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Psychic Vampires

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Psychic Vampires

Psychic Vampires
Post # 1
Definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychic_vampires

Psychic Vampires are the worst enemies of practitioners of magic. Having a psych vampire in your life will stomp your motivation and will.

It's a game of give-and-take. Is someone around you always taking and never giving back? They might be a psychic vampire. Do you feel drained talking to them? Do you think about them and feel irritated even when they are not around?

Everyone is lonely sometimes. Everyone needs help sometimes. Everyone can be draining sometimes. Especially during stressful times like a death or a breakup or any of the other tribulations life throws at us.

A Psychic Vampire is different. A Psychic Vampire always feels lonely and empty. They suck all the attention and energy out of everyone around them, but they are always thirsty. No matter how much they consume, they will never feel complete. They find victims and draw energy from them. They replace the consumed energy with feelings of shame and guilt and bitterness and resentment. Psychic Vampires have an abundance of these emotions, and lack the necessary mental faculties to cope with them. Psychic Vampires can be very charming. They might make you feel really good when you first meet them. Then they drain you. Then they might boost your spirits just to drain you again. This process can repeat for years and years with each victim.

Dealing With Psychic Vampires
Once we learn to identify Psychic Vampires, we can take action against them.

First, stop trying to understand them. Do not try to fix them. One of their tricks is keeping you baited with the false hope that you will be their savior. In the meantime they just drain you. And when you are out of energy, they will go on to the next victim, and you weren't the only victim to begin with.

Get out of their head and into your own! Remind yourself of things that make you feel happy. Remind yourself that we are all responsible for our own happiness. Surround yourself with people who are good for you, who really love you, and who energize you.

If you are friends with a Psych Vampire, you will have to accept who they are or terminate the friendship. Don't let yourself get trapped in their games. Remain somewhat emotionally detached. If their conversation is draining you, try to redirect it or get away. You can still love them. You have to make sure you don't let them hurt you. Look out for numero-uno (that's you). If you decide to terminate the friendship, they will make it very hard. They might want to hurt you or guilt trip you. This will just prove that they were a psych vampire and you were right. Get away from them and they will eventually leave you alone.

If you can't get away from them because you have to be around them like at work or at school, then try your best to ignore them. Without your attention, they can't drain your energy. Focus on other things. Try not to hold grudges about them or start a war with them. They love conflict and it gives them attention which gives them energy which was yours to begin with.


I'm sure everyone has encountered Psychic Vampires sometime in their life. Tell us about your experiences with them. How do you deal with it? Does this remind you of someone in your life? Have you ever been a victim? Feel free to share!
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Re: Psychic Vampires
Post # 2
come on what is it with people keep saying psychic vampires are so bad and evil. I know quite a lot of them and there not parasites or monsters there just like everyone else. Stop judging them so harsly i mean i thought you would learn from the burning times not to judge something based on what they do.
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Re: Psychic Vampires
Post # 3
I'm a bit of one, and I hate hurting others! I just get more energy in crowds and tend to feel tired alone. Please don't sterotype me. I don't say to burn you at the stake just because your different. There are always two different sides, please know that.
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Re: Psychic Vampires
Post # 4

Ok. Well first I'm not going to say that I disbelieve that there is such a thing as a psychic vampire.

However, this post sounds like sensationalist journalism, selling a belief in predatory vamps who want to bring us down.

The fact is, that some people are simply needy, or stuck in negative thinking patterns, or mentally or spiritually unwell.

Far from us being victims to this supposed hideous monsters, they are the victims themselves.

You say that we should stop trying to fix them. Perhaps you have been stuck in the Rescuer part of the Karpman Drama Triangle for some time and now find yourself in Victim? Who, in their right mind, goes around trying to fix people, apart from people who are not looking at the fixing they might need to do on themselves?

Yes, some people are draining. Yes, some people are hard work. But, for goodness sake, don't call them insulting names because you have given up on them.

