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Etheric&Astral Projection

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Etheric&Astral Projection
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hey guys,
So today this article will be about Astral Projection & Etheric Projection, Their techniques of achiving, and differences.

First thank you to Vanitys_Fire for the information of Astral Projection! Thnx Van :)

ok, so What is basically "Astral Projection":
Astral Projection is meditative-trance-like state where your spiritual body disconnects from your spiritual body.

How to do it?:
There's a few ways I know you can do this,
1)One being in your sleep- This is done by an extension of lucid dreaming,
Lucidic dreams happen when you sleep and dream then in your dream you become aware that you are dreaming in your dream.
Simple explanation eh? The best way I can tell you is that when you dream try to take notice that it's not real it's just a dream. Tell your self that in your dream.
It'll take practice to get it done. But there's a catch,
Some people tend to get excited over this realization thus waking them.
Try to stay calm, cool, collected, and relaxed when you conclude you are dreaming.
That way you shouldn't wake. And when you realize you are dreaming you can control the dream.
Change it however you want. Do what you want. This control of your dream is the gateway to astral projection.
When you realize you're dreaming change it so you are where ever you are sleeping.
Every thing exactly as it is when you went to sleep. From there you just get up from where you are laying.

If done properly you will get up and when you turn around you will see your self sleeping. And voila. You are astral projecting. So then you do as you please. And when you are ready to return just will your self back to your body and wake up.

2)Next is the meditation astral projection. Simply put you get in your spot you meditate at and get your self comfortable. Relax your body and clear your mind. Now open your third eye. See what is around you. Look aoubd. Take notice of what is there. Here is where the method varies to AP during meditation. 1) visualize a rope hanging from the ceiling above you. Reach up with your spiritual arms and grab the rope. Then pull your self out of your physical body.
2). Simply roll your self out of your physical body.
3) work on moving each over your body parts. Legs. Arms. Head. Torso. Then slowly get up and walk out of your physical body.
4) if you are by a wall when you start to meditate reach over and push against the wall until you are out of your physical body. And then there is the method I started doing AP with. I would sit/lay there meditating.

Keeping my mind clear and body relaxed. Nothing else. And next thing I knew I was out and traveling. You can also visualize your self standing in front or to the side of your self watching your self meditate. And if done properly your astral body with shoot out (per say) and you will be watching your self meditating. Whichever method you choose from there you just go as you please and enjoy your Astral Projection experience. *note that when you are using one of the four numbered methods I named be careful that you do not move your physical body in the process*

Now Etheric Projection, what is it?:

The etheric body, ether-body, or vital body is one of the subtle bodies in esoteric philosophies, in some religious teachings and in New Age thought. It is understood as a sort of life force body or aura that constitutes the "blueprint" of the physical body, and which sustains the physical body.

Etheric Projection:

When a person projects their etheric body into the etheric or astral plane it is quite common to feel a rocking sensation in the physical body. It is also known to me that an etheric projector can also be seen on the physical plane, this in the past has been known as bi-location. When a person is visited by a spirit the temprature in the room may drop and you may feel a cold sensation of energy in the room. This is common with spirits but an etheric projector is not of spirit they are living and the etheric body being projected is meta-physical there fore the energy of an etheric projector is warm. Being of live physical matter. It is common however when the etheric body of an etheric projector approaches the etheric body around a physical body as the energies of the two etheric bodies blend to feel a cold sensation at first.

This is known as the telepathic bridge, it is here the telepathy is possible between the etheric projector and the physical body of the subject. These telepathic bridges between the projector and physical subject can be found on the etheric plane as lines of energy between the two subjects we also see the lines of etheric ether between us and nature this is known as the etheric web of meta physical matter surrounds all living things. Here telepathic interplay is also possible in the way of empathy, telepathy,and such.

These abilities in the physical mind are located to the Per-frontal lobes of the brain or forehead area. All wingmakers, Celestial light Beings, World Servers, and Ascended Masters are aware of these Per-frontal lobes and their abilities. Each member of the seven is very aware of these lobes and their etheric ability since we are all etheric projectors and can move across the etheric plane freely.

Lessons in the etheric body & Etheric Projection:

Here we are going to focus our attention on the etheric body, which is used in bi-location. But first we will learn how to sense the ether body. As you know when you first learn to see auras the first thing you see is the etheric layer of the aura I thick band of white energy around the physical body. But it is it is also possible to touch the ether body. See it is the etheric body the senses things like hot and cold. So here we will focus on etheric touch and the sensation on etheric sense.

