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Can Animals Do Magic?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Can Animals Do Magic?
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Can Animals Do Magic?
Post # 1

As I was walking around today I was thinking to myself and came across the question:

Can other forms of life besides humans do magic, and if so what for?

I bring this up because I thought it would be an interesting discussion to see what everyone's thoughts on this topic would be. I mean, if humans can do magic, why couldn't other forms of life. We all originated from the same evolutionary "tree".

So what are your thoughts on this?

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Re: Can Animals Do Magic?
Post # 2

I... I actually like the sound of it. But magic is heavily depends on symbolizm. And animals can't do it as much as we can. But I think they can do it without knowing. They must have more strong energies than an avarage human being. Being more pure and natural. So, when their insicts are on the run, I believe they also direct thid energy into their goal somehow.

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Re: Can Animals Do Magic?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Why should humans be the only ones that can do magic? All beings have their own connection to the Divine, and their own way of communicating needs. How do you know you are not here because your cat performed it's own ritual to get you?


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Re: Can Animals Do Magic?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
In native american medicine and most shamanism around the world, everything that has life, has magick--animals, plants, stones/crystals etc. We work with these by calling upon the power of them to help us. Their power is not like what the majority would consider "magick". Each has their own special skills/talents which are generally categorized as "metaphysical properties" "symbolism" and the like. So yes, I do believe animals have magick. But it is within my belief that every type of animal has a spirit that is united. So they are individual souls yet all connected by a single spirit. This is why we call on spirit animals and consider the signs that their physical counterparts give us. This is why we use herbs to not just heal but bring us protection, luck, love, etc. This is why we use stones and crystals. They all have power and we recognize it, respect it, honor it, and work with it.

In the Cherokee belief, the animals became angry with humans for disrespecting and hurting them. So they created disease. Plants thought this was wrong, so for every disease, there is a plant that can cure it (whether it is known or not). Of course, with how most humans treat animals...acting as if they are better than them, why would animals go out of their way to help humans? They only do in individual cases when a specific person proves they do respect and honor them.

Look at how healing dogs and cats are! Its been proven they lower blood pressure. So now hospitals are bringing animals into their buildings to visit patients! Perhaps things will turn around for our furry and feathery friends with advances in scientific studies.
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Re: Can Animals Do Magic?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
@ Raven, you wouldn't believe animals were healing if you met my insane cat lol jk. no matter how crazy Gir is, he can tell when someone needs help.

everything has magic, it just comes down to if they can cast or not really. people use to believe nocturnal animals and black animals [dogs, cats, rats, bats, ravens, crows] were working with witches to do harm, so they were shunned from society. i do believe that yes, plants and animals have magic abilities, but like with the animals helping heal, i do feel if an animal was abused in such a way, they could bring misfortune upon their owner [but maybe i've read Poe's Black Cat story too many times]

i doubt most can cast [why, not too sure] but i know there's magic in them. try sitting under a tree for a while, see if you can feel anything. there was this one lilac in my old houses back yard i use to sit under [also buried some pets under] i really liked that tree, because while it wasn't one of the better looking lilacs on the property, when it bloomed, it was purple flowers. i always felt there was something about that tree, don't know why. i use to trim branches off the trees [cuz we had a lot of them] that was the only one i talked with before trimming it. also made a few wands from the branches.
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