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Magickal Books

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Magickal Books
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

When you are buying magickal books online or in a bookstore, there are some things you need to keep in mind before buying that book.

The first thing is, Don't Buy The Book Because The Cover Is Artful. I really love books and I adore them, but what I hate most is when they try to hide an awful book with a beautiful cover. I have seen books that look very interesting and when I pop it open it looks like the author only wrote it for the money. I am not saying that all books that look nice on the outside are going to end up awful, but that you need to also look on the inside too and not just the cover. Yes the cover may tell you what the book contains inside with the title, but without a reading the first few pages you may be disappointed when you bring it home and read it.

I understand if it is your first time into the Magickal Arts and you are in a bookstore looking for a good book to learn from. Even if you look into the book you may still not know if it is good or not. My suggestion is to ask some people that are looking at those books and ask which one is good. If you are shy or hiding from your practice than do your shopping online.

The second thing is, Don't Buy The Book Because It Cost So Much. I have seen many online where books may cost 30 to 150 dollars per book. Just because it cost so much doesn't mean it is the best book out there. I have seen a book about Aleister Crowley tenth edition for 80 dollars. Now many of you that are reading will agree on the price but you have to remember, it isn't the ordinal and is the tenth edition. Tenth edition means how many times they changed it by removing information, changing information, updating or down dating, or/and adding what they believe in. Why waste 80 dollars when you can try to find his first real works online or the real thing? Of course if it is the type of book you are searching for then you that is by all means a real reason to get it. But don't go into a bookstore or online and look at their books and want to get a book just because it is costly.

And lastly, Remember The Author. If you bought a book and you loved the handy work inside, remember the author. There are a lot of books out there that hold false information. The reason that is so is because even if magick is an art and a science, it is hard to prove if it is real. I remember when I was first interested into the arts. I was reading a bunch of stuff online, buying books that look like they would help, spoke to a few people on this site, and even trying to practice what I have learn. After so many years I look back and realize I didn't understood the difference between Fairy Land and magick. Back then I really did thought that I you could learn how to bend trees with your mind and thought I can control a rock to do my bidding. There wasn't a line of reality and falsehood for me to see. And that is what some of the authors are going at, writing some stuff and selling it for money. Yeah later on I learned my lesson by talking to people that really know what they are talking about, but if you are only learning from books than around 30% of what you read is really true. This is why you must remember the author if you believe their work is well done. If you are still new, please ask around and do some research on the book before getting it.

Again, I am not saying don't ever get a book. I am saying don't buy the book for the wrong reasons.

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Re: Magickal Books
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Now that's a very nice post. There are good books and bad books out there. Books are not infallible. Just because something is stated in a book, that doesn't make it real. About covers- they say: "Don't judge a book by its cover" and I totally agree with this statement. I have got books with plain, simple covers and they're indeed very good books. Also, I got a bunch of books with very beautiful artwork, and they were terrible. Like I said, books are not infallible.

Lots of books on magick out there mix some things from real magick with fantasy, misleading the newcomers to magick. Before you purchase a book, do a research on it, ask around, check some reviews which have been made beforehand. At least that's what I do. You can do that even if you purchase your books online. On Amazon and E-bay you can look inside the book, you can actually read a few pages and judge for yourself if it's worth the money or not. As far as I'm concerned, anybody can write a book, therefore not everything they write ,is right, which is why we need to do research. Same goes for websites on the internet. Some are legit, some aren't. If you use common sense, you may see which ones are right and which ones aren't. Somebody said/wrote something and you're not sure about it? Look it up and check for yourself.

Again, very nice post.

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Re: Magickal Books
Post # 3
Books about magic themselves are usually books and in this respect are similar to any other set of occupying the shelves in your bookcase. The only difference is that they are not told about someone's adventures and not about what's inside synchrotron, and the magic and of its laws. However, reading these ordinary-looking, and not having any magical background of the book, you can change your perception of the world and their future, as if you start life anew.
The second type of magic books include conventional books, which later was cast one or more magic spells. Initially, conventional books of different content: the war or sport, history or romance novels, the sciences, or fantasies, etc. after magical intervention become more than just books. Now they can not only carry the knowledge, but also be able to change themselves and their surroundings. Their ability to change depends on the type and quantity of the imposition of a spell. These books are mostly designed to perform one particular task.
The latter type belong truly magical book. These books have a kind of mind and his personality. They are impregnated with magic so that even the average person at the time of use of this book may get some of the features of the magician. But the real magic books by becoming the hands of those who can and knows how to use them. These books are the most interesting of the magic of books, and it is about them will talk further.
As for the method of presentation, here use three different options:
1) The book scans brain potential reader and changes the font of writing to the one he is best known, or is his mother tongue;
2) A similar option, but in this case the text of the book does not change and is always the same. In this case, the reader sees unfamiliar characters, but understands the meaning of the written material. In this case, transcoding takes place directly in his brain, so the reader learning a specific language is not required. But when he close the book and try to read something in the same language as in the book, he was surprised to realize that the language is not clear to him.
3) The content of the book telepathically projected directly into the brain of the reader. This option allows you to examine the contents of the book, even those who use the ways of perceiving the world than men.

In addition to the language of presentation in the magical books can vary and the content itself. In some cases you can create it yourself. To accomplish this, the book immerses the reader into his inner world - the world of the imagination. Accordingly, in this world and all the ways switched perception of reality. If in a dream world the reader will continue to "live", in reality it will only turn the pages of the book of magic.
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