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opinion on love spells

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► opinion on love spells

opinion on love spells
Post # 1
ive heard mixed opinions on keeping a lover faithful, only having eyes for you, etc. some say its bad, others say its ok. whats your opinion? is it really so wrong? is it right?

if youve tried it, how did it work?
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Re: opinion on love spells
Post # 2

I have seen a lot of discussions and debates about this subject, I will be talking about something that I already gave before. Please note that these are my points of views about love spells, other belief systems will be mentioned as well. As you said, this thread was meant for us to present our opinions about love spells.

There are two types of love spells (keeping this general) one is a "true" love spell where the person attracts to him or herself unconditional love, the sort of love that is healing and lasting. This love, or energy, can be used to attract a good partner to you.

The other sort of love spells are only called so because of their use. they are used in relationships that are not going as well as one would like and they would like to turn things around. In a desperate attempt to keep the person from leaving them some people turn to these "love" spells. Now is this wrong? That is a question to which you will get a different answer to when you ask different people. Many will want to look at the situation.

These love spells can in fact be useful, in my opinion, but are by no means useful in actually keeping anyone and living happily ever after. What they do is "cage" in a person just long enough so that you can change whatever is wrong or heal the relationship after that the magick wears off and by then you should have healed whatever needed your attention so that you can share a healthy and happy relationship. If you were the person at fault then it would be wise to change whatever it is that caused the break up in the first place otherwise the magick will wear off and you will end up back where you started. If you re-do the magick then you will only soffocate the person, the person MIGHT still stay with you but it will be an unhealthy and possibly abusive relationship.

So depending on the situation BEFORE the break up, the situation during the break up a witch (or whoever you choose to help you in this) will surely determine if it is wise to use a love spell and what sort of love spell should also be used. There are some that are technically not love spells but work with relationships just to provide a window opportunity so that the other person will hear you out and want to give it another try and then there are magicks that can keep the person from leaving you so that you can have the time to work things out (no guarantees can be made when using magick).

I believe in karma. Karma is a universal teacher that helps keep things in balance including your own life. Say you spent a great deal of your life getting everything handed to you as a child and you grow up to be the same way, well karma might want to repair this little flaw in you by teaching you to get things on your own. Karma's lessons can be soft or really harsh and theres no telling how the lesson will show up. That lesson can come by gently by maybe finding someone who says something to you and opens your eyes so that you can be independent or it can be harsh and put you in a situation where no one will help you and you are left to do things for yourself.

Karma doesn't apply to just magick but every single action we do. Karma actually means "action". So using magick to forcefully keeping a person there is equal to kidnapping a person, tying them up and not letting them go. This is an abusive and controlling action so a lesson could be learning to respect and to know that some things are out of your control and you can't have it your way. This lesson, for example, could possibly come in a way where you are in a situation where you have no control and must learn to accept that.

Now the first kind of love spell mentioned could in fact clear things up for a person so that they can choose for themseleves. Usually involves a sort of cleansing so that the person can see the love and not all the problems in between.

These spells may be used in matters of love but even when the person does not have any such feelings towards you they can still work as I have seen them. It is very much like when we use magick to become more attractive to others. They may be complete strangers yet they are subject to the energies we send out at every moment.

This is my opinion about love spells from different kinds of it, I hope to see others posting here as well.

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Re: opinion on love spells
Post # 3
In my opinion, spells meant to attract a specific person or make your significant other be faithful are wrong because they are meant to control the person. Anything else I can think of is ok with me.
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Re: opinion on love spells
Post # 4
I was recently watching my favorite TV show and watched a scene in which a chef suggested his stew on the grounds that it had been popular dish that day, when the man he was speaking to pointed out that it was the only dish that day so that wasn't saying much.

Precisely how much does this person actually love you if that love must be held together with magick and duct tape?

