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Post # 1
How do I get rid of immense heartaches caused by emotional pain? I try to get angry, and that helps for a few hours but then I get heartaches again. I need help desperately, and I do not think I will be able to endure these much more.
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Re: Help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
First of all, you need to get your heart checked out. Emotional stress causes stress on the heart. It doesn't matter how young you are. Before you do that tho, take some tums or pepcid ac and see if that doesn't help. A lot of time emotions cause indigestion and kick up stomach acids leaving a feeling of a lump in the throat and pain in the chest, even just on your left or right side. Its commonly confused with heart attack. It can even cause a feeling of pressure on the chest and shortness of breath. But if the medication helps, you know you're problem. But it still means you have emotional upsets that need to be handled.

So you need to calm yourself down. There is no reason to be getting that upset all the time. Try one of these buddhist mantras/sutras. Look them up on youtube to hear how they are sung.

Om mani padme hum
Om shanti shanti shanti (sometimes spelled santi)
Nam myoho renge kyo

Chant is psychological. It creates a state of mind that calms. Buddhist chant is full of power words/sounds that vibrate in a special way. You'll understand when you try it. Its very hard to put into words. I've sung many chants, but none strike as deeply as these. Make sure to learn the meaning of these chants and reflect on that meaning as you chant it and feel it.

Chant one of these for 20min a day once in the morning and once in the evening while sitting down and meditating. Sing the chant during the day whenever you begin feeling an emotional erruption.

Other tips, use lavendar (real lavendar essential oil) in aromatherapy.
Play upbeat music. Don't play sappy sad songs or angry ones. Try upbeat instrumental if you don't have feel good music.
Think positively and even if you have to "fake" happiness. Believe it or not, just going through the motions and "pretending", if kept up, will catch on. You naturally want to be happy, not upset. Get your mind off things. Go out and do something fun. Drink green tea, it has anti-anxiety properties. Really upset? As long as you're heart has been checked and you're given a good bill of health or the pain did go away with the antacid, consider passionflower tincture in the day, and the tea at night before bed. In small doses it works as an anti-anxiety/anti-depressive, in larger doses it works as a sleep aid. Its non toxic, you can't overdose, although taking an insane amount can make you feel god aweful, so I wouldn't suggest it. Reduce or eliminate caffeine and sugary foods from your diet. Also stick with whole wheat flour not bleached. And eat yogurt with active probiotics. Why the diet change? When you get emotionally worked up day after day, your whole body gets thrown out of balance. Your stomach usually gets hit hardest and yeast in your body will begin to increase causing even more problems. You should never have let yourself get this bad. You have an internet, you could have researched and found out these things. I wish the best for you. Feel free to pm me. I made this message short. You know me, I can write novels. =)
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Re: Help
Post # 3
Whiterav has some really good info. Have your health checked out. And I just wanted to add that petrified wood is suppose to help with emotional pain, heals the heart. I personally have used this, and it helped. Just hold and feel the stone. Chamomile and mint in a tea also helps calm the body. Mint by itself calms the stomach, relieving any gas in there that can cause pain. I use this all the time. I've added probiotic pills and wow it works! Meditation is a great way of resting the mind and body. Try that too. Good luck, and if you need to talk, I'm good at calming people. I have help many people, even from around the world. Blessed Be...
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Re: Help
Post # 4
Thank you whiteraven, but I dont want to be under the illusion that I am happy, I want to be happy and stay happy by solving my personal problems. I'll pm you later.

And thank you (I forgot your name, sorry).
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Re: Help
Post # 5
Hi u dont sound to good.i send u love and light. mostly when people have heart aches is when people dont let go.sometimes things have to end. for all sorts of resons. you need to let go of what ever it is u hold. talk to your heart.
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Re: Help
Post # 6
I feel bad nightmarekid. You shouldn't be under that pressure. If this was lost love your dealing with then talk to me, i have had that same thing happen to me,yes i am younger but i know. Death does not solve the problem, it only puts more eternal guilt on your spirit. The thought of suicide is more pressure on you. And if the heartaches are all the time or inbetween hours, that may be a sign of a heart attack. You need to get it checked out. I care about you. Lots of love and blessings....
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