Question about the spells

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Question about the spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Newbie here! Most of the spells I have seen on this site are misspelled or have the wrong words in them. What I was wanting to know what is the authenticity in some of the spells that are misspelled or have the wrong wording in them? Also the spells that don't require any accessories to use with them how powerful are those? I have used a few spells and the good luck seemed like it worked for me. I do plan on using it again tonight to try and help get this job I want and need. I did use a "desire me" spell on a guy I know. Don't know if that worked. It seemed like it did. I have another question while I'm talking about that. I don't want to use a "love spell" but I would like to use a spell that would make me more appealing to a certain someone. Does anybody have any recommendations?
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Re: Question about the spells
Post # 2
Majority of spells on this website are user created, so they may not always work. As for no ingredients in a spell, they can be just as powerfull you just need the power to cast them without ingredients to help. So in other words they can be more difficult to cast. As for a good attraction spell... look in the big spell list in the love spells section there should one there.
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Re: Question about the spells
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3

There are many different types of spells on this site , from decent to terrible, realistic to farce, juvenile to adult, etc. Those that have text writing, misspelled words, bad grammar or vocabulary are usually a sign of a poorly written spell submitted by the very young or those who are role playing. Use common sense, intelligence, and maturity when researching any spell.

I suggest if you want to make yourself more attractive to others do so by taking care of yourself through meditation, exercise, eating healthy and getting enough sleep. You can cast magical workings to aid you while you do these things but do not be under the impression that magic will fix your problems without you having to do any mundane actions.

If you want to get more out of your meditations light some incense, play some music, and only use candle light from an anointed candle for meditation while you practice this skill.

If you want to loose some extra weight or just tone your body you can cast a spell to help keep you motivated by creating a mojo bag or charm. Carry this with you and think about the muscle tone you are building as you exercise.

If you have trouble sleeping or need a more restful sleep try using a dream pillow. Make a small pillow and fill it with herbs to help you relax and have a peaceful sleep with pleasant dreams.

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