Besides being immoral on grounds of restriction, I therefore also find it to be a very sad and empty thing doomed to failure. You can force the relationship and you can trap the lover, but you cannot force love to be.
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Re: opinion on love spells
Post # 5
valid points by all, but what about a love that it there and strong but is being influenced by an outside source?
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Re: opinion on love spells
Post # 6
That doesn't need a love spell, that needs a banishing or an uncrossing or something else that addresses the cause, not the symptom. Same as any other scientific effort.
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Re: opinion on love spells
Post # 7
if you have a love spell put on you couldn't you just wave it off.if it was some one that did not turn you on.or are some so powerful that you are helpless and fall inlove with the witch.
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Re: opinion on love spells
Post # 8
We were gaving free will so i do not it ok for someone take that alway from a person. If this person really love you they will chose to stay by you.
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Re: opinion on love spells
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9

In concerns of a love spell being right or wrong, I would have to say that it all depends on the purpose for the spell.

A love spell that would be for trying to make some one love you, in my opinion, is looked down upon. It's not a moral action to try to make some one love you to begin with. Not to mention it is doomed to fail any ways. It wouldn't be real love. You would only be causing the person to feel a false emotion for you. Love is magickal on its own, but magick cannot create love. And because of that it is doomed to fail. I see a few possible scenarios that would be the result of this type of love spell: 1) the person will eventually come to realize that he/she does not love you. And during the process there will be a mental and emotional dispute within the person. Such as why am I feeling these emotions for this person? Another could be I don't like this person yet I have these emotions, so are they real or am I making it up? And with this comes the sense if an obligation to continue on with what is there. But the person may long to be away but this obligation holds the person there despite the fact. Just some examples that come to mind. 2) the spell will eventually wear off and the person will no longer feel these false emotions. 3) this one could end up with the person growing to truly love the one who put the spell on him/her in the first place. But being that the spell could still be active this could create a sense of mixed emotions. The feeling of both true love and false love. It would be very noticeable like the difference between living some one truly and having a crush yet saying you love the person. I wouldn't suggest this possibility be tested for I see it being less likely to happen, though it could. And being that it could I suggest instead going about things in a more proper and respected way to gaining love in return by the other person instead of doing a spell for it.

A form of love spell that I would find more reasonable and acceptable to cast is one that will draw love to you. An attraction spell if you prefer. This would be a spell cast that is in general. Meaning that it won't be directed at a single person, but instead help you, more-or-less, find your true love. Help with guiding that person to you. Think of it like a nudge in the right direction. The spell wouldn't do the work for you, only help you to an extent. But of course with this you would have to work on finding the person, getting to know him/her, growing love, etc; and respectively on both sides.

I still say that a spell shouldn't be cast for making a person love you. If you want love, or for some one to love you, you should do it your self. Work for it. You will appreciate that much more. Love is worth the wait and the effort to find it. There are no shortcuts for it.

If the person truly loves you then there should be no worry about the person looking at any one else; no worry about them being faithful to you. But with human nature as it we will be skeptics at times. He/she would want you alone and not be eyeballing any other person. If other people are interfering then that can be a problem. A good way to handle this would be to leave the people out of the equation. First of all, they should be respectful and not interfere unless it's a true legitimate concern about the relationship. It's your business not theirs. If you can't seem to get away try reasoning with them. And if all else fails, use a banishing spell to keep them at bay. Maybe a binding spell so that they won't interfere.

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Re: opinion on love spells
By: / Novice
Post # 10
personally, i'm not a fan of most of them, and the reason people cast them. some high school boy/girl has a crush on someone, instead of talking to them, they ask for a spell that makes the person fall instantly in love with them. granted i was that age once, i acquired a few good love spells, but knowing that it was the spell making the person play out a fantasy [and that my dream guy is a voice actor i've never met] i never cast them, i scrapped the spell and moved on.

spells like that bother me, when someone likes someone else, and either that person doesn't return the affection, or doesn't know you, the option is to make them love you. those spells i feel are negative, since you're taking away anothers free will so you can be happy.

the ones i don't have a problem with is you want someone, but you don't like anyone, so you want a spell to send out so you can find the special someone sooner. that one you're not telling another they will love you, you're more or less going on a universe dating service.

the only love spell i ever fully cast was for my mom. she didn't want a boyfriend, but a male friend to go to dinners with, see concerts with, go to the theater, stuff like that. so i cast a love jar spell, but used yellow ribbons and flowers for friendship, instead of pinks and reds. the jar had to sit in the window to catch the sunrise for a week, then it was burred. one week later, mom got a call from an acquaintance asking if she'd like to go to a jazz club. they've been good friends for the past 4 months, and he was over on Saturday for steak.
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