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So much wrong

Forums ► Misc Topics ► So much wrong
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So much wrong
Post # 1
So some of you might remember me (I was quite active on here)

Once I left things in my life started getting bad

August 2011: My aunt gets cancer

November 1st 2011: My grandfather has heart surgery for a clogged something or another to do with his blood flow (I remembered the date of this one better for some reason)

November 7th~ 2011: My aunt (Not the one with cancer) goes on a crazy rage yelling at everyone blaming everything that happened on them (Not really a problem but still)

November 2011: My cousin and his wife are expecting a baby only to have a miscarriage

January 2012: My aunt's cancer is gone

Unknown date between the last and the next: My mother has something wrong that keeps giving her bad cramps (Now its sorta like a really bad flu that never goes away) that put her in bed all day (Doctors say it might be celiac disease but they're not sure)

Generally good news that kinda evens it out:
July 1st 2012: My uncle's wife (Calling her that to avoid confusing with the others) has a baby

Unknown date but one of the last things to happen: My cousin who's wife had a miscarriage is expecting another child

August 2012: Another one of my aunts get cancer

September 2012: My aunt's cancer is gone

Today: Find out my aunt's (The only who has cancer) husband nearly died from inhaling the fumes of chemicals while cleaning their drain

I'm seriously at my last resort looking for a magical way of fixing all this bad stuff happening

I just have no idea what else to do
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Re: So much wrong
Post # 2

Magick is not a solution to these problems. These are simple misforunate events that have happened through time.

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Re: So much wrong
Post # 3
Magic can always be used to help. Even if you are not completely healing then magic can always be used to keep the person in a positive, happy manor. Even the smallest amount of magic can help.
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Re: So much wrong
Post # 4
So you're saying these problems being the ONLY things going on with my family isn't a problem that should be fixed with magic?
Well then find me the normal way of fixing this because this is pretty much a log of the last year

NOTHING else has happened to anyone in my family other then everyone getting up then going to work then coming come

I know there has to be some way of fixing this magically or even other wise and I'd do whatever I need for it

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Re: So much wrong
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
This is why "Divination" is so important. I will give you an example, Some say it would be wrong to cut your friend's arm off, but what if that arm was poisoned and if you let it persist he would die? Would cutting your friend's arm in that situation make it karmatically good? but what if he had to go through that suffering as it is the will of the "Great Divine" and his time has come, wouldn't that make it karmatically bad to cut your friend's arm off since it is the Divine's will?

Now, using and performing magick is one thing, but learning when to use it is another. One must always perform a divination to see if it is to be used now or later or never. Divination can save you a lot of mistakes. I would like to use the Tarot for as Don Milo Duquette said "If one holds the tarot then he holds the entire universe in his hand." Simply because the tarot has the usual expressions of both internal and external perception of the cosmos in simple form.

Magick solves all things, I concluded that. I do not mean merely spell casting, ritual working, and conjuring. I am speaking of it's Magick's perception of things. There is more to magick than merely spell casting, there is wisdom and understanding. Magick can teach you how to understand and persevere even the most ominous of situations. That is all our goals right? Nirvana? Well to me it is. There are however some practitioners that only believe magick is in the spell work, on the physical. Do NOT forget, the one that performs the magick is not the physical being but the mental. The Subconscious is the one that makes manifest our desires and wishes, our spells and rituals.

Magick is more than power, more than physical, more than the kingdom. Magick is wisdom, magick is who you are, not what you do. Magick composes of all things and that is my worldview of all things. Aleister Crowley said that the Magus is suppose to consider all his dealings as dealings with God. Therefore it would be foolish or unwise to say magick cannot fix all things since it is not the outer to be fixed, it is the inner. Once the core of the computer works, the whole system works. "As above so below, As within so without." If you are fixed inside, the involuntarily you will be fixed outside. That is fact, for it is not the material world that composes us, we compose it, therefore stating that the material world does not give us meaning, we give meaning to it. An object is only as valuable if a person see it's value.

If you want my advice, I suggest you take a basic study on NLP or Neuro-Lingustic Programming if you like. It is a good way to keep yourself calm both within and without. Watch out for con-artists though. It is also good to note that all things are done for a purpose, The universe is not static and random, It is not a circle either for using the circle would mean origin to advancement and then origin again therefore no improvement is present. My perspective of the Universe is that it is a spiral, ever moving in that same area of which the previous coil had left yet ever advancing forward. Advancement and Origin in congruent (at least that is what I believe.)

Remember magick is not all about spellwork, it is about the self and how you can improve the self. All things that we do is magick, you just need to know where to look for it. THELEMA et 93!
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Re: So much wrong
Post # 6
Maybe you could try a luck spell?
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Re: So much wrong
By: / Novice
Post # 7
you could look into healing spells/potions/charms for people, as well as protection and luck. just keep in mind, magic isn't meant to be a giant roll of duct tape you use to fix everything, sometimes bad things happen, cast when it is really needed. try to look on the bright side [of life da-dum. lol, sorry]

no one died, except the miscarriage, sorry to hear, but you say they're expecting which is a plus. a friend of mine was going to have a kid, but she died 2 weeks before the due date, doctors didn't know why. well, if it wasn't for Brooklyn [he says] he would still be partying every night, no job, getting into fights, and being an all around jerk. anyway, him and the girl [because they broke up months ago] just had a kid this summer. the two of them went to the doctor every two weeks to check on Jackson, and everything turned out fine. you could do a protection spell on the kid if you want, but nature works things out for itself, good or bad. your aunt also doesn't have cancer anymore, which is good, your other aunt had a kid, your uncle nearly died, which sucks, but just like your mom and grandfather, things worked out. sometimes these things are unavoidable, that's life, you can take precautions with spells, but don't rely on them to fix everything.
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Re: So much wrong
Post # 8
Is anyone after you,do you think that anyone might be throwing a curse on you....
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Re: So much wrong
Post # 9
If its a curse then just simply refuse to belief the curse,and its affect will were off.
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