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Post # 1
Humans are duplicitous in nature. I am sorry if I offend anyone on here with this post but look at the facts. Brutus stabbed his best friend in the back. I know it was for the empire good but still. Caesar loved Brutus but he killed him anyway. Humans often betray those closest to them. Even on this site. You preach about being nice to others and being tolerant of others beliefs but then call people fluffs for not believing the "public" view on magic. It is the same as in the 1600's when witches were being burned at the stake because they didn't believe in God. Another fine example of human duplicitous nature. Anyway tell how this site isn't different than the witch hunts. You mock them and laugh at them because they view the world differently. But look at some of the greatest minds to ever walk the earth. Albert Einstein was terrible at math. E=MC2. Sound familiar? "I am become death the destroyer of worlds." J. Robert Oppenheimer said that. And he was Jewish. PLUS he helped create the Atom-Bomb. People still make fun and oppress Jewish people. Edgar Allen Poe (which is my favorite writer) married his cousin. Do you see my point? You mock the different ones (and I am talking about Humanity here, not just this site) but they go onto be way better than most you. While most of world stays stuck behind the mask of ignorance. It makes me sad. Like I said I am sorry if I offended anyone. But all this is true.

Re: Humans
Post # 2
No,you're right.You're absolutely right.And it seems you forgot 1 point:
-We destroy the very planet in which we live,and if we continue like this,our planet will be as desert and barren as the moon,with nothing to live upon its surface exept some bacteria.

Re: Humans
Post # 3

Sadly, I somewhat empathize with you here Nova and agree in my own way. I don't even know you, nor have I spoken to you, but yet somehow your words resonate with me. I often times feel like an outcast, here on this site, and in the rest of the world offline. My views, beliefs, and opinions are my own, I don't seek approval or disapproval from anyone, yet I manage to get an overwhelming amount of it.

I think one of the biggest problems with this situation, and I am not talking just about being ridiculed and shunned for having different and opposing views, but for a majority of the problems on this site, and the rest of the world, stems from the lack of empathy and caring. As people I think we get so caught up with ourselves and our own agendas and goals, that we often forget that there are other people here, other people we interact with in whatever way, whether it be directly or in passing and so on. I too have consciously become aware of times that I have let my own emotions, ideas, and goals ahead of the feelings and acknowledgement of others around me.

I understand the world, this site, and us as people are no where close to being perfect despite that we try our we often reassure ourselves of; but deeply thinking about this problem just frustrates the pancakes out of me because I know on a global scale, we will not actively change, not to say that some of us won't. At this point, while I share and empathize with you, I don't really know what I can say, I mean I can go on trying to analize the problem and talk about how it affects us, but that wouldn't change anything. So I suppose I will close by saying that just writing about this, getting it off your shoulders, is the best relief that can be offered to you, often times there are things in life that we do not like, and if we can't change what we don't like we either have to cope with it or learn to change ourselves and how we see the situation.

Green Blessings,


Re: Humans
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Dear,Nova. All of us are sitting behind the screen and only can guess if it's person is trolling or just saying truth that he is mermaid.many judgment was made just because of off mood or in good mood. Some people really deserve to hear the truth,so they can see the reality and move on. I have a great friend and he is my neighbor. He almost reach 50 years old with no family at all,but with many dogs and garden. He is amasing person,kind and emotional,but live in a fantasy world and still believe in fairy tales,vamps and ghosts. Sometimes when he is sad or in a clear spot of mind- he is telling me that he wished he never believed his grandma and his uncle that mermaids are exist. Since child hood he is collecting figures do Fae,mermaids and even has many costumes of that staff...once I told him that world is too serious about this staff and left you alone. He didn't talk to me for long,but once he came to visit me,which was very weird,he never visiting anyone! Now I enjoy to have long discussions at tea time with him about my believe and my rituals. He felt embarrassed for being whole life as a "fluff" and asked me to help him to burn his history of fantasy, and I didn't support him in that,because its his life and he lives in that and it was his choice. He never got a good job and position,but he is very bright and clever guy :-( what I wanted to say that sometimes we need to tell newcomers truth about fantasy and where can lead this fantasy if they will not realize it soon. I saw even grown ups who believes can live forever or can be a mermaid. We have to guide them to learn basics or every old member should keep in bio profile basics formulas to read,so when Newbies will see majority of members are serious about ART and advising others to learn basics and choose their own path then Newbies will take it seriously. I still agree,Nova that sometimes people just enjoying to catch a mermaid here and have a fun instead of teaching or advising to read basics. But there some Newbies are obviously are trolls and like to get attention and want to waste time here,and I guess that is making upset many knowlegble people. Some people need a hard fall to realize reality in order to survive in this world. Kind regards

Re: Humans
Post # 5
Yes i agree. But the one thing most of the people forget is that the fey, mermaids, and vampires to some extent exist but not as in the fairy tales. It makes me sad to see that people just on here are very judging when we are the outcasts. In islamic nations we can be executed for our beliefs and there are still radicall christians who hunt us. As outcasts shouldn't we stick together rather than ridicule what we dont under stand

Re: Humans
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
I agree Nova. But again we are only human and this way of thinking has been program in us. Its up to us to rise above itif we choose. Some to be the best person they can be but in the back of there mind they are thinking something else.

Re: Humans
By: / Beginner
Post # 7

I aggree with you totally.

Humans are selfish creatures and loves to hurt others. After they hurt somebody, they feel relieved. After they hurt a person, that person will hurt the other one or someone else. And so on, a huge chain of hatred between every people will appear and it'll get bigger and bigger everytime.

Re: Humans
Post # 8
"You preach about being nice to others and being tolerant of others beliefs but then call people fluffs for not believing the "public" view on magic."

Magick is a science, not a belief. It is not merely a "public" view of magick, it is that which is supported by logic, by magical texts of canon, and by personal experience.

Likening this to the witch trials is also pretty far-fetched. Besides the obvious fact that we're not killing anyone, fluffies would decidedly benefit from listening to us.

Re: Humans
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
Hypocrisy is another reason behind this "hunt" many are wearing masks to not show the real face...laugh is a good medicine and will be good if we learn to laugh at ourself first. Some people are really "fluffs" and we should not be offended by this word and Fluffs should not be offended by this lebel. Shamans will not accept child into ritual if he is "Ruba" Ruba is same meaning of Fluff. Some kids in the tribe believe that they can fly on the back of the wolf soul or can raise a rainbow in the sky. Shaman is grounding such kids and give them hard task to complete. I was grounded too once when I said that I wish if Santa is real and once was grounded for trying to save broken tree which was totally dry :-( very hard to handle young folks,who is intentionally ignoring basics,if they show their knowledge or willingness to learn,I doubt if someone will say a word Fluff. I think some getting this label,because of their trolling attitude and role playing. 89 % young guys are ignoring basics and repeatedly coming to the chat and asking same silly questions and this much times I am advising them to read article and do practice and again I see same people after 5 days is asking same question, and then accordingly getting their label. I don't think people hates fluff here,mostly we can't tolerate and see how young overconfident folks are ignoring knowledge and not willing to learn,but coming here to play magic games out of curiosity. Regards

Re: Humans
Post # 10
I agree with everything in this post besides the part about the fluffies, we call people fluffies for asking stupid, fluffy questions, for example, asking for a spell to turn you into a werewolf or a pixie or other things that magic obviously can't do, I think these creatures exist in a different world, a different plane, but there is nothing we can do to turn into one, fluffies are fluffies, people who mock them and call them fluffy is different from people who help them and call them fluffy, get over it.

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