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"Realm of spirits, I have a basic request in honesty and benevolence we are at our best here is now and now is here we'll celebrate life without fear come visit me if love is in your creation and keep the gates guarded from selfish intention" ---- I am a wizard. Seeking collaborators. ---- My approach to magic is a combination of research, spells, thoughts, and physical actions. It is very effective. ---- ====== Skills ====== Conjuring Laws of Attraction Patience Language Magic Music Clairvoyance Dream Interpretation Shamanism Self-Discovery ================================================================= Why I Am on This Site / Important things you should know about me ================================================================= Normally, I work alone. I am very secretive. No one knows I am a wizard. It's about time I meet other people who practice magic, and this site allows me to do so anonymously. I often lack self-discipline...thus...the need for collaborators. Also, there's still a lot I don't know about some areas of magic.