Etheric Sensing Technique:

Now in this first technique you can do it alone or work with a friend. Firstly briskly rug your hands together and stimulate the hand chakras. When your hands are nice and warm stop. Now here we are going to focus on etheric sense if your working alone, but first make sure your arm is free of any obstructions if your wearing a long shelve shirt pull your shelve up on your left or right arm or put on a short shelve shirt on instead. Now to heighten your ability to sense etheric feeling we must first remove one of your physical senses so close your eyes. Now hold out your arm that you are going to use for the sensing and with your other hand move it across the other arm slowly about 1 inch from your physical body. Do not touch your physical body with your hand. You should feel a warm sensation move across your arm. If your working with a friend decided who will be sensing first and who will be touching, then change places.

Etheric Touch Technique:

Now in this next technique you work alone. For this technique you need a clear surface like a table or counter top. Rub your hands briskly to stimulate the hand chakras, when your hands are warm stop. Then in your own time close your eyes and remove your sense of sight. Now in the technique your etheric sense comes into play as soon as you close your eyes, the first thing you need to do in this technique is sense the table with your etheric touch not an easy thing to do when your starting out. So try it now lower your arm and move your hand down so your hand is one inch above the table and stop it there. Once you have found the counter with your etheric touch wave your hand over the counter slowly and noticed every sensation. If you hit the top or counter before you sense it don't give up even if you failing your learning to sense things.

Etheric Motion Exercise
This technique will give you an insight into the phantom limb sensation that a person feels when they lose a limb. This technique is very hard to master so it may take you some time.

For this technique relax and get comfortable then close your eyes and remove the sense of sight. In your own time hold your hands out in front of you.

The difference between Astral & Etheric Projection :

the difference is in the different planes on to which you project yourself. astral projection is the projection of the psychic energy body along the astral plane. the astral plane is the plane of energy and potential associated with the physical plane. The ethereal plane is more associated with spiritual being and essence. it is one level above the astral plane and invovles the spirit and individuality elements of a being. To project on this plane is considerably harder and involves not only projection but actual movement of spirit to the place where you wish to be. These two planes are closely related and there may be considerabe overlap between them, but its mostly a matter of mental plane vs. spirit plane.

When traveling on the astral plane it is said to appear more solid than the physical, this is because in order to travel it you have to be existing and operating at the same higher frequency. The astral plane is believed to be far more mutable than the physical and is said to be changed and altered simply by the power of thought. Some persons believe that they can achieve astral projection at will and there are many stories from persons claiming to have left their bodies, having operated and existed at a higher level. In order to verify the experience and to ensure that the experience is not a dream, many persons engaging in this activity tend to project etherically first. This is so that they can confirm they have really left their physical body and are not simply imagining the experience.

Etheric Projection is believed to be the commonest form of astral projection and the term that is most often confused with it. Etheric projection is said to be the result of a conscious effort to separate from the physical body. Unlike astral projection this time the etheric body stays on the physical plane but simply separates from the physical body. It is often reported by persons who have experienced this phenomena that they find themselves next to their physical bodies or floating above them. Subjects often report the ability to move at speed across rooms, streets, cities, even counties and planets on the physical plane that their bodies normally exist in. As with astral projection the etheric body is said to operate at a higher frequency so this enables it to move through solid objects such as doors or walls. In many respects it is similar to an out of body experience the main difference being that etheric projection is achieved by a conscious effort to do it.

Helpful links are here :



That's all guys, hope i helped you:)

Feel free to leave comments with opinions or mroe info!


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Re: Etheric&Astral Projection
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Being a diehard fan of the old school mediums, the ones from Houdini's time. I have always associated etheric projection, mental and Astral projection with the definitions that I am about to give.
ETHERIC PROJECTION - This is where the Consciousness, the Astral body & the etheric body separate together from the physical body. The ectoplasm of the Etheric body can been seen by others. The physical body is reduced to a state of near catalepsy during the projection and must be protected from sudden shock or disturbance as there is a rare occurrence of physical death.
ASTRAL PROJECTION - This is where the Consciousness & the Astral body separate together from the physical body. The practitioner has use of all fives senses plus those used by the Astral body. You may have a sense of flying or floating. Vivid dreams are often natural AP during sleep. It's perfectly safe. Nothing can enter the physical body while on an Astral projection as only you have the exact key.At any sign of danger the Astral body is "reeled in" rather quickly
MENTAL PROJECTION - Where the practitioner projects just his Consciousness to some other place, beyond the physical body. It's similar to a day dream only much stronger. You see a mental picture, like watching a movie, but there are no senses per se, taste, feel, hearing, smell etc.
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Re: Etheric&Astral Projection
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Good article Hydra
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Re: Etheric&Astral Projection
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Thank you , Great info added :)

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Re: Etheric&Astral Projection
Post # 5
Nice, information Hydra.
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Re: Etheric&Astral Projection
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Thanks Lady ^^

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Re: Etheric&Astral Projection
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
This thread has been moved to Astral Projection from General Info.
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