I aknowledge that you say all people are needy at times. Have you considered that the people you are calling vampires might be in many ways disabled? That they may have experienced trauma that you cannot imagine? Yet you call yourself the victim? Your use of the word victim in context really swayed my view of this post. It suggests intent, which is actually very rare indeed.

Yes such people exist. Please do not put derogatory labels on those less fortunate. Your style of writing is like tabloid journalism and showed no depth of understanding of the spirit or the psyche. Intsead of spreading campaigns, simply protect yourself as you would normally.

Peace ~ Lilly.

For more info on the Karman Drama Triangle: http://coachingsupervisionacademy.com/thought-leadership/the-karpman-drama-triangle/

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Re: Psychic Vampires
Post # 5

You might also like to conduct some depth of research into personality disorders. I suspect the Karpman Drama Triangle lessons might help you in your own relationship patterns. Just a hunch ;)

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Re: Psychic Vampires
Post # 6
Regardless of what you call it, those people exist and the only thing you can do is avoid them. In my opinion something like gaining energy from a crowd is different. I'm kinda like that too. Unless I'm feeling something very strongly, I take on the moods of the people around me. That's not the same as intentionally draining the energy of others.
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Re: Psychic Vampires
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
I'm not going to beat a dead horse. Obviously the others have shown an alternate perspective that should be considered. There are some psychic vampires who are malicious, but many are not, and many more don't even know what they're doing.

But I would like to comment on this.

" Without your attention, they can't drain your energy"

That's totally not true. If you have ever spoken to a psychic vampire before, you would know that the best ones only have to be able to see you. If they touch you, they can link to you and this is generally where servitors and dreamwork comes in, where they will take your energy while you sleep until the link is broken or they move on to someone new.

Those who are unintentional just have to be in close proximity, like the same room. The closer they are, the more they can take unconsciously. Touching is a direct link that allows the most energy to go to them.

I have known psychic vampires that can get around shields (they have told me and I have witnessed it). Only the unconscious ones or novices cannot. You need an actual protection, not just a bubble. Another option is to channel energy that won't appeal to them. If they don't like the "taste" they'll move on...yes many describe it as a taste.

Even the Cherokee believed in psychic vampires, but they called them witches. These were classified as people who practiced bad medicine (selfish magick) The strongest were the Raven Mockers. They took the life energy from people to increase their own and medicine men would battle over the person's life. From the stories it seems that both the attack and the defense was astral. The medicine man would protect the sick person and guard them with prayer and calling to the spirits for aid. If they found a Raven Mocker in the flesh, legend says the tribe would come to kill them.
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Re: Psychic Vampires
Post # 8
Thanks, WhiteRav3n, that was really helpful. I think one way they get to you without you knowing is that they work through crowds. They can affect everyone in the room like a domino effect.

LillyMoon, The drama triangle is great knowledge to have. Remembering the games will help you to realize when you are playing so you can step out. Studying this: "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transactional_analysis" is how I could identify these patterns with myself and the people around me. And, yes, this post sounds sensational because it was emotionally charged by things that happened in my own life. I had to learn the hard way how to set boundaries. But that's my own battle. Also, intent isn't a prerequisite for victimization. Someone can be the victim of an earthquake or automobile accident. People don't generally hurt other people on purpose. But someone in need of a fix tends to be somewhat selfish. My hope is that psychic vampires can be aware of themselves and take care of themselves in healthy ways, and that their friends can see them slipping and help them instead of being an enabler. I don't mean to judge, only to reveal one section of the dark side of the soul.

Much Love
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Re: Psychic Vampires
Post # 9
thats the thing Psychic Vampires NEED the energy there not doing it for giggles. Elemental Energy just dosen't do it for most. There not leechs or bad people. not every single one has no morals theres a code of ethics involved. This entire post just makes them out to be killed that there not even worth a life. You don't go around killing leechs or mosquitos
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Re: Psychic Vampires
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
DarkApep. Perhaps some "believe" they need it. In that case it is an imbalance and they should seek healing.

But it's a lot like an energy drink, and there are many who just do it for the benefits and feeling, not to mention the magick that now is widely affilitated with it. They don't want to stop.
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