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Post # 1
I wrote and long epic poem story, it is 13 chapters long, and uses a lot of metaphors for what is happeneing. I wrote this s few years back, and I am starting to see a few of the little things comeing to pass. I was wondering... if it could also be cursed as well. Everytime I bring it up, something happens. Strange dream of intense physical violence towards me, or the person who is going to be reading it gets sick and can't readit, friends brush it off. Something is always up, it always come to pass that no one gets to read it.

Am I just over thinking things, or am I onto something here?
Thanks in advanced
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Re: Story...
By: / Novice
Post # 2
without more information it's hard to say. things like dreams can be chalked up to ones mind being so deeply invested in your poem/story. illnesses could be flu season coming around. it's hard to say really. can't 100% say what it is, probably isn't cursed, but more information about the story, the circumstances when it was written, and the particular things that have happened to people would need to be talked about.
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Re: Story...
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Its only cursed if you believe it is. It is, after all, your creation. You can cause it to be cursed. Burn all but one copy. Then I would cleanse and bless the single copy and copy it from that one to get rid of any negativity you may have placed onto it.
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Re: Story...
Post # 4
I don't know, when i started writing it. it was like i could not for the life of me put it down. then i copied pencil to pen and the day i finished what i had... it snowed. it took me a while to pick it back up again, but when i did it waas the same feeling of NEEDing to compleate it. but the last chapter, the 13th, for some reason sets me a little on edge. i was tweaking it before the trip to florida, and we got cliped by a tracktor trailer. friends who have heard the story (what i had at the time) betrayed me. people who i have known for years. something always seem to happen when i bring up this story.

i think some of the stuff i wrote is comming true...
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Re: Story...
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Sounds like it would be a blockbuster movie.

Heh, well...hmmm.
Your need to write seems like you were spiritually influenced to write it. A natural at automatic writing eh?

Here is a little trick to prophesies and the like.
1 Power of Suggestion
If I write "you're going to trip", you will begin to think about it, focus on it, fear it, worry about it, wonder about it....in essence, you will manifest it. This is the way some curses even work, when people leave creepy things outside someone's door. It puts it in their mind and causes them to focus on it to a point where they begin to create the circumstances or even worse, see every little bad thing as a "sign" of the curse working.

2 Stating Obvious Probabilities
They add a few things like betrayal (that everyone experiences) you see this and freak out thinking EVERYTHING on this paper will come true because that did. Every one of my gradeschool and high school friends betrayed me except one. Many teenagers treat friendship like garbage and the ones that don't get hurt. Sometimes we get lucky, most of the time we aren't.

Now in the case of this story, you are obviously worried and thinking of this story quite a lot. This in itself is negative thinking which will draw negative energy and actions to you. My theory is that a spirit messed with you. They don't have the ability to influence someone's life that much (because spirit guides/guardians intervene), but what they are very good at is messing with our heads (if we let them). You're too open. A spirit should have never been able to just influence you that easily. Then you put too much thought and focus into this story. You will drive yourself crazy over this if you continue to let it effect you. So STOP. Perform a banishment, then a protection spell on yourself, put the story away and don't EVER let spirits mess with your head again. They will try but you have the power to not let them.

Other people getting side tracked or things interrupting you, I would see as a sign that you should not be sharing it or focusing on it. Perhaps another spirit (guide/guardian/etc) looking out for you and intervening. They give hints, then if you don't listen, they do NOT play nice. Understand that they don't care if you get sick or hurt, or if someone else does if it is for the greater good of you. You and they will heal. What they care about is keeping your life on the right track. When I get obstacles in my path, everytime I attempt to accomplish something, I see it as a sign that maybe I shouldn't do that! So I don't. And you know what? Something better/good comes along and I realize why I was being smacked earlier.
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Re: Story...
Post # 6
So... don't bother to publish it. Don't let anyone read it. Put it back in the box in the corner...

So how did somethin gnegitive get linked with a story that i felt joy, and maybe a little aprehension, while writing it?
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Re: Story...
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Hi AzureRa,

Can you tell me a little about your epic poem story, what is it about?

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Re: Story...
Post # 8
It is a rather odd story, it the sdtory of four metaphrical people. I use them to tell the story and point out things that may be. It is of a war between people wanting to move one and those that want staus quo. I wrtoe this years ago by the way. Three people/women on the side of the outsiders/change and one on the side of the Demon Jester/staus quo and enslavement. The war between facts and misinformation.

I talk about the skelitons coming out of the church's closet, nad them trying to silence those that try for justice. I am not just alkin gbaout the christain church either, but they are in the news more often. I talk about planetary alignments in the future, jupiter's red eye no longer spinning and us finnaly seeing what we all have been curious about. a dream about a lock door in a hall of unlocked doors, and it finnaly being opened. I wrote something to the wrongfully acused/Joan of arc (as a major example). i talk about pollution and how it is destroyng our world and us with it. overpopulation, sstar alignments, how the outssiders/change will be our salvation, even a love life between thre of the women and their compliment. the sun rises in the west... and the planet being engulfed by the sun to show how one world can end so another can begin.

the white queen: she gets her name by her being frozen in icce and surrounded by snow when she is found. she is the metaphore for humanity growin gup and realizing that the path they ahve been on, war, misinformation... etc, is not the way we should have started. and represents us realizing that we have done some terrible things in our past and on our quest for domiancce. but one can start over.
sister south: she was found in a feild and represents life and its ability to adapt.
sister west: was found in the remains of an abandoned sity that was long buried with lava. they find her while the area is having an earth quake. she represents the path we should have taken as a people, but was buried by the stuff that we have done.

each of the girls have a pair that compliments them. but lady east isn't spoken about except to tell the story and when needed. and her book is to Never be written. north south and west have a book that is just for them.

hope that helps :)
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