with organic unfiltered red wine vinegar..mmmm. I never buy moisturizers anymore, after washing my dishes, I just pour a nickel sized portion of olive oil in my palm and rub it into my skin. I have a separate bottle I keep in my bathroom as a body oil after bathing.
However I find it too thick of an oil for facial skin, it doesn't absorb quickly enough, so instead I use unrefined organic sesame oil mixed with a little water just before applying.
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