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Am I Getting Close?

Forums ► Astral Projection ► Am I Getting Close?
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Am I Getting Close?
Post # 1
So, I had a . . . Interesting experience last night. I've been reading up on Astral projection for a while now, learning about what's its like getting there, and what the Astral Plane looks like. Lately I've been trying some techniques for getting there (I haven't made it to the Astral yet), and breathing exercises. Last night I was trying the rope technique and focusing on floating out of my body. While trying to clear my mind, (not remembering deciding to do so) I pictured blackness all around me, and a tiny opening glowing white and pictured myself floating toward the light. Not long after that I started to feel like I was being pulled upward, vaguely I noticed that any sound was fading. It was kind of intense. And then my heartbeat started speeding up. The pulling feeling quickly faded, sound came back, and it was over. So, was I starting to leave my body? I tried it again about a hour and twenty minutes later with no success, again forty minutes after that, nothing. Again this morning, still nothing. I'm not afraid, just nervous. Also, is twitching and jerking normal when trying to project? This only happens sometimes, but I'm relaxed when it happens.

Now on a lighter note, I have some questions for when I'm in the Astral.

I know you can change your appearance by thinking about it, but how about clothes?

Are there any towns in the Astral, or just wilderness?

How can you tell another traveler from a native of the Astral?

Does the place where you project determine where you end up in the Astral? And if you leave the Astral in one spot, will you end up there the next time you project?

Thanks to all who answer ;)

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Re: Am I Getting Close?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
It sounds like you were beginning to, but your accelerated heartbeat shows you began to get excited/nervous which broke your concentration. Once sound fades, you shouldn't be concentrating on your body. You're too attached to it. You need to learn to let go. Eventually, you'll have zero body awareness. Then you'll be able to let go completely.

Yes, twitching is totally normal. Some people twitch more than others. My husband twitches and jerks constantly, while I only twitch now and then. That shows you're actually entering a trance. Trancework in Norse practice is called "Seidr" some translate it as meaning "seething" aka to boil or shake. I can admit although casual journeys do not make me twitch, working magick during trance can cause my whole body to twitch and tremble which I would assume is why seething and trance magick work are used interchangeably. When this first occurred it almost pulled me out of the trance because of how strongly my body twitched! Now I'm used to it and make sure I'm sitting or lying down on a firm surface I can't fall off of!
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Re: Am I Getting Close?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Oh and yes, you can change your clothes. The "astral" is parallel to our physical world, so you will see much of what you already do, just with other spirits roaming. I personally don't suggest traveling the astral, as it is usually filled with thoughtforms and spiritual vermin. The spirit plane is separate but connected to our physical world and is a mix of terrain, from wilderness to small towns, huge cities or places beyond your imagination.

I always suggest first traveling with a guide, be it a spirit guide/guardian or an animal spirit companion. They can help steer you away from the...erm, "bad neighborhoods" so to speak, as well as protect you from harm